I was supposed to start a temporary job in passport office in January 2017. The whole process started at the start of October 2016. The senior consultant had ensured me that after the clearance and delivering all the documents the job is mine. Whatever documents she required I have delivered it and at the start of November they have started the clearance with steria. She said it will take some time and in December she should contact me when I'm all cleared and ready to start a new job. I was working in one company for over 5 years and it was a big decision for me to change a job. She knew all my doubts but stayed in touch with me until December and I was looking forward to a change! At the end of December I phoned the recruitment agency and couldn't even speak to her! Someone on the phone told me that once I'm cleared they can move forward! It's February 2017 and I haven't heard a word from them! Whatever happened on the way I wish at least they would have a dicensy to contact me. They are ignorant and unprofessional!
I applied for another job which required clearance and after a week I have been all cleared so I know the problem was not the clearness. So once again, avoid it all cost if you don't want to stay unemployed and unsatisfied.

Feb 02, 2017

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