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Aeroplan.comwebsite is bugged and forces you to pay fees

4/30/3018 Dennis Tran - [protected]
I tried to book an open jaw flight. You can book this online using the multi city option or one way flights. 2 one flights cost more taxes. multi city round trip had lower taxes. However, when I tried to put in multi city for my dates, it said there was no results for my return flight. check availability calendar. the calendar showed as available. One way shows available return flights. If I try round trip to the last city, I see return flights. it was only multi-city search that had no results. I called customer service and they said there were a LOT of return flights. there's no way for me to book the open jaw. If i book with the customer service agent, it's $30+tax per person. I'm booking for 3.

The agent said they didn't see any problems. I tried on 3 computer and 3 different browsers. I have the screenshot to prove it.Is it my account because I'm not business class?

Basically pay more taxes or pay booking fees. I can't save a few bucks and had to pay the booking fees because there were limited seats left going outbound. I didn't want to lose it. I shouldn't have had to pay for a bug in their online booking system. Ridiculous!

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    Aeroplan.comservice fees for a change to one small segment of my flight

    we recently booked a flight from St. John's, NL to Tampa, Florida and we could only get one flight for the first short segment of our flight to Halifax, NS.
    My wife got a flight at 11:10am on April 16th and I could only get 6:10am, so I have to go to Halifax and wait for 6hrs 20mins. and then get on the same flight as my wife from Halifax to Toronto to Tampa.
    A seat came available yesterday on the 11:10am flight and I tried to change that short segment to get on the same flight as my wife but you were still going to charge me the same $100 fee as if I changed my entire flight.
    Last week I could have gotten a flight for cash for $155 one way, this is totally unreasonable.
    I think as a customer goodwill gesture you should change that portion of my flight for free.

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      I was trying to book a flight with aeroplan air miles. The website took me all the way to the payment for the...

      Aeroplan.comexpired miles

      I have an aeroplan account which I misplaced as of 2013 however recently realised I had accumulated quite an amount of points 39, 193 to be exact, which were NEVER redeemed. I recently came across my account and hence am requesting if there is there any way to contact Aeroplan and have these points reinstated.

      I understand there is a proceedure to reinstate points, but I think that is for a small amount of points. As mine is quite an accumulation, can Aeroplan make an exception and I will use them asap.

      My account no. and points accumulation is in the attachment taken from a screen shot from my emails as I was sent updates up until 2013.

      Thank you,


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        Aeroplan.comtaxes, fees and surcharges

        I was looking to book a flight to London, England and could not believe the taxes, fees and surcharges were $646.10.
        If I payed for a flight to London it would cost just over $800 which includes taxes, fees and surcharges.

        Why am I paying over $600 dollars. Are my points only worth $200.
        Below is the flight I was looking at.

        Access to any seat on Air Canada flights, at mileage levels that vary based on market fares.
        Round-trips from : 44, 600 miles

        your summary1 adult (+12)
        flight reward44, 600 miles
        taxes, fees & surcharges$646.10
        total :44, 600 miles

        + $646.10 cad


        my trip44, 600 miles

        departureottawa (yow) london heathrow (lhr) thu may 31, 2018

        change flight air canada
        yow 22:40 lhr 10:25 +1 6h 45mindirect

        returnlondon heathrow (lhr) ottawa (yow) mon jun 4, 2018

        change flight air canada
        lhr 15:20 yow 21:02 10h 42min1 stop(s)

        Please explain this to me.

        Thank you
        Rodney Hudgin
        Katherine Larkin's Spouse

        I may be reached at [protected]

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 — change fees refunded

          First I would like to say I have had some really good experiences with aeroplan and some experiences that...

          Aeroplan.comusing my aeroplan miles rewards at lublin airport (luz)

          Hello Dear Aeroplan,

          My family and I are planning to visit our elderly parents in Poland in July.
          There is a new airport in the city where we live, Lublin Airpprt

          It provides service for big airlines like Air France, British Airlines, Lot, Swill etc.

