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About cabin crew: ms. Abha
Flight: air asia i5 775
Booking id kiu36d
Date 18 nov, 2016
Boarding time 11:35am

We five people were travelling from delhi to goa. While I was feeling dehydrated onboard, I asked her who was in my reach for a glass of water to which she refused. I thought it was because she was busy with her distribution work and serving other co passengers. After I could not bear the headache and soar throat I rose from my seat reached out to her and pleaded her to please allow he me have a glass of water to which she ignored I again requested and with rude and arrogant gesture she hands me a small glass of water and asked me to buy a water bottle. To this I acceded but now she refuses to that request also because she can only serve me when she brings the catering trolley nearby my seat, no matter even if I die out of thirst. Now a co passengers who were sitting in front of me requests for a glass of water now she comes to serve them while I was already in a trauma I lifted a glass from the tray and drank it all and guess what she scolded me and humiliated in front of everyone "apne aise kaise glass le liya jab jab turn aye to water bottle purchase kar lena ya 100 glass water k le lena de dungi". I was astounded the way she said that, I was taken aback, I explained her that I am going through dehydration headache and crunches to that she was so cold that she literally made a face and ignored. I felt so ashamed like what have I done to her, if someone aboard is sick are they not there to assist them or help them. Spoiled all my fun of vacation. I returned to delhi yesterday with an indigo flight and felt how untrained, ill mannered, insensitive and uncivilised the air asia crew is. Request you to please train your staff especially how to deal with a person who has some medical issues. They are not there just to wear make up and to faunt but they are there because they have to assist people in case of any emergency. I wonder if someone had gone through a heart attack the crew was so novie that it could have proven fatal. After that my friends asked the other crew member for juices and ice tea for me, though I was feeling so humiliated that I did not want to have it at all but still on their request I drank it.
I want a capa plan against the crew member. I want to have the documents if she is trained at all if she is. Otherwise I will file a case in consumer court.

Dec 03, 2016
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  • Ek
      Dec 07, 2016

    I had even faced some thing same because of the ground staff and they didnt let me board the flight and havent even given me refund for the there own and personal issue againt me as i said only thing your in service indrustry please know how to talk to passanger, , ,

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