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I was told that I was approved for up to $30, 000.00 for a new car and that if I came there with a trade in I would be able to trade my used car and get a new (Er) car with no money out of pocket. Nothing in life is free so this made me skeptical from the start. I went up at the end of may 2009 and discovered that the car I owned had too much negative equity to roll into a new car loan. I asked every question I could think of before taking the drive from richmond, va to manassas, va. I left very disappointed and got in my car to drive an hour and a half back to richmond, va. I then received a customer satisfaction call back a couple days later to see why I did not leave there with a new car. I explained that what they had promised they did not deliver! I was asked a few questions about my car and was told by "matt" that he would call me right back after he ran some numbers. He called back a few mins later to ask more questions then said he'd call back again. A day or two later he called with more questions. I did not hear back from him again until june 6th at which point he said we have 5 cars to chose from that have enough value to hide the negative equity in your trade in.

I said I hope there are no strings attached to this offer before I get back in my car and take my saturday to drive back up to manassas only to hear bad news again. He assured me there are no catches to this and i'll be here all day waiting for you. I jumped in my car and headed north. When I arrived he was not there and I was assisted by the same person who tried to help during my first visit (Shawn, I think). After selecting the car I liked and was comfortable with payment wise... The paperwork began. I arrived roughly around 2pm and did not get out of there until 5:30pm.

The loan terms looked good and the interest was as good as I could have selected despite my credit. They were to pay off my trade in after the signing of the power of atty/odometer statement/payoff statement. All of this paperwork was returned to them via fedex on june 8th, 2009. Today is july 9th and the loan has not been paid in full.

I have called every week leaving voice mails and speaking with matt and have gotten the run around. My first "human" contact via telephone happened around the 20th of june. I was told by "jeff" (Gm) that the payoff was sent to the loan company "a week ago". Well since that conversation the loan company has called at least twice a week saying they have not received payoff.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Manassas, VAI called back in the week of june 29th and was told by "matt" that no payoff has been sent because the car I traded will not go into gear. "we could have sold the car 5 times now if it would go into gear".
Am I mistaken or is it the dealers responsibility to ensure proper operation of the car before they offer trade in value? He says must be a clutch or transmission problem and that I should call them july 2nd by 10:30am to find out what the service person says is wrong. I said i'll call you at noon to give you time to get the info straight. I called at 12:50pm on the 2nd and was told "they are adjusting the clutch to see if its the issue. , I will call you back in a few with the result". No phone call was made to me since.
I called them yesterday (7/8/09) to find out what the status was on the payoff. Left a message for "jeff " (Gm) and said I would appreciate a call back by eod no later than 1st thing this morning (7/9/09). Well suprise I have not received a call. I then spoke with "matt" again and he says that the service manager "dave" will be calling me this morning to let me know whats up with the car. Its 1:45pm and I have not heard from anyone! I called them back at 12:45 to ask when dave would call me. He's at lunch. He must take lunch for more than an hour because its been an hour now. So I called back to speak with the owner listed on the bbb website. I was told that he is on a leave of absence and that jeff could help me but he is off on thursdays. So the only person who can help me today is "matt". I have no desire to deal with matt or anyone other than the owner at this point.
I cannot imagine how I can be responsible for their lack of inspection on a car that they made an offer to me to purchase. My new car loan includes over half of the payoff from the trade in. And I make my first payment on the new car in 12 days! On top of all of this how can the car possibly be messed up if I drove it from richmond to manassas to trade it in?
I have never had one issue with the car but was told "its normal for a transmission in a 5-speed to go early". Right? No!
After all this... I can relate to the lady who posted of her bad experience... The car I bought had not a drop of gas in it and no one cared!
In addition to all this, I checked out the bbb and discovered they have an "f" rating because of unresolved complaints.In this economy how can anyone not try to clear their name to ensure they still thrive thru this economical mess!
I would never recommend this joke of a dealership to anyone. I have bought at least 4 cars in my life that I traded a used car in... Never once have I imagined this would be the result.

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      Aug 04, 2009


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      Sep 07, 2009

    my sister and i both got calls after we applied. i was scared to even go ahead n do this in the first place because i read the complaints before we went down there. they asked me all these questions about my income...which i told them was 2500.and they explained to me that things would change if the income proof that i brought in was differnt then what they had on file. we both went down to the dealership a couple of days ago to meet with our loan officers. to make a long story short. i was able to actually get a car...which wasnt a kia haha... about 2 days after the actual meeting. they had to i guess transfer a car because i wanted a different year then the one they had there. in my case everything did go smoothly which was a blessing. as for my sister, she was denied. basically the money that she made monthly was cash and she didnt have anyone willing to cosign for her. i would have but i wouldnt of been able to get my car. i mean the people werent mean or anything. and i actually did meet with one of my officers which i was happy about because we got to the dealership way after the appointment. i dont think that they are a bad company i just think that people need to pay attention n make sure that you go over everything with them before they send your stuff in. im glad i got my car...sorry to those who didnt. im spreading the word about cls because beleive it or not they're helping me out.

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