ABSA Insuranceabsa insurance : claim no. 3211196

Our house was broken into the end of January 2017. Our sad story begins with ABSA Insurance. Everything went quite smooth unto the point where the settlement amount was supposed to be paid. I am calling every second day the [protected] number and hanging on for at least 20 minutes every single time - to no avail, nobody answers the call. Time of day has no effect. This is such a bad experience as after four months we would really like to get things over and done. Emails are not answered with regards to the payment and there was no expected date given. What the heck is going on with ASBA Insurance? Your service is terrible, but speaking to the people in Abs they are always polite and nice...please see that your service can be like that too ? Abs you are wasting your own time, loosing clients and you are wasting our time!!! Just do your job properly and start feeling good about yourselves. ABSA is bad news at the moment. Please just pay the settlement amount to resolve this bad experience.

May 16, 2017

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