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Aeroplan Travel Services Complaints & Reviews

Aeroplan.commissing mileage

Aeroplan customer care service

P. O. Box 23000, station pointe - claire-dorval
Canada - h9y1k2

July 26, 2017

Subject: missing mileage
Re: aeroplan card no.- [protected]

On checking my mileage status, I found out that I have 0 mileage despite depositing several flights.
Please check my transactions and rectify my status under advice to me.

Thanks and best regards

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    Aeroplan.comtrying for over 2 weeks to rent a car via your website


    I have been trying to book a car using my points online for over 2 weeks. For some reasons, at the end of the checkout, the system won't allow you to ''checkout'' and complete the transaction. I called 2 times and spoke with their IT support. I tried on 6 different computers from different location and it still not working. I did make a complain and requested Aeroplan to do the transaction for me as we are leaving soon and would need a confirmation for the car rental. Unfortunately no one called me back yet and I still can't complete the transaction. If the website is not working for some reasons, Aeroplan should have alternative solutions for their bookings.

    I also tried to contact Aeroplane directly but they don't seems to have any customer service line except the # I called to redeem my points. Looks like they don't want their customers to redeem their points...

    I'm hoping to have this resolved before our vacations


    Véronik Ménard
    aeroplan #: [protected]

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      Aeroplan.comtrying to get missing travel points added to our profile

      We are trying to get flight points added to our profiles
      Flight ac7610 on 9th june 2017 saskatoon to ottawa, (this was changed to ac 8016 saskatoon to toronto), flight ac8666 connection flight 9/6/2017 ottawa to new york (this was changed to ac 8856 toronto to new york
      Kerry andrew renkema ticket no [protected] (aeorplan no [protected])
      Lorraine jean renkema ticket no [protected] (aeorplan no [protected])
      We would like to have these travel miles credit to our aeorplan account please, doing online keeps rejecting our submission

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        Aeroplan.comexpiration policy

        I would like to file a complaint against Aeroplan.

        I logged into my Aeroplan account ([protected]) today and saw that due to me not using the program over the past year, that my Aeroplan miles expired. The past year has been difficult and busy. No I have not had time to use or add to my miles. And now to find them all gone is a huge disappointment. Aeroplan should not be tossing people's miles that they have earned through the program. One year isn't that long.

        Should they not be reinstated, I will be deleting my account with you and cutting up my card.

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          Aeroplan.compoor customer service

          I accidentally asked for refund for a flight, call the company and asked if they can reverse that and they told me no and it will cost me the normal charges to re-book it.
          I know they can refund me the money, Westjet on the other hand shows full sympathy of the situation. I don't even know why I'm bothering to write this because I know Air Canada and Aeroplan could careless about complaints.

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   — expired points

            Their customer service is the absolute worst. My aeroplan card was attached to a previous credit card I had...

   — unethical, misleading information

            I need to fly from Calgary, Canada to Sofia, Bulgaria the first two weeks of July (be back by 15 or 16th of...


            Aeroplanpoints system

            Aeroplan took away years of accumulated miles because I didn't fly for a year (different job). Years of accumulated miles were simply erased. I realize that they are not money, but they have value, how is it allowed to simply take these away like this.

            to "buy back the lost miles is $30 + $0.01 per mile... so it is more expensive to buy back the miles and redeem them than to simply book a ticket.

            They made me cry.

            points system

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              Aeroplan.comunethical behaviour of customer service representative

              Call date: May 14, 2017. 11am
              Aeroplan# [protected]
              I called to notify Aeroplan that my miles from Home Hardware did not show up on my account. Because of this error, my points expired on March 2017. The purchase was made prior to this.
              My desired resolution was getting my account re-instated so that I did not lose my miles, the loss of a few miles from Home Hardware was not a concern. The service representative told me to go to the Home Hardware store and ask them to backdate the miles. I was hesitant to do that, because it feels like Home Hardware would say it's an Aeroplan glitch and to contact Aeroplan for a resolution. I suggested that this was just a tactic to waste my time and give up on the matter. He then suggested that I just repurchase the miles for $0.01 / mile. Although it may be in Aeroplans interest to upsell the client by repurchasing the miles, I feel that the tactics used were unethical. Asking me to deal with Home Hardware to backdate the points (which is against their policy, and could be considered fraudulent is also unethical).
              At this point, I feel that Aeroplan is being dishonest and purposefully unhelpful. This may explain why Air Canada is departing from the program. I hope that Aeroplan can better train their customer service representatives on the legal implications of providing false information and engaging in unethical behaviours.
              Desired Resolution:
              Re-instate Aeroplan #[protected]
              Ensure Customer Service Reps received proper training

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                Aeroplan.comcostco membership gift voucher

                So I am disappointed with aeroplans advertising! The website said I could redeem 5, 000 points for a "Gold Costco membership" there were no details- nothing wordy. It seemed like a really good deal! Delivery was fast, just over a week... But the excitement disappeared when I received a voucher $50 off a membership instead! That is ridiculous! Unfair! And very shady advertising. I might as well of kept saving my points!