          There is an AVIS car rental at the airport but I can not book it because aeroplan doesn't use this location.
          It is possible to help us and add this location to your booking?
          Thank you,


          Henry Hajkowksi

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            • Updated by HenryHajkowski · Mar 14, 2018

              hope to get a car in my place

            Aeroplan.comaeroplan account

            I am here writing to you on our Aeroplan miles.
            We have accumulated Aeroplan miles for last 11 years. It was taken from us on the first round in 2009. Later again last year. We called Aeroplan and Esso and now very frustrated with Aeroplan. I tried to speak to someone and she hung-up the phone on me. Her name was Rajni. My husband also tried a multiple time without any luck.
            Below is when it was taken away. Below is also the transaction we did in ESSO to keep our account active as per your instruction.
            We have accumulated these points to go on our honeymoon. Due to various roadblocks in life we could never make that happen. It was also difficult to call you as the hold periods are very frustrating and calls resulted a hung up from the associate or a transfer to someone for another long wait .

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              • Updated by Sabreena · Mar 03, 2018

                I just called and again a waiting for 45 minutes

              Aeroplan.comaeroplan reward not delivered

              I ordered an Air Canada gift card on February 5th on . According to my Canada Post tracking number, it was delivered to some address in Pickering, Ontario. I live in Toronto and I was concerned as to where my package went. So I followed up with Aeroplan to see what the issue was. They told me it was returned to their returns centre for some unknown reason that they couldn't tell me. It is now Feb. 26th and I still have had no call from Aeroplan informing me about if and when they will resend me my reward. Everytime I call they say they will have someone call me back, but no one ever does. I really wanted to use the gift card to purchase a flight but it doesn't look like this is going to be resolved in time, if ever. They have not refunded my miles either which also concerns me because it is over 100, 000 miles. Can you please help? Thank you.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Aeroplan.comlost esso gift certificate

                On Dec 7, 2017 I order 4 Esso gift certificates from Aeroplan for a value of $200 and on January 4, 2018 I received an email telling me that they had been posted. When I did not receive anything almost 2 week later, I phoned Aeroplan and was told to be patient. I phone the week after with the same reply. On the first of February, 2018, I phone again and talk to a lday named Imane and was transferred to a Mr. Salah who told me that he was looking into this matter and would phone me back no later than the following Thursday. On the following Friday, not having been contacted, I phoned again and Mr. Salah told me that they had not yet found the gift certificates and to phone him by February 16th. It is obvious that these certificates have been lost and Mr. Salah is simply unable or unwilling to solve this issue.

                Alain Letendre
                Gatineau, Qc

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                  I finally reached an individual who resolved my complaint.

                  Aeroplan.comexpired points

                  Brenda Camara
                  Aeroplan # [protected]

                  Feb 03, 2018 @ 11:18am - I called you contact centre

                  I had been on your site to possibly use my points for a trip in July (FYI - no available seats full the whole month?????) but what concerned me more is that I had no points.

                  It was my understanding that points no longer expired. It was made clear to me that I was wrong. In the past I had been very diligent in using my points annually for at least merchandise.

                  I cannot believe that there is no way of re-instating my points. Although I can appreciate that your policies are what they are but given my history and the fact that aeroplan has not been easy to use for flights, that you could help me.

                  The agent nor the supervisor were able to help me. They stated there is no exception to the policy.

                  I was searching your site, and see that there is an option to buy back my points.

                  I would really hope that someone could help me.



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           — aeroplan site issues and inability to reach a live representative

                    Re - My aeroplan # [protected] . Your website indicates my 44, 287 points will be wiped out this year if not...

                    Aeroplan.comaeroplan points

                    Aeroplan expired 47000 of my points because my Esso purchase did not register my aeroplan card. Talking to customer service they claim I can provide them with the receipt and they will reinstate them. Great, I thought, I can do this as I always keep this receipts as I have had problems with missing points before. I was then send to the manager who then tells me I have to call Esso and even if they do get me the proper points, it will not be backdated, but be dated for now and wont meet the deadline. Apparently the only way to get my points back at this time, is to pay $470 plus $30 admin fee and taxes. I am disgusted with this program as this is actually my second time going through this crap with them. I have cancelled my account and will never deal or fly with Air Canada again. There are way better Loyalty programs out there.

