A&E Factory Servicerefrigerator (kitchenaid)

My 1ST APPT on 3/31/16, A&E stated that the technician would call 30 prior to coming out to my home, Well, they did not call so I missed them. The 2ND APPT they again came out without calling first, luckily I was home. However they could not do the work because they stated that it was not cover. When they called my company (First American Home Buyers) they told them that it was in fact COVERED. They STILL refused to do the work because they were afraid that they may not get paid. I schedule a 3RD APPT. and the DISHONEST TECHNICIAN sent me an automated call at 8:39am stating that they were on their way out to my house while sitting in my driveway. I was not home so he/she left a note on my door and wrote that he was there at 8:40am. I ask them twice If they could come back that same day because I did not get the 30 min prior notice that was promised to me. I also had my company (First American Home Buyers) to called them as well and see if they could get them to come back out to my home and they REFUSED. This company is a joke. You would be taking a huge, upsetting, completely waste of time risk if you use this company. Extremely poor customer service! Sears you needed to find better contractors because this reflects you as well! (Work order 803213).

Apr 08, 2016

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