Ackermans Storesrude credit control staff

A Nov 29, 2017

I am ONE month behind on a instalment and got an email this morning that I will be handed over to ITC cause I don't respond or take their phone calls which is utter rubbish! I do speak to a lady who refuses to give me her name and she is so rude and without any etiquette that I should explain why I did not pay and that my reason (unforseen medical expenses for my 4yr old son) is not taken into consideration blah blah blah and the more I try to explain the more she interrupts me. I asked her numerous times to keep quiet and let me finish talking. She kept interrupting and I told her she is making me furious and she just continued with her spiteful interruption as if she wanted me to get mad and scream! I eventually put the phone down. This was today 29/11/2017 at 10:35. This is the reason why I never buy anything from this company again. I don't support (my purchases pays her salary or the department that hires her to phone me) such low class behaviour and straight out lack of respect. I am the client!! I do hope her superiors sees this complaint and do something about this.

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