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                      Aeroplan.combooking ticket to kona-hawaii through

                      As result of recent experience with the I'm questioning the possibility that maybe the Aeroplan "organisation" is purposely trying to sabotage their Aeroplan members to use their Aeroplan points. The reason for this feeling is as follows:
                      I've tried to book the returned ticket to Kona- Hawaii for September, Friday the 15th (8 months in advance!!!) from Winnipeg to Kona, and all I could get was some extremely long flights, or very inconvenient ones, for example via Toronto instead of via Vancouver or Calgary and not on 15th, but on 14th or 16th. I've checked the availability of flights through regular booking without Aeroplan miles and there are numerous flights available with plenty of empty seats available and with really great connection routs.
                      Eventually, I decided to compromise and even though it was extremely inconvenient for me because I would arrive to my destination a day earlier, I've picked the flight from Winnipeg that leaves on September 14th and was clearly available on Aeroplane's Travel booking webpage. After imputing all required information and clicked on "Book" button I've got the following response:
                      "We're sorry, but due to real-time availability, the itinerary you requested is no longer available."
                      Immediately after that we phoned the Aeroplan customer service, upon which we were told that that itinerary, despite what website page is showing is really not available. My point is then, why is still listed as available on Aeroplan's website???
                      As I mention on the beginning, my question is if Aeroplan "organisation" is purposely sabotaging their members for using their Aeroplan points so they eventually expire without being claimed (like year 2020 in my case).
                      My biggest question on this issue is: Is there anybody really protecting the Canadian consumer?

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                        Recently my daughter and I flew to Guangzhou, China (on aeroplan points) from Charlottetown, PEI. Upon arrival at the Charlottetown airport we were told that our flight no longer existed, thanks to one of the AC agents, she managed to get us on a flight out of Moncton, NB which was a a 2 hour drive from where we were, plus bridge toll and gas and someone having to drive us there.

                        We were informed that my daughter had recieved an email telling us of the flight change however the account that the points were take from is in my husbands name and every flight we have ever booked on that account t sends an email to him.

                        My daughter, myself and my husband all check our email accounts and none of us have the email of any changes that were supposedly sent to us.

                        We just made it to Moncton on time because of the agent in Charlottetown. Upon arrival to TO we ran to our gate to get to Chicago only to be told that we were not permitted on the flight because our luggage didn't make it. (We found this out only after 4 air canada employees decided to stop talking and deal with our matter after eating and with no one else in line for 20 minutes)

                        Subsequently we had to stay in TO for the night (300)- putting us out a day of our meetings and plans in Guangzhou. We were told to call Aeroplan by Air Canada and then Air Canada by Aeroplan, both companies putting the blame on one another to avoid dealing with us. Finally, after getting disconnected with several agents we got an Air Canada agent on the phone who took care of rebooking us (after being told multiple tomes that nothing could be done about our flight not being rewarded in business but now economy)

                        When we arrived in Guangzhou our luggage was missing. We received that luggage 5 days into our trip after being told everyday after we were originally told we would receive it that it wasn't coming and they didn't know where it was. This was 2 days before we left, also being told by the airline (Asiana at this point) that it was Aeroplan's fault, and Aeroplan that it was the responsibility of the airline. Not once were we offered compensation for all those days without luggage, and on top of that, we were expected to pick it up (a one our taxi drive) at the airport when it did arrive.

                        We had a Chinese associate call the airport 2-3 times a day, everyday to check on what the status was of our luggage and what the hold up was. They finally did deliver it 2 days before we left Guangzhou.

                        It doesn't end there.

                        When we arrived in Guangzhou on the 21st to depart (in business as originally booked) we were told that we weren't even in the system for the flight, our names were not even on the flight. We were not in the system, and even when showing the supervisors the original confirmation email we were told they could not get us out of Guangzhou for 2 more days in business.

