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Aeroplan Travel Servicescustomer service & technical support

I tried to book a flight, tonight (October 1, 2019) and ran into technical difficulties with the Aeroplan website and the mobile app at the point of finalizing the transaction.

I phoned Aeroplan and spoke to an agent who was unhelpful and insisted that the problem was my computer and not Aeroplan's system!

As it turns out, Aeeroplan booked the same transaction 3 times!

What is happening???

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    Aeroplan Travel Servicesrefund my miles

    On Wed Sept 18 i had a flight booked for Charlottetown. Booking number NLUW61 and due to illness i had to reschedule..At Approx 11am i called the 1800 and kept trying all day to get no one on the phone! So i read that i could cancel my ticket online so i booked another for the 21st without canceling the initial booking . After i booked my flight, i attempted to cancel my initial flight but was unable to do so. I assume it was because it was a round trip flight as i rebooked roughly 9 hours prior to departure so figured i wouldnt have any issues...I would like a refund of 12500 miles and any refunds i am eligible for. It is not my fault i couldnt reach an agent because you were having technical difficulties with your website..You vant expect someone to spend hours waiting..after 2 hours that was enough and all calls after that was a minimum of 30 to 45 min..i called all day. ..My aeroplan number is [protected]. You can reach me via email at [protected] or [protected]. thank u! Cynthia Laurie Carruthers

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      Aeroplanwrong amount on the gift card and very rude customer service!!

      Hopefully this email goes to the right hands, I'm very upset with Aeroplan customer service. I was ready to put a 'bad review' on the internet but thought I should inform you first.
      I ordered multiple gift cards, redeeming my points. one of the card was $25 Starbucks card, when I tried to redeem it it only had $18.98.
      I called Aeroplan customer service to rectify this and hoping my other cards wouldn't have similar issue, the lady was very rude with harsh tone, put me on hold for 15 minutes and no excuses for that just forwarded me to some saying that 'he will assist you' then I had to repeat my story again, this guy keep cutting me off and finally disconnecting my line.
      Its not the amount discrepancy that bothered me as much as the behavior of the customer service lot...please address this issue, give me the full amount on my card I redeemed.


      Saleena Islam

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        Sep 02, 2019

        Aeroplan Travel Services — aeroplan contact centre agents in vancouver only

        Hello, I am writing about the service provided by many of the Vancouver agents at Aeroplan. I have been...

        Aeroplan Travel Servicesaeroplan travel miles

        Terrible customer service. I was told not to call back again because they don't care to assist with the issue. As customers we pay annual fees on certain credit cards to have access in building loyalty points. They robbed my parents of all their points which they've accumulated since 1991 when they first signed up. There were no email services at the time of sign up. The million points they saved up was a part of their retirement plan. They stripped my parents from their retirement plan and in return they can't even speak nicely.

        They had sent one email in the midst of their 3-5 daily emails which stated their points will expire if they don't swipe their aeroplan points card somewhere. The only walk in business that accepts their points card is Home Hardware, no other place accepts it. That email got lost in the midst of so many of their emails. As seniors they are from an era when there was no email and they are not good with online services. I was told that my parents should move with the future and learn to check their emails. That is a form of discrimination against the elderly! They send letters in the mail promotions how we can earn more miles but when it came to expiry of points they could not send one notice in the mail?

        The least they could have done was honour 28 years of loyalty towards their customer and supporter by only deducting some of their points. Not all million points. So much disappointment which this program and their services. They took away 28 years of loyalty and building of their retirement plans to travel over one email and a short time. It's such a shame! I'm still waiting for them to call me back as they promised they would. Poor service is one things, but discrimination against a population who isn't the best with technology and old in age is beyond AWFUL!

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          Aeroplan Travel Servicesmistreated and felt discriminated by air canada as an aeroplan member (minority)

          As sent to Air Canada:
          I have given it a couple of days to "cool off" and got advice from your duty managers at both YYZ and YVR, who suggested I call or email you, which is what I am doing now.

