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Aeroplan Travel Services Complaints & Reviews


Had card 16 years. Never used any points - did not use for a year. Poof 75, 000 points gone. Thieves. I'd call it a dis-loyaly card.

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    Aeroplan150k+ points expired in 2014 despite frequent business trips using air canada and marriott

    Basically I realized my Aeroplan miles total was 0 and when I called Aeroplan (after a 2 hour hold time) I was told that my points expired in August 2014 due to inactivity. They also said I was sent an email to warn me about this

    I pointed out the following

    1) I have at least 3 to 5 business trips (including international business class) from 2013 to 2015 using air canada

    2) I have stayed at a mariott at 80% of these trips

    3) I did not get the notification email from Aeroplan because it most likely got caught in my spam mail

    Their response

    1) the operator is unable to help me out because the points expired over a year ago

    2) their record showed I was notified via email therefore this was my error


    1) do not use Aeroplan as they have shamelessly stolen 200 k miles (including my in realized business trips from 2013 to 2015)

    2) they are taking away Canadian jobs as their call center is obviously outsourced overseas - do not support these guys

    3) air Canada is just as bad for not helping me rectify this with Aeroplan

    4) Lesson learned - I will take my business elsewhere (no Aeroplan no Air Canada)

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      Aeroplanunanswered claim-120 days

      We booked through aeroplan points for a Disney vacation which we've been planning for 3 years. We stayed at an "off site" resort, booked through points, that offered a "family room" which was described as 2 connecting rooms with 2 queen beds in each room. When we arrived at our resort they advised us that we had only booked a regular room and paid under the regular amount, so they would not provide us with our family room and we shared a tiny room with 2 double beds, no couch, no chair, no tables. I couldn't get a hold of anyone from air Canada vacation for the entire first day of our stay and I was on hold for 4 hours. I wasted a whole day away from my children, spending the day on the phone waiting for someone to help me figure out this mess.

      The hotel refused to upgrade us without an extra charge of $1500. The first representative I spoke with advised me not to pay the upgrade and we would ensure the room would be changed. The second day, the hotel had not received confirmation of the upgraded reservation for the family room, again we were unable to reach a rep until 9 pm.

      The third day we were advised that the third party booking had contacted the hotel and the room descriptions were not matching, therefore they were unable to offer us a family room.

      The fourth day we were told that yes, we had booked a family room but there were none available.

      So 4 days spent in a tiny room with 2 kids that expected this to be the best vacation ever, our first family vacation in 3 years. The hotel did not compensate us in any way, or admit to any wrong doing. Air Canada vacations, while impossible to get a hold of, assured us that they would resolve this situation. Yet nothing was fixed until the 5th day of our vacation.

      Now 5 days into our vacation we received what we paid for. I'm incredibly disappointed in this vacation, this airline, aeroplan, and the entire customer service team. The ladies I dealt with were very nice, but nothing was done in a timely manner. And while the vacation is only 7 days, time is of the essence when you're helping a family achieve their ideal vacation.

      We spent over 350, 000 aeroplan points on this vacation and over $3000. It's so disappointing when you don't receive what you've paid for. I've been told "just contact claims upon your return", but that doesn't make your vacation any better. The hotel room descriptions and the air Canada vacation descriptions need to be consistent in order to avoid this error in the future.

      I have now been waiting over 120 days since placing my claim with Air Canada Aeroplan and nothing has been rectified. My suggestion is to cancel you Aeroplan and get a Capital One MasterCard that you can use for any travel, none of this hassle and inadequacy.

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        Aeroplanconfirmation of travel booking - complaint of rude operator sebastian

        I tried to complete a transaction online on Feb 1, 2016 to redeem 50, 000 points for 2 flights from TO to LA. I completed all the steps as instructed (including payment) but Aeroplan's system got stuck on on the last screen, with a notice indicating something like, "processing...this may take a moment...please don't refresh."

        I waited for about 10-15 mins and still nothing. Finally I tried to go back (to no avail) and then had to close the screen.

        Not knowing if the transaction had gone through or not, I called Aeroplan and selected Online Support. As I waited in the queue, I received an email with an itinerary containing a booking confirmation. The operator there told me she couldn't verify whether the transaction had gone through as it was too recent, and advised that she had to transfer me to another department (Bookings?). I expressed concern about waiting in a long queue, but she assured me it would only take a few minutes.

        So I was then placed, and waited, waited and waited. Indeed, I waited for OVER AN HOUR. There was no message saying "wait times were particularly long" or "thanks for waiting", nothing. There was just that dreaded 30 second or so music loop, with the odd dead air to make you think someone is about to come on.

