Air Arabia / unfair policy & rude staff

SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates
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Date of travel may 9 2017 / sha to mhd

Hello, mr president...
Would air arabia president go to the complaint forum, and read all the complaint about your airline, please. Mr president, your company spent so much money on advertising, but your employee at the airports are destroying your reputation. They are ill mannered, rude, &...
I weighted my luggege at the curbe side, it was 30 kg. But at the counter, she said"is 31 kg".
Mr presiden, there is such a thing called "tolerance". Every mechanical equipment has tolerance. This type of scales are not made to weight gold, therefore the tolerance is +/- 3kg. (Please read the manufacture manual of your scales). Also god knows when it was calibrated (Manufactures recommended, every 3 months).
I had to take 1 kg out of my bag and through it out.
2 — after we went through the passport check, at the gate, aira rabia agent weighted my play station and labtop, and hand bag. He said more than 7 kg.
100 aed or you do not take it with you.!!!
Rude, rude rude!!! Name tags was not visible!!!
Dear president, you place the hand baggage's weight station before the passenger enter the passport cheks (Like dubai airport) not after passport check. I did not have enough uae currency with me, becaus I was leaving uae.
I never travel with air arabi, even if the ticket is free.

May 12, 2017

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