          On the 27th May, I was scheduled to fly home after a painful and gruelling cancer treatment on the east coast. I specifically planned and arranged to fly on AC33 for the lay flat J class cabin and timing (8:15pm departure) to avoid Toronto's unpredictable traffic. I checked in well in advance, rested at the lounge (Maple Leaf Lounge), made my way to the gate for the 7:30pm Zone 1 boarding. At 7:50pm we were told that the flight was delayed getting in from Hong Kong, and that it was to be towed from another gate, therefore we would fly between 8:45pm and 9:00pm. I asked the agent at the gate if I had enough time to go to the lounge to use the bathroom and take my medications, and they (both a male and female agent) said yes. I went back to the lounge, where the original agent who scanned my boarding pass said "I remember you". I asked her to let me know if there are further delays or changes in boarding as I overheard someone wanting my 4A seat who was seated in 12A. I didn't want to get moved. I was resting on a recliner only to hear my name along with another passengers' name that 33 was boarding. We both rushed to the gate only to be told "No, there is no way to get on now, you're 2 minutes too late". I explained the circumstances, and the male agent called a supervisor, who would have put us on had the agent not misled the supervisor by saying that we were "socializing" in the lounge, when in fact, on my part this same agent knew of my medical condition, and due to bleeding when going to the bathroom, I elected the comfort of the bathroom in the lounge. I asked if a special request be made for the medical reason, and I wanted to make it home in time for a special midnight prayer as it was a important night of Laylat-ul-Qadr. My family had arranged prayers after my treatment which is why the arrival of 10:30pm into YVR was ideal. My luggage which had my chemo injections was sent ahead on 33 and I was pushed on to 129. What also hurt a lot was the comment made by the male agent when handing my new boarding card to me saying "off to the lounge you go again. Enjoy!". This trip, especially going home after chemo was not to enjoy; it was a necessity. I lost a lot of respect and loyalty for Air Canada. I have always flown AC first, have been a loyal Aeroplan member since 1988 through different AC relationships with Aeroplan; have encouraged family to pay a little more than Sunwing, WestJet, or Transat to go AC Vacations to collect Aeroplan and fly "our nations airline". Very hurt and disappointed to say the least.

          I will have to pursue this further than customer relations as it does involve discrimination on colour and my health disability.

          I would like to speak with a senior CR agent on the phone to discuss this matter and future steps in person, not through an automated email response. The best number to reach me at is [protected].

          I anticipate a prompt and favourable reply.


          Arif Vallani

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            Aeroplan Travel Servicesaeroplan miles

            I had roughly 30000 aeroplan miles remaining in my account after booking a flight in January 2018. I had contacted Aeroplan customer service shortly after that, and was informed that I had until May 2019 to use my miles again to ensure activity within the allowable timeframe. In April 2019, I found out all my remaining miles were removed from my account. When I called to enquire, it was explained that if I could produce a receipt from any of Aeroplan's partners, that that would enable the restoration of my miles. The agent also told me that I was sent an email in November 2018 indicating that I had to use my miles or they would expire. I never received that email, as I subsequently found out that it went straight to my junk mail. I explained this to the agent, and had her resend me the warning email again while we were on the phone...again, with her on the phone, it went straight to my junk mail. These are the only two emails I have ever received from Aeroplan, going back 4 years, that went to my junk mail...every other email I have received from Aeroplan seems to have gone to my inbox. This is very suspicious, and yet the agent blames me by telling me that I must have changed my settings. Again though, I never touched my settings as I had always been receiving all communications from Aeroplan except for, oddly enough, the email that served as a warning that I was going to lose my miles. When speaking with the agent, I told her that when I spoke with an agent in April 2019, they told me as long as I made a purchase at a partner of Aeroplan and provide that receipt, I will be able to get my miles back. I have a receipt from Costco within the allowable timeframe. When I mentioned that today to the supervisor, he told me that's not actually the case and that it had to be Costco online, and not just Costco. So at this point, I have been repeatedly provided with misinformation, only to produce what is asked of me, then have it changed again...all of which has resulted in the loss of my miles. I am not the only person that this has happened to. They are now telling me it's black and white policy, and that there is no recourse mechanism to even file a complaint. The supervisor I last spoke to today (Jason, employee # 1U) just hung up on me as I was trying to obtain a formal point of contact to which I could submit my formal written complaint to. I had asked for a copy of the recordings of the previous conversations I've had with the Aeroplan agents which would confirm the misinformation that was given to me. The supervisor said he listened to it and that I am incorrect, but would not provide me with a copy or replay the recording. So now, based on misinformation provided to me by the agents over the phone with Aeroplan, I am now the one who is out of luck with no miles and no recourse available to even file a complaint. That is pretty ironic for a customer appreciation/loyalty program. I know that I am not the only person that this has happened to, specifically with the expiration warning emails going straight to junk mail, as I have seen news reports, as recently as three weeks ago on the National. This seems to be an acceptable practice with Aeroplan.

