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My name is Brandy Pearson, I came in for an interview November 30, 2017 on a Thursday. Waited for my drug test and background to come back which I passed everything. December 5th is when I heard back because I TOOK UPON MYSELF TO CALL BACK SINCE I HADN'T HEARD ANYTHING! The job is for Sephora in Olive Branch Mississippi. Ok, she told me to go in that following Monday to work!!! Monday comes, I drive out there for the people at Sephora to tell me I WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE, SOMEONE AT THE AGENCY SUPPOSE TO HAD TOLD YOU NOT TO COME BECAUSE WE HADN'T GOT THE CLASS SCHEDULED FOR NEW PEOPLE! OK...IM PISSED! My recruiter who I'm suppose to stay in contact with name is Brandi Smith, she works at Adecco on Shelby Dr in Memphis Tn. I email her and tell her why no-one told me not to show up she says; someone should have told you...YES SHE WAS SUPPOSE TO HAD TOLD ME!!! Every since December 5, 2017 I have not been to work and it is now December 23, 2017. I've emailed this woman and SHE HAS NOT BEEN RESPONDING!!! I have been calling the Branch main number AND THEY NEVER PICK UP THE PHONE...I HAVE EVEN LEFT MESSAGES AND NOBODY HAS RETURNED MY CALL. THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL!!! I WANT TO WORK...MY NUMBER IS [protected] PLEASE CALL ME. I HAVE SAVED MY EMAILS. I CAN SCREENSHOT MY CALLS. A whole month...I know she have heard something by now. Seems to me that she read my emails and realized she didn't contact me AGAIN so now she just avoiding me. Smh she needs to be fired..I really want to work, its already hard to get a job without going through a temp agency. Its not fair!!!

Adecco Staffing
Adecco Staffing
Adecco Staffing

Dec 23, 2017
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      Apr 19, 2018

    Almost same attitude the have in Barcelona, Spain. It's totally usless organization.

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