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08 feb 2010 ak715 was the flight that we boarded from kul to sin. At the screening counter (Gate t14) I lost my canon 6mp digital camera along with camera cover. After take off, I realized and inquired with a aircrew at the flight as to how to get back my lost camera and make a complain for found and lost. She informed me to make a complaint at air asia singapore lost & found counter. On arrival to singapore airport, I came to air asia found and lost counter and made a complaint, that guy seems to be so active and immediately sent an email to the kl airport authorities. And that's it that was the end of the problem - unfortunately.

It seems that he got a reply informing me to contact the kl airport lost & found authorities in order to claim the camera. Based on that reply, he provided me with a contact no. +[protected] to contact directly kl airport authorities. I made more than 25 times calling this no. And I get constant message " the no. You are trying is not in service". Next morning (Today) I again called this singapore air asia counter - but this time another guy, I made my whole story and he also gave me this no. - the result, obvious, same answer.

Just half an hour back (Now) , I made again a call to local air asia, this time one lady took up and asking me the whole background of my complaint, and yes, here too... Consistency in giving the same kl no. +[protected] and I hear non other than the same error message. Now, I am almost in the urge of crying but nothing else! I am least bothered about the camera but the pictures that we took when we roamed around - priceless.

Is there anyway to improvise the services provided by the "so called" no.1 low budget airlines please? My humble request is "please do not repeat this kind of things and not play with emotions of people". Travel is such a beautiful thing for mankind and please do not make it as unpleasant one.

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  • Em
      13th of Apr, 2011

    i as well lost my camera, Panasonic Lumix, a small digital camera, it doesn't worth a lot but the photo inside is priceless. It was my 1st trip to Singapore and i was taking a flight home, to Kota Kinabalu, the bad incident happen. At changi airport, Terminal 1, we waited and boarded. While on the plane, AK 6274, i took out my bag and realize the camera was lost. Immedietly, i told the flights attendant but she continue selling her food and drinks and souvenirs and attend me at last by telling me that the have note down and ask me to report to Lost and Found once i have landed at Kota Kinabalu. i have reported on the plane, when i have landed and even called back Changi Airport to report again...if only the flight attendant take immediate action, may be there were still chance for me to retrieve it... i really wish someone found it and return to me..this is my e-mail : [protected]
    By the way, there were my name on the camera : emmi
    please return it to me...i beg and i willing to pay

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