            I can be reached at [protected] or [protected] for further information. Thank you.

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              Aeroplan Travel Servicesaeroplan points not awarded

              I flew on Air Canada flight 116 from Vancouver to Toronto on February 27 and Aeroplan has denied me any points at all for this flight, saying that the class of flight made it ineligible for any Aeroplan rewards. We were not advised of this at the time of booking and I can only conclude that we have fallen victim to some conflict between Expedia, who booked us, and Air Canada. The previous two legs of our trip (Toronto-Palm Springs and L.A. - Vancouver) both earned us Aeroplan points, including a miserable flight that we took on Rouge (see below). I believe we should be able to earn Aeroplan points for this one as well.

              We took a nonstop flight from Toronto to Palm Springs which was one of the worst flying experiences in many years: passengers were crammed uncomfortably close, the computer seated my husband and me eight rows apart and the ground staff, when asked, was completely uninterested in trying to move us close together. On board this 5-hour flight I asked the cabin staff for some crackers or pretzels, as the food I had brought on board was eaten up, I had no money on my person (my husband had our funds, eight rows away, and the aisle was blocked by the server cart) and they said they had absolutely nothing, only food for purchase. This is unreasonable and unacceptable. And this is just the latest reason my husband and I have for trying to avoid flying on Air Canada.

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                Aeroplan Travel Services — air canada travel

                My name is Matthew Carson(aeroplan number [protected]). I booked a flight for my daughter, Bianca Trottier...

                Aeroplan Travel Services — refund of points

                I was suppose to fly from Comox to Calgary and then on to London Heathrow. I used my Aeroplan points to book...


                Aeroplan Travel Servicesaeroplan refuses to allow points to be used to upgrade

                Aeroplan does not allow passengers who have accumulated thousands of points to use these points to upgrade to business class or premium economy. They have been telling me this story for 10 years - "we have limited seats available". Upgraded seats are never available! In all the years and different times of the year that I travel, does not make a difference - they tell you there are no seats available. What is the point of having all these points and never using them to upgrade?
                I live in australia and have family in vancouver, bc. So I do the air canada direct flights from sydney to vancouver at least 3 times a year. My mom, sisters and nieces and nephews live in vancouver. I have to pay for an expensive economy ticket and then cannot even use my aeroplan points to upgrade. I am going to fly qantas from now on!

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                  Aeroplan Travel Servicesaeroplan miles

                  On May 15th, 2018, after 15+ years of collecting Aeroplan miles I checked my account to realize they have all disappeared.

                  After a lengthy call with customer service, they inform me that my miles have been erased because me account has been inactive for more that 1 calendar year. 15 years of collecting, 1 year of no activity, by by over 50, 000 miles.

                  I was told however that if I simply show proof of using one of the Aeroplan partner companies that my miles would be re-instated.

                  I've spent the last 6 months tracking down some Budget Rental Car receipts and contacting their customer service department to be credited with the miles I earned back in January. I succeeded in getting these miles credited to my account, I showed all proof to Aeroplan, case closed right? No, I've been informed that since the miles weren't credited back in January, although I rented the car back in January, that "there's nothing we can do sir, the computer system won't let us give you your 50, 000+ miles back, and no there's no one else you can speak to about this."

                  Thanks for nothing Aeroplan, no wonder you're going out of business.

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                    Aeroplan Travel Servicesflight availability and flight changes

                    This message was originally sent on Sept 7, 2018. It just came to my attention that the message was returned as undeliverable to [protected]

                    The complaint I have was that on my booked flight through Aeroplan on Sept 7, 2018 (REF # KLBDRM). I booked a flight from Kingston Ontario to Toronto Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba.
                    The booking of Aeroplan flights out of Kingston are usually difficult based on the number of seats available and the fact Air Canada regularly cancels or delays flights.
                    Anyway, on this particular day my flight was booked out of Kingston at 16:45 hrs. and to arrive in Toronto at 17:44 hrs. with a connection 4 hours and 1 minute later.
                    ( I will address this note of the 1 minute after ). As expected my flight was delayed, but not cancelled. I arrived in Toronto at approx. 18:30 hrs.

