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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Travis Industries Complaints & Reviews

Travis Industries / fireplace xtrordinair

Apr 05, 2019

I have two units in my home, and have had nothing but trouble. The larger unit, Fireplace Xtrordinair 44 DV XXL has burned out a blower every year, apparently from poor design of the two blowers in back of the heat box overheating. Each time it has cost about $700-$800 for the "dealer" to...

Travis Industries / greensmart gas insert fireplace

Jan 26, 2018

I wish I had done my research I purchased this! I trusted the folks at Rich's for the Home to guide me to a quality insert. I paid $3, 203 for this, plus another large figure for the installation. It died 5 years later. I called for service and that was unaffordable and they couldn't come...

Travis Industries / faulty circuit board - no warranty - travis dvl gsr2 nb

Sep 05, 2017

We purchased a Travis DVL GSR2 NB insert and enjoyed it with no problems. The next fall we turned it on and it did not work. We were unable to get the initial authorized Travis installer/dealer out fix the insert so we called another authorized dealer on Travis's list. The insert had a...

Travis Industries / 564 HO greensmart 2 fireplace

May 03, 2016

We purchased this insert approximately 18 months ago and have already replaced the thermocouple 3 times due to its failure to ignite/allow the pilot light to remain on. It obviously seems to be a manufacturing problem and we would appreciate a resolution to this problem asap. Thank you- Carol Benecick

Travis Industries / Working for Travis Ind. is terrible

Mar 02, 2016

I have worked for these vermin for 17 years now. They have always played favorites and discriminated. But until this past year I have been treated ok. though out my history here they always told me what a great job I do. After changing jobs at their request they tried to take a week of my...

Travis Industries/Stoves and Stuff / Poor Quality Terrible Customer Service

Jan 28, 2014

My wife and I purchased a Travis Industries Avalon wood pellet stove from Stoves and Stuff, in Emmaus PA, 5 years ago. We have done nothing but repair it for all 5 years. We have replaced numerous gaskets, a convection blower moter (less than a year ago), now it needs another convection...

Travis Industries / Fireplace Xtraordinaire


About ten years ago we had an Xtraordinaire woodburning fireplace installed in a new home we had built. It was an incredible unit and heated the entire 550 square foot home. We downsized and in late 2008 had an Xtraordinaire gas insert installed in our new home based on our prior...

Travis Industries / Poor quality gas fireplace


This is an attractive gas fireplace. However, before purchasing one I urge the customer to open the door at the bottom of the fireplace, remove the panel and examine the mess behind. The rat's nest of wires is something not worthy of a high school science project. Also remove the...