Air Asiabooked business, got economy, damaged suitcase

Dear Madam or Sir,
I'm writing to complain about the service you had provided as I and my family took your flight to Bali to have a vacation.
First of all, I felt really angry about the bad arrangement and wrong internal information, I’ve booked for 3 people all business class but we just got economy class as we flied from Kuala Lumpur to Bali at 25 Dec. 2014(AK376) and from Bali back to Kuala Lumpur at 03. Jan. 2015(AK 377), we were refused to use the reserved lounge, the staff had really bad attitude. We were forced to take sites in economy class. I hope you can understand, I am not intention to pay good 17064.00 RMB to buy bad service or to be crowded in an economy class to ruin my good vacation mood!
Since we`ve flied with economy class and didn’t enjoy any service of business class, I’d like to have my extra money back, which I’ve paid for business class.

What worse was, as we came back to Beijing, the baggage of my wife has been missing. Although we`ve received the suitcase two days after, but it was totally damaged, it came with one missing wheel and a giant nick in the middle of it. The local Air Asia service promised a compensatory payment of 100 RMB, but the suitcase was a aerolite, worth more than 100Euro. With that 100RMB can`t even buy one wheel of it!
I`ve send you all the evidence, please just look at the Pictures and copies of documents, please do compensate for my loss reasonably. You can call me to talk about the details. I would be grateful if this matter can have your immediate attention.

Joachim Kuester

Air Asia
Air Asia
Air Asia

Jan 30, 2015

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