Acai Berry,30DayThin,Fit Fac,PriceLimboScam

I too have had several unauthorized charges in my bank account. Why would I want to add a shopping program (price or prize limbo) and an online fitness membership (!!!) (fit fac) to my monthly expenses!!!??? And the only reason I know what these are is because I called the "searchvitamins" 800 number that was on my bank statement in order to find out what the $89 charge on my statement was about!!! Upon my SECOND phone call to "searchvitamins" the customer service rep told me that fit fac and price (or prize) limbo were "affiliates" of theirs. Fit fac said they would credit back all $29.95. The agent at with searchvitamins, or perhaps they are also 30 Day Thin, will only credit back $44 of the $89. I have not heard from pricelimbo yet. BUYER BEWARE. There are slick, slimy, dishonest, scamming businesses out there praying on the least-expecting.

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