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Acaiberry / Purelife / UnAuthorized Charges

1 CA, United States
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I've had my bank account tapped for nearly $100.00 at least once (that I know of) which caused my account to overdraw and then charged me several insufficient funds charges from my bank (Wells Fargo) - when I called the bank they took down my information and canceled my bank card.

I investigated myself calling the number (866.225.2886) that was listed on the charge in my account. A woman answered identifying herself only as a customer service representative (give them a call, it's a freaking joke) and wanting me to provide personal information (banking info, etc.) so that she could "look up my account" - here is the kicker, she refused REFUSED to identify the company IN ANY WAY saying that they were obligated to respect the company's privacy and NOT divulge that information.

Not divulge the NAME of the company. Seriously?!?!?

So, I refused to give my information and requested a supervisor, mysteriously (and conveniently, I might add) all the supervisors were called to an emergency meeting.

Then she hung up on me.

I called Wells Fargo back and spoke with a Lisa in the Fraud Investigation Department. Lisa was rude, unprofessional and basically told me there was nothing they could do because whether I liked it or not, I had an account with the mystery company and the charges were MY problem because I had agreed to auto ship delivery.

How she knew that when neither of us knew who the company actually was, is beyond me. Until I spoke with her supervisor, Dominic who informed me that they have NUMEROUS (as in DOZENS, he said) of calls based on this AcaiBerry scam.

I explained to him that I have been making purchases on line for YEARS and have never had this problem. I invited him to look through my account and note that not only had I never (Before this) purchased a sample of anything, but that I had also never had this issue before. I believe might have gained a bit of credibility from him when I told him I do have items on auto ship from a company out of Boston, MA - so I am fully aware of how auto ship works and what a typical auto ship agreement looks like. I'm well-versed in reading the terms and conditions on websites BUT!!! (big but) I purchased this from a pop-up window that had no links on it, I received no receipt, there was no Terms and Conditions box just some small, fine print at the bottom of the window that did NOT indicate membership, phone number, or any information regarding an auto ship agreement. Maybe other sites have this - but I KNOW this one DID NOT.

With that he agreed to reverse my charges and submit my claim to Visa, however, he indicated that if the merchant company responded to the complaint from Visa within a 45 day window that I would be stuck with the charges at that point.

I can't believe for a second that this company is not doing something illegal somewhere. I received NO RECEIPT and NO INVOICE / RECEIPT with my sample.

Not to mention they acted in a shady manner on the phone.


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