        Finally, an operator named Sebastian answered, "How may I help you" - no apology, no expression of thanks for waiting, etc. I asked if Sebastian knew how long I had been waiting, he said, "Yes, over an hour". I then remained silent for moment, giving him an opportunity to apologize, or thank me for waiting, or explain why I had waited so long, etc. Sebastian said nothing. I then asked him if he thought this was acceptable/reasonable, to which he responded something like, "Have you not ever called a travel line? Are you not aware of the storm out East" or something to that affect. I said, "No, how could I know about this? I certainly wasn't told anything about that from the prior operator, nor did I see anything on the website, or a message on the phone indicating this." He then said, "This conversation is not going in the right direction". This made me more frustrated and I started to get angry. I said, "I don't think you understand, I waited over an hour just to confirm a booking I made because your/Aeroplan's system crashed at the end of my transaction, and you come on, don't apologize and now tell me I am doing something wrong". Sebastian then says, "What is your booking #?" By this point I started losing it and responded by saying, "Okay I'll give you my bleeping booking #...", to which he said, "Thank you for calling Aeroplan, GOODBYE" and hung up!!!

        Sebastian was perhaps the worst operator I have ever experienced in my decades of dealing with various call centres for companies like Air Canada, Aeroplan, Rogers, Bell, etc... He needs to be reprimanded for this poor behaviour and mishandling of my call. I also think a formal apology from him (ideally) or someone from Aeroplan is appropriate. Finally, I think it would be appropriate to compensate me for the time I wasted on the phone and the very poor customer service I experienced.

        Please note that I have never actually taken the time to write a complaint, or lodge any formal complaint about anyone in all my life. I trust this speaks volumes of just how rude Sebastian was on the call. You need to take action here, and make things right.
        Yours Sincerely,

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          Aeroplancompany policy

          When I Google Aeroplan complaints, my laptop immediately heats up with customer outrage. Largest complaint seems to revolve around Aeroplan policy to confiscate your air miles without any warning. Oh sure, I bet this outrageous act is covered somewhere in the 80 or 90 pages of microscopic type, but who has the time or the legal knowledge to decipher all this verbage. Aeroplan did this to me over 10 years ago, and they are still doing this today. Aeroplan should be forced to display this policy prominently on their statements to you and they should also be forced to send you written notice that your points are about to be confiscated. Better stil, Aeroplan should be stripped of the ability to enact this disgusting action on their customers. I figured this out a long time ago. Just refuse to do business with companies who offer the worst air miles plan and that's Aeroplan!

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            • Te
              Teddy123 Oct 19, 2016

              Aeroplan is a joke last night we flew from St. JOhn's, NL to Toronto there was 8 people 4 of us together 3 seniors including me not a senior youngest of us 4, the elder being a78 retired police officer one of our party flying business class only 12 seats on flight number 699. Small plane 8 people in business class the 78 retired police officer was told oh we counted wrong you don't get a meal. I was and am disgusted he paid his way and after all did his time As a Police Oficer that is TOTALLY Wrong! I spoke up as Icouldnt believe it. He took it like the gentleman he is but then I spoke to the flight attendant and spoke my piece to her, after all who can you talk to when you see an injustice but her. She said it's not her fault and that she choice him just because he was a retired cop and that he would take it OK. Still WRONG the way I see it. Wouldn't want them to ACTUALLY have to count to 12 people, when they couldn't get 8 people their meal. By the way really it wasn't fit to eat. So take that AIR CANADA I will pay more just NOT to fly with YOU!!!

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            Aeroplanaeroplan points jumped 68% from 80, 000 points to 135, 000 points

            I am trying to book a return ticket from Ottawa to Brisbane. I am flexible on my dates. However, all the dates I tried, the Aeroplan points required to fly has jumped 68% from 80, 000 points to 135, 000 points. I was shock! It is ridiculous! It is not in line with the declining gas price.

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              • Ko
                Koss Jan 30, 2016
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                When is everyone going to wake up and realize what a "garbage outfit" that Aeroplan is. Just Google Aeroplan complaints. Your laptop practically catches on fire. They offer the worst service when you go to book. They never have available what you want, and I believe they do this on purpose so that they can confiscate all your points when they belive that your account has become inactive. They did this to me 10 years ago, but they won't ever do it again. I refuse to do business with companies that promote Aeroplan.

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              Aeroplan — rude and uncooperative agent

              On Sunday, December 27th/2015 I booked a flight from Toronto to Bangkok through Aeroplan. The booking...


              Aeroplan — mileage reinstatement

              I collected on behalf of my daughter (on her own account) 60, 000 miles over the years to get a ticket as her...