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                  Aeroplan.compoints expiry

                  Every 12 months they wipe your points from you card if you don't use them! This is by far the worst program out there. I have been a member since 2006 and because of the 12 month expiry scam its almost impossible to accumulate any significant amount of points. Because of this i now have a whooping 6000 points, I will be cutting up my card. I am disappointed that sort of plan is allowed to remain, forcing people to shop certain locations to get a few points in hope you can actually use them be fore they kindly wipe the points away. and if you want the points back you have to pay a $ 30.00 fee plus 0.01 cents per point! It shows how greedy, cheep, and poor this particular company really is.

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                    Aeroplan.comexcellent customer service - judy at vancouver call centre

                    11 April 2017

                    Dear Aeroplan Management:

                    On Friday 7 April a family circumstance caused me to make a change to reward travel for my daughter and two children. I contacted Aeroplan and was put in touch with an Agent named Judy at the Vancouver Call Centre. I did not have much hope in making a flight change as the intended flights were being advance with only two days notice and it was the pre-Easter holiday weekend. Judy listened and over the course of an active half-hour telephone call she was able to accommodate all the changes required. I noted that consultation with her manager was needed and Judy saw to it that the rules were applied to my advantage not disadvantage.

                    I was very impressed by Judy's positive work attitude and customer focus. I was thoroughly grateful for the work she did. She reflects well on the Aeroplan staff and I would like to say thank you.

                    Ray Wlasichuk
                    6 Mallard Lane
                    Kingston ON
                    K7K 5E2


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                      Aeroplan.comlost points - expired by company

                      I recently found out that my aeroplan points (5244 miles) expired on Feb 28, 2017. My card # is [protected]. My email address is also used for my son and daughter's aeroplan cards and I received an email that my daughter's card was going to expire soon. When I checked all of our cards online, I saw that mine had already expired though I never received a warning email. I checked aeroplan's website and phoned the retailer (Destination Toyota) where I last used my card. I had my car serviced on Dec. 2, 2016 but they never put through my aeroplan card #. I phoned aeroplan and spoke to a man who said there is nothing they can do even though technically, I "used" my card before it expired. He told me they sent an expiry warning email on Nov. 2nd which I never received. While we talked on the phone, he resent me the same email. I received it and it has a warning "this sender failed our fraud detection checks..." I told him this and that I check my emails and junk folders every day and never received their notice. I am very frustrated with this company! Several years ago, when aeroplan changed their rules and started to expire points, I lost enough points for a trip to Europe which they said I could get back if I paid about the equivalent of a ticket on sale so I refused. One year is too soon a period for points used for travel to expire. There are not many retailers where we can earn points and many people want to build up their points to pay for a trip. I can't believe that they will not honor my points especially since they expired only about one month earlier. It does not cost them to have me accumulating points without using them and if anything my points will lose value as in the future they are more likely to make people redeem more points for the same trip. Such strict rules on points cards do not make your company appealing to discriminating customers. I know you think we should be happy that we are receiving some benefit that you are not required to give out; however, the reality is that when you start offering these types of bonuses, people come to expect that they will be honored and your refusal has the opposite effect on your business. I am reminded of the previous times that I dealt with your call centre and the rude response I received. This type of behaviour is not the way to promote your company. I ask that you honor my use of my aeroplan card on Dec.2nd before it expired and grant me back all my miles.

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                        Aeroplan.comno email contact???

                        Had a question regarding redeeming miles for flights vs purchasing with using miles. Have to email pages to show. If I understand correctly 2 adults flying from Vancouver CDA to Paris France and from Nice France to Vancouver CDA it would use my 90000 aeroplan miles plus about $2200 as a Silver . Going through Expedia the same flights would cost me $2500. Is this about correct???? If so, what a scam!!! and I will be cancelling my VISA account as it is costing me over $100/year. Correct me if I am wrong via email "[protected]"

                        DD Arseneault

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                          Aeroplan.comgift card received damaged.

                          Early in March we ordered gift cards for Best Buy with Aeroplan points. One of the cards ($200) arrived sliced with what would seem a knife. Immediately we phoned and were told to send a photo of the damaged card which we did on
                          March 15th. Since then we have had no reply from Aeroplan. We have telephoned and several times + were told they would get back to us. Now
                          it seems we have to wait for the "back office" to remedy the situation. As of March 30th, we were asked to wait longer. There does not seem to be a way to get through to this "back office" . We would just like a replacement card send asap.

