ABSA / shocking service

South Africa

Absa port shepstone is a disgrace. After a recent burglary, we went to get new cards, and my husband got disgraceful treatment... Nothing unusual, and decided to close our account, after banking with absa since 1980. The cheque we received, with our funds... A bank guaranteed check, had a hold on it for 7 days. Isn't this supposed to be the same as cash. We pboned, fnb phoned, and absa simply refused to release our money. To pay off our credit card, said they would contact us, didn't for some weeks, and now they want the money, 3 calls a day, every day and keep adding interest. Since when does absa get to play god! I have told everyone I know about our experience, and no one can believe that absa would not release our funds before 7 days. Now we get to pay for their inefficiency. Absa sucks!!!

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