Ackermans Stores Maponya Mall / poor customer service

Johannesburg, South Africa

I was at ackermans Maponya mall today to exchange shoes, as i got to the queue there was a young man who works at ackermans who was very rude. He is short he was wearing all black he has Afro hair, he was mean, as I got to the till they spoke about me while I was being helped by the lady who was very professional as she didn't entertain them. They were talking about my appearance and I was really mad at that, couldn't they wait for me to leave the store? The other guy is light in complexion. This is really disappointing, we have people who suffer from low self esteem and such comments may cause people to commit suicide and so forth.. All I'm asking is professionalism from your staff, I normally go to Ackermans The Glen I always leave the store with a smile because they very professional.

Oct 16, 2018

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