                          Aeroplan # [protected], Paul Simmons

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                            Aeroplan.comredeeming points

                            I have been an Aeroplan member for decades, am in Air Canadas Million MIle Club (for what thats worth) and am currently at the Elite 50k status.
                            I am appalled as to how difficult it is to now book reasonable flights at reasonable redemption levels from Aeroplan. It was never particularly easy, but now it borders on the absurd.
                            I recently tried to book one business class seat YVR/LHR return for flights just under a year away. Some crazy flights offered but not one single direct flight for travel a year away. Unbelievable.
                            What has happened here? This used to be a reasonable loyalty programme. It no longer is. Whats happened?

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                     — being charged for phone booking when the aeroplan website is broken

                              To whom it may concern, I spent a couple of frustrating hours today and last night trying to book ticket...


                              Aeroplan.comlost 103,000 points on dec 31st, 2016

                              I have been a customer with Aeroplan for over 20 years (Aeroplan # [protected], Angela Cranston). I did receive 1 email from Aeroplan around October stating that my miles were going to expire in December, but I didn't know the exact date and I couldn't find it easily by going into the website. I tried booking a flight using Aeroplan miles in early December but it just didn't work out. Therefore since I knew my miles were going to expire I used my Esso card to purchase gas on Dec 23rd, 2016 and swiped my Aeroplan card. I didn't think anything more about my points as I knew that I had used my Aeroplan card at Esso. Then on Jan. 2nd I went to book a flight to Vegas for mid January to find that my 103, 000 points were all gone and my balance was 0. I was sick to my stomach and instantly called Aeroplan to see what had happened. They said that there was no record of the Esso purchase that I had made on Dec. 23rd. I told them exactly what I had done and they informed me that I would need to contact Esso and give them all the information regarding my purchase and that Esso would have to submit the information to Aeroplan. I felt pretty good after this conversation as it sounded like it wasn't going to be too hard to get my points back. I contacted Esso on Jan. 4th and they took all my information regarding the receipt #, store location, amount, etc. My aeroplan # was not printed on the receipt and that was why my points weren't recorded. The person at Esso informed me what the process was on their end and she stated that they couldn't back date the entry, but Aeroplan could. She also informed me that it may take up to 2 months to get this resolved. I checked my Aeroplan account on Feb. 18th and I saw that I now had 21 points, but my 103, 000 points weren't reinstated. Therefore I contacted Aeroplan again and they informed me that they received the information from Esso on Feb. 10th and therefore dated the transaction on that date. I told them that this transaction was from Dec. 23rd and the purpose of my transaction on that date was so I wouldn't lose all my points. They said that there was nothing they could do, so he forwarded me to a Supervisor that shouldn't even be in Customer Service and definitely shouldn't be a supervisor. Eric (I think that was his name) told me a completely different story then what I was told when I contacted Aeroplan on Jan. 2nd. He told me there was nothing I could do as the Aeroplan # has to be on the receipt. He was very rude and asked why I hadn't looked at my receipt to ensure the Aeroplan # was on it, then he said that I could have gotten the Esso receipt from anyone, how would they know it was mine. I couldn't believe he was accusing me of doing something wrong. I told him that I used my Visa card to pay for the gas and I can prove that this is my Visa card as the # is on the receipt that I have. I have attached a picture of the receipt below. He pretty much told me that there was nothing I could do to get my points back. Like I mentioned earlier, I have been a customer for over 20 years and I don't feel like this is the proper way to treat someone who has been a customer for that long. Not to mention that it took me a long time to earn all these points (103, 000) and to have them taken away from me is horrible. I'm not asking for anything that isn't mine, I'm only asking for my 103, 000 points to be put back in my account.

                              lost 103,000 points on dec 31st, 2016

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                       — total absence of customers services: impossible to reach aeroplan on phone or e-mail... plus defective website

                                I have been trying to phone Aeroplan for the last week or so, impossible to talk to an agent... waited more...


                                I called air canada and aeroplan before departure to confirm that we just need to show our cibc infinite aeroplan visa card and we can get priority boarding to zone 2.

                                Today when we dropped off our luggages, the guy said showed your card to the staff at the boarding gate, they can change for us.

                                However when we showed our card, the arrogant staff said no 5 times. Is it because she is discriminating or air canada doesn't care about the customer anymore?

                                I do want to hear a response from you.

                                My booking reference AERHNV.
                                Feb 11. 930. YYZ to MCO.


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