                    Now my complaint is that I tried to get on the next earlier flight to Winnipeg at 20:15 hrs. I spoke to the customer service person and she indicated there were available seats
                    but if I wanted to change flights there would be a $75, same day change fee. I understand what this fee is for and why all airlines have this in place. However, I would think as
                    a loyal Air Canada customer and booking a ticket through the Air Canada loyalty partner, Aeroplan, that this fee should not be there. I mean what is a loyalty program for if there
                    is loyalty on both sides. It seems to me that the customers who are members of Aeroplan have some loyalty to Air Canada but this is not viewed the same by Air Canada.
                    I have a ticket, I am going to Winnipeg eventually and there are empty seats. I have been treated with good customer service on other flights whereby I was allowed to fly
                    on an earlier flight going to the same destination during other travels dates without being charged this additional fee.

                    Please explain why I could not get on this flight??

                    Also, the note above about the 4 hr and 1 minute "layover" between Toronto and Winnipeg.
                    I had booked the same flight for my spouse about 1 month prior. The taxes and fees paid on that flight amounted to approx. $65, my flight amounted to $92.
                    When booking the flight I spoke to an Aeroplan rep. She indicated that as the flight was over 4 hours it changed from a connecting flight to a non-connecting flight.
                    This seems wrong to me!!


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                      Aeroplan — service representative

                      Yesterday September 11 around 11:30 am I tried to book a flight. I continued to get a 400 500 error page. I...


                      Aeroplan.commedical emergency

                      Aeroplan sucks, I just called them to change my flight for a medical emergency, my son broke his arm and they are charging me $100 each way ($800) total to change this. When I asked to escalate it, they wouldn't. I basically have to write a letter to their executive management team. I'm so glad I have moved to another travel card so I don't have to deal with these greedy [censored]s anymore. They said too bad your son broke his arm. I told them I got a full refund with two other companies and they said well you should have bought some travel insurance. They don't care about anyone.
                      I would like them to just waive the change fees, $800 for a once in a lifetime incident, and they won't do it.

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               — taxes on flights and changes to pricing

                        I tried to book 2 flights from Ottawa t Chicago using Aeroplan Miles. Quoted 30, 000 miles and $467 in taxe...

                        Aeroplan.comdelivering damaged merchandise

                        Re Account #[protected]
                        I recently converted 10000 aeroplan miles for a merchandise reward - a pair of earrings. After I picked it up, I opened the little package only to find that the earrings had NOT been placed in their box but rather, it was still flattened and inserted alongside them. The earrings are damaged and unwearable as the posts are bent - likely during transit as they were not inside their box. I immediately checked the packing slip for information on return. Zero info. I set it aside, disappointed, and enjoyed Canada Day weekend and a short week.

                        Today July 9th, I called to get the necessary info to return them and was told I had only 2 days from receipt to advise of damage. I've been refused a return and have wasted 10000 points.

                        Unbelievably disappointing - poor communication, bad packing habits for merchandise etc. I should not be having to look for information about how inconvenienced I will be to deal with your damaged goods and I certainly should not be out 10000 reward miles on top of it.

                        I had only recently come back round to using and enjoying Air Canada and Aeroplan. I won't go out of my way again.

                        Disappointed. Period.

                        delivering damaged merchandise

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                          Aeroplan.comcar rental

                          re aeroplan conf number


                          my aeroplan- [removed]

                          i rented a car with my points (avis confirmation 03238580CA2)
                          the agreement states pick up at Charlottetown and drop off at Charlottetown

                          Avis chatrged me $100 to drop off the car there

                          Phoned your customer service centre and they said to read the fine print- different drop off not included

                          Come on-

                          Had this been told to me when I rented, i would have acted differently

                          Not a great customer experience

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                            On June 26th, I booked my flight to Vancouver.
                            I realized that I made a mistake with the return time, 10 secondes after I called the Aeroplan and talk about my situation.

                            I understand that when I revised my booking I pressed ok, than I realized I made a mistake. Unfortunately, I did not feel any support or understanding of my situation.
                            Shannon the supervisor at that time, was very rude, impatience and was not welling to help me at all.

                            I am so disappointed with Aeroplan custumer service.

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                     — aeroplan reversal of miles

                              This week I went to book tickets for myself, my husband and my four children and was made aware that my...

                              Bragg Creek

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