Air Asia / flight out of bali

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Contact information:
Phone: 0400106581

My son has been stuck in bali since saturday, and was told no flights back to melbourne until 22nd july, He has tried calling air asia several times and so have i from mlebourne to try and help. i cannot get thought online or via phone. No one knows whats going on and when flights are starting again, however was told one flight left and there were plenty of seats vacant ??????? jetstar and virgin are putting on extra flights to get people home but no word from Air Asia. Would like to know whats going on, have even face booked them a message and they tell me to go on twitter ?? not everyone has twitter. I think this is totally unexceptable for Air Asia not to tell there PAYING Customers whats going on and when they can go home!

Jul 14, 2015

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