Aeroplan / inflexible modification/refund policy

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Date of Incident: June 29, 2015

This is my second incident with Aeroplan where the customer service and options available left me so frustrated that I felt the need to complain. I booked a domestic flight from Ottawa to Calgary, which you would assume would be the easiest and most frequent kind of redemption, and needed to make a small change. Not only did they want to charge me the $90 modification fee (which I think is absolutely ridiculous), they also told me it would cost more points. Honestly, if you need to book even domestic flights months in advance to secure decent fly times how can they justify not having a more flexible modification policy. Charging both a fee and more points seems unreasonable and this last experience will definitely make me start looking for another rewards program. They could also use a few new customer service agents with a bit more tact and personality. They all seem very jaded, which may be from dealing with all the frustrated customers disappointed with Aeroplan's lack-of-options policies and poor customer service.

I would like a reasonable policy which allows you to make modifications free of charge so long as this is done within a reasonable time of the flight.

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Jun 29, 2015

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