                        Once again we were told to call Aeroplan, at the same time Aeroplan is telling us we are in the system, the supervisor in front of us was telling us she couldn't print boarding passes for use as we were not.

                        After 2 hours of being put on hold, running our mobile bill sky high, they got us on the flight (in economy)- at this point we were told we would get the points back from business to economy.

                        To say the least is has been the worst experience we have ever had with travel. We are extremely disappointed with the service of Aeroplan, Air Canada and the star alliance. The lack of concern for this kind of situation and as many problems we had was unbelievably appalling.

                        Travel is difficult enough when going long distances like this, to throw extra cost though travel, hotels, phone bills, because no one wanted to take responsibility would be cause for dismissal in any other place of employment. There seems to be a lack of morale we have not seen before. As long standing Aeroplan and Air Canada customers, we are at the mercy of the people who work for the airlines. The right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing. With the lack of responsibility taken in so many aspects of these events, it leaves you feeling very frustrated and vulnerable. What would a person do if they were not able to persevere and get a satisfactory result?

                        I couldn't tell you how many times I was told to call ‘the other' responsible party. Excuses and incompetence we certainly the order of this travel experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

                        Attached our itinerary as we knew it, our economy seats from Guangzhou to Seoul that were originally business. If you require any further information please let us know.


                        Maureen and Julia Campbell


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                          • Complainant20091 May 13, 2018
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Mrs. Campbell,
                            you did not presise
                            what exact services (date/time/flight number/origin-destination) had been denide by the Asian air carrier to the exect passenger.
                            The atatched documents produce zero connection with the falt service of the Asiana air carrier.
                            aryan (at)

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                          Aeroplan.comexpired miles

                          I am really upset and frustrated with the expired Aeroplan miles that I had accumulated over the many years since Feb 2001. You are the only program that has expired miles after not in use for 1 year. I am unable to check to see if anything was accumulated from Sept 2016 to Sept 2017? I am sure I have used it, however, when I had called customer service, I was not able to get a straight answer. I would like to know how I can get back my miles without having to pay anything, as I have not received any prior notification that my miles was going to expire. The only communication I received was in May 2017 regarding "Update on Aeroplan and Air Canada partnership". I am a very unhappy customer of yours regarding this. This also happend to my husband card as well and he uses it often. My concern is that I (we) have not received any emails. Can you please check into this please. My card number is [protected], Zahara Dery and my husband [protected] Normand Dery. We would like to request to have both our miles reinstated as we were not properly informed. I will also take this matter higher up to the press and to the business bureau. Thank you for taking the time to ready this. Zahra Dery [protected]

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                            Aeroplan.comimpossible to obtain replacement for my stolen aeroplan card

                            my card got stolen and I do not know my Aeroplan number by heart. Some info in my profile must be outdated since I am getting an e-mail that the text message was send to my no linger existing phone number. I am not able to get through to anyone at the customer service to get any king of help. It has been going on for 3 months and I wasted many hours trying to resolve this issue.
                            My name is Alena Peroutka,, [protected].
                            Please advise what to do to resolve this problem/
                            Many thanks

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                              Aeroplan.comunethical behaviour, notifications for cancelled flights non existent

                              Complaint - disaster - multiple flights cancelled without notification

                              I would like to start this message by saying "what a disaster"! To put this in context, we have been planning this trip for over a year, booking multiple flights, transfers, hotels. There are connections and different hotels involved so all delayed or cancelled flights will affect the entire trip. My husband is a loyal air canada customer as you can see with his frequent flyer status. All of the issues I will list below have caused an enormous amount of stress and time spent on phone due to the lack of professionalism and management from either air canada, thai airways or aeroplan.