              Aeroplanour miles expired without any notice and even though we tried to use the miles before expiry

              We called Phone [protected] today 11/30/2015 at 7.10 AM EST and talked to Aeroplan staff and then Supervisor Ms. Marlen(Ph [protected]) and discussed in details what happened . She did confirm that Aeroplan Staff didn’t warn/tell us about expiry of miles when we called on October 11 2015 and November 6 2015. She assured that your department will reinstate it and advised us to send you this email. Here is the brief of our account and communications First we called Aeroplan on October 11 2015 to look for three business class return flight from LAX to DEL on December 24 2015 and return on January 10 2016 Aeroplan Staff could not find any availability for these dates and didn’t even tell/warn us about expiry of Miles We again called on November 6 2015 to make changes in booking . Same time we asked Aeroplan staff to book for us under three business class return flight from LAX to DEL on December 24 2015 and return on January 10 2016 with no success This time again Aeroplan staff didn’t tell us about soon expiry . You can check both of our accounts that we are long term loyal customers for Aeroplan Air Canada and transferring points or transactions is not at any issue for us if we were notified on time We didn’t get any email too about expiry earlier which Aeroplan officer did send it today for our records Hence we request you to reinstate our 1204000 Miles to our accounts so that we can make booking since Aeroplan Supervisor did confirm about mistake too that we were not notified during both of our calls We got email from Aeroplan stating below which is very standard one without looking into our account which shows how they operate business Thank you for your email. We introduced our mileage expiry policy in 1997 and all members were advised via a general mailing in June 1996. Among the documentation sent was an updated version of the Member Guide. The initial policy stipulated that members whose accounts were inactive for a period of 3 consecutive years had their mileage expire without prior notice. However, since July 1, 2007, members are required to transact with the program once in a 12 month period (one accrual or one redemption transaction). Mileage expiration policies are an industry norm among frequent flyer and loyalty marketing programs. It is important for Aeroplan to foster an active membership; our goal is to have our members transact with the program as often as possible. More transactions means they are able to earn and redeem miles faster for the rewards they want, and this in turn is beneficial for our partners and the program itself. Our records indicate a communication was sent by email on March 4, 2014 to remind you of the mileage expiry policy. Another email was sent on August 4, 2015 to notify you of the imminent expiry of your miles. We certainly regret to learn they were not received, but wish to emphasize Aeroplan cannot be held responsible for lost, delayed or unopened correspondence. Our communication strategy is based on current electronic commerce trends and e-mail has become the channel through which we keep our members informed. Postal mail is used to deliver critical program updates and account details only when no e-mail address is available. However, letters are not sent by registered mail; thus members remain responsible to stay active at all times under program requirements. Although we do the utmost to provide members with program information, account statements and promotional offers, they are ultimately responsible to keep up to date on Aeroplan regulations as well as to monitor their accounts, transactions and mileage balance. The last transaction recorded to your account prior to mileage expiry on November 15, 2015 is dated November 12, 2014. In accordance with program regulations, your balance of 1, 204, 000 miles expired due to one year of inactivity. The mileage expiry policy applies equally to all members. As you may be aware, those miles can be restored in whole or in part; there is a cost for Aeroplan in allowing this transaction and fees apply that help offset this cost. They are $30.00 for the administration fee plus an additional 1 cent ($0.01) per mile (plus tax, payable by credit card). The offer is valid until November 12, 2021 but the fees are subject to change. While the reasons that prompted your request for complimentary mileage reinstatement are appreciated, regrettably, they cannot justify an exception in this case. Please contact us so that we can file class action case against Aeroplan and Air Canada for unfair trade practice

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                Aeroplanreward point

                I had reward point 15000 and my wife had around 11000 which weI didn't use the card as well as my reward and without notice they forfeit all my point due to not use aeroplane for one year . This really surprise me when I want to book the flight I found 0 point in my account and shocked me company like aeroplane can do this without informing customer in writing due to this I lost my hard earn point

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                  Aeroplanhelp desk

                  I have just spent 18 minutes waiting for help (international call rates) from the help?? desk. I needed to reset my password, but could not remember my telephone number from 10 years ago. As soon as I spoke to the ?asian? help operator, I was cut off. Great service Aeroplan!! Why don't you have a Contact us email form on your website?

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                    Aeroplanreward ticket

                    I booked a flight reward on September 10, 2015. The ticket in United Air and Air Canada. When I checked with United, they told me that the reservation will be on hold until midnight of September 10, 2015.

                    I don't understand, why aeropla none issue itinerary without issuing ticket to code share partner. It is impossible to reach Aeroplan over the phone.

                    This company should be black listed.

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                      Aeroplanloss of points and customer service

                      I earned well over 300, 000 aeroplan points between 1993 and 1998. As of 2014, I had 32, 000 left. I decided to get the aeroplan Visa to add to these points. When I check my account, aeroplan had eliminated the 32, 000and started me back as a New Customer again with 15, 000 sign on points through CIBC. I have not been able to speak with anyone but a technical officer and was on hold for over an hour. She then transferred me to a Customer Service Rep. Who I never got to speak to. I am cancelling my credit card and will not use Aeroplan again.

