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The purpose of this letter is to just inform you of the disgraceful treatment that I recently experienced from ADCB Bank. As ADCB bank has a Arrangement with my Company where i am working, I choose to have My salary account with ADCB .

I had opened an Account with ADCB in the month of August 2010 . My resident visa was in process, so they had opened my account with the passport copy and Salary certificate . I received August salary in my account and I was able to withdraw my Money . ON 9th sep 2010 I received my resident visa page and I had drooped in the Mail room a copy of it on the name of Custom relationship officer of ADCB bank .

After that on I to confirm whether he received My Visa copy . He confirmed that he received and asked me to submit him the labour card when I receive from the Company . So now by September 28, when I received my second salary in my account, I went to ATM on 30th sep to withdraw it . I could not withdraw the money from Any ATM bank, when I called the customer care of ADCB to know the reason, they informed me that My account is freeze since they haven't received My Resident visa .

However, this did not explain why:
--- ADCB has froze my account without telling me the reason, although I had submitted my resident visa long back.
--- And Since I came to knew about it on 30th Sep ie Thursday so I was left without any money for Friday also (as Bank holiday) ie for 2 days.And on Sat after again mailing them the visa copy and other things and frequently calling them, I was able to get access to my account . This has resulted in much stress .

And after all this, Now when I want to close my account with ADCB, they are charging me 200 AED as Account Closure charges .

It is a gross insult to a customer to freeze the entire account without being informed the reason .And also when a customer is not satisfied by the services provided and want to close the account - they are forcing such huge amount as Account closure charges .

Note : This mail is just for your Information .
It would be grateful if you would pass this complaint on to the the appropriate person in ADCB .


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      Apr 17, 2016

    I also experienced the same thing ... They are simply troubling their customers without any reason...

    I also planning to close the account with ADCB.

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