                              Note: we were leaving on december 25th 2017 - returning january 14th 2018 - all business class - booking #rbqnca

                              First incident: a couple of weeks prior to departure we started checking our flights, when to our horror realized that our flight coming back home from bangkok to brussels was no longer listed on the site. Without any notification or rebooking, thai air had cancelled the flight and had not notified us or put us on another flight back home. We called aeroplan and spent hours on the phone, while they apologized and tried to find us a spot on another flight because the new thai flight was full!!!
                              Second incident: december 25th, we board our first flight ac017 at 1:30pm. After 3 hours on the aircraft, we are informed that due to mecanical issues with the radios, we would need to get off the aircraft and that the flight would then reboard for a 6:30pm flight. At 6:30 pm the flight is cancelled and the commotion starts. We are sent back home with taxi vouchers to potentially return for a new flight the next morning at 11am. This complicates things for us as we had a hotel booked and paid for in shanghai and we would miss our connection to thailand the next morning which was at 8:15 shanghai time. We had also booked a transfer in bangkok from airport to hotel that would be missed. Upon arriving home, we start making phone calls to ensure we are put on a flight the next day with proper connections. Hours spent on the phone, some agents not so accommodating, especially aeroplan agents, stating that they would have to charge us if we made in other change!!! We didn't make any changes! You put us in this situation! We are now calling air canada, thai air, etc, it seems it is impossible to find us a connecting flight that make sense and remain on business class. This is a nightmare to say the least. A very expense trip we have been planning over a year and the amount of stress created the day of departure becomes un acceptable. Finally, after hours of trying, we find a connection... Not acceptable but no choice at this point. We lost a full day vacation, a hotel reservation and an airport-hotel transfer reservation. We finally finalize the call and hang up. As we again verify htat everything is aligned, we see that our flight coming back home from bangkok has once again dissappeared!!! Again, we start making calls. Its christmas and its late, places are closed. Without notification again, the flight was cancelled and rebooked. Seats were changed and flight was changed without any notification to us!.

                              Going on vacation should be stress free. This has been the worst experience we have ever had travelling. We are flying out today - hopefully. We expect some kind of compensation from air canada/aeroplan for all of this loss and nonsense!

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                       — customer service agent

                                Today, December 24th, 2017, I called about a name change on a flight as my parents had bought tickets for my...


                                Aeroplan.combest western gift card never received

                                To whom this may concern,

                                I ordered a Best Western Hotels giftcard from using 28, 000 aeroplan points (as you may know, this means I have spent approximately 20, 000$ on my credit card in order to obtain my points with your company. I was living overseas for the past 9 months, and that is when I got the card delivered to my house where my housekeepers were there 24/7, 7 days a week.

                                Upon arrival to Canada in October, I realized I had never recieved my gift card. I immediately called customer service, and I was told I would be sent a "form" by e-mail to receive my 28, 000 point reimbursement. After 2-3 weeks of checking my inbox, spam folder, junk mail, I called back and was told my 6 month window had expired and there is nothing you can do. I found this weird as it contradicted what a previous employer had told me. I spoke with several agents and tried to find out where my package was. Your representative told me it was sent via Canada Post First Class mail.

                                I called Canada post to find out that "First class" is not even an option for Canada Post... which boggled my mind because I had just been told that was the method of delivery used. After explaining the situation to the customer service representative, and her supervisor; the supervisor encouraged me to come on this board and file an official complaint because "it is not the first time we get calls regarding this issue with Aeroplan... it happens very frequently with them for some reason" This made a bit more sense, as all my questions were never answered clearly and everything is up in the dust. The customer service representative told me that if the package could not be delivered it was returned to the original seller.. meaning you have received my Best Western Gift Card.

                                All in all, I would like to know what the possible solutions are. I do not find it fair for a young 26 year old customer like me, who recenetly opened a credit card with aeroplan and having such exctitement to use my points and gain points etc... to lose about 20, 000$ of redeemable points due to the fact that I was out of the country. I am a new client with aeroplan and I plan on staying with you for a life-time due to the "possible" advantages your points may bring.

                                I am not delusional and I will not ask for more things due to the misunderstanding or anything. I would simply like to have my 28, 000 hard work point redeemed in my account, or to resend the gift card. I am fully aware that the 6 month policy is in action, but having such a large company with millions of clients, I believe you have the resources to provide case by case analysis when it comes to something like this.

                                I am hoping to hear from you soon,
                                Thank you for your time.

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