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                        Aeroplan — inflexible modification/refund policy

                        Date of Incident: June 29, 2015 This is my second incident with Aeroplan where the customer service and...


                        Aeroplanripping me off again...

                        Argh! I am so sick of Aeroplan! I have switched to another reward plan but I am still trying to use my remaining points and credits, to no avail.
                        This time, I tried to use some 25k credits I had from a flight I had to cancel at the last minute last summer. The one stupid condition I had been made aware of is that the flight has to be in the same direction. Well it turns out that in order to use my credits, the flight also has to cost the same number of points. I am more than willing to use some of my extra points to book a more "expensive" flight (no flights available at the cost of last year), but they won't allow me to do that because it is not in the same cost category. So they would rather see my 25k points expire than let me use them PLUS another 30k points. Oh and if I remember well, they were going to charge me as well to rebook, unless they already charged me when I cancelled. Can't remember. Insulting.

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                          • Gl
                            Glen Kyle Oct 21, 2016
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            These people should be ashamed of what they are trying to pull off. By me looking elsewhere to find a better deal on a car rental; I saved approx. 600 dollars on a week car rental. This is the honest truth. I would definitely pay more using the Aeroplan card. I have already taken the scissors to mine; and I suggest, that others do the same!

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                          Aeroplan — rip off

                          We needed to use some of my husbands aeroplan points before they expire. I booked a hertz car rental. Three...

                          www.aeroplan.cathey added useless services to my ticket

                          I bought tickets from the company It was awful, ‘coz they provided one price on the website, but they took completely different from me. When I checked my account and found out about it, I immediately contacted the rep, who started to explain me what this sum included. The difference in prices was really large. They are dishonest and add some useless stuff to my ticket. I really don’t recommend this company, so please share this info and post comments.

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                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Aeroplanrewards tickets

                            I have been an Aeroplan member for almost 20 years. The program has really started to become poor the last 5 years or so.
                            I am a top-tier member (Super Elite) and fly over 100, 000 miles and almost 100 segments a year - I spend ALOT of time on a plane. My loyalty has been unwavering over the years. However, the program has really started to become poor. Its becoming increasingly difficult to obtain reward flights (even though they appear available on the site). This has been a problem for at least 3 years, so I'm not sure what game Aeroplan is playing but I'm tired of it. I will be switching my program to Mileage Plus or some other Star Alliance member but Air Canada will no longer get my business and Aeroplan can kiss my...

                            rewards tickets

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                              • Ae
                                Aeroplan Hater Jun 06, 2016

                                Yes, I agree they can kiss mine too. problem is they art too stupid to be able to find their own with both hands.Just tried to redeem some of my remaining miles (I have D black status) to buy a Costco gift card. Clicking on Add To Cart of course did not work. Silly me, what was I thinking that the website of the world's worst loyalty programme would work.
                                Phoned their technical service, long wait only to be told by some rude idiot that I needed to log off and log in again using a different web browser. What kind of BS is this? I don't think he really meant log off, just something that rhymes with that. That seems to be Aeroplan in a nutshell. Just awful.

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                              Aeroplan.cathe worst services and not recommended place to buy tickets

                              I wanted to buy ticket from the website I have no idea why, but the website worked really slowly and the customer services ignored all my calls, messages and emails. I couldn’t open the page, so I couldn’t order the ticket. WTF? I was really furious that they ignored me and didn’t care about their customers. I wonder if there are people, who have the same problems and what have you done in such situation, please post comments.

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                Aeroplanaeroplan elite 35k vs lounge access

                                I am an Aeroplan frequent flyer and used to love the program. In the recent years, it has steadily been working its way towards becomming a total scam.

                                I am Elite 35k and assumed I had access to the maple leaf lounges. Well guess what, I just flew from Montreal to Toronto which is a short flight and relatively cheap (hundreds of dollars) and had access to the domestic lounge BUT, then I flew to Lima, Peru and was told in a very degrading way by the lounge attendant that I was not allowed in the lounge having only 35k, that the attendance in the lounges was the highest they had seen and that they just couldnt let ANYBODY in. Anybody meaning anyone below the 50k elite status. I dont think I am in any way special having reached 35k but I sure think I deserve at least a little respect from a company to which I have been giving thousands of dollars year after year. But then, who care what I think, the attendance at the lounges and on the AC flights have reached records high. I just cant understand the principle, spend a few hundreds of dollars on a short-haul flight and get access to the lounge but spend thousands of dollars on an "oversea" flight and stay out of the lounge...just doenst make much sens to me.

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