ABSA / absa platinum fails to deliver again

United States

I reported to my personal banker in December 2009 that my Priority Pass will expire on 020110 and that I intend to travel again in the near future, thus I would like a new card issued to me. I was assured that the card will be ordered and issued on time. In Jan of 2009, I have not received any indication of the status of my card & called the bank again, where my personal banker again said she would follow up and get back to me – I was again deafened by silence from ABSA.

Today (020310) I went into the branch to do a follow up, which resulted in a phone around contest with nobody being able to help or shed any light on the subject. It seems that ABSA is creating a trend of zero service delivery with regard to my Priority Pass and the service surrounding it.

I certainly hope that ABSA would sort out their own offerings they make to clients and spare us the frustration of trying to solve service related incidents.


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