ABSA Bank / unethical behaviour

on 24 May 2018 I was scammed on my App banking on my phone. Someone got into my App and disconnected my device and added an apple phone and created a new benifishery. I reported the matter to the fraud line and suspended all my App banking and up to date had no follow up what is happening. But worst scam to come. I was leaving South Africa on the 30th May to West Africa for 2 months. This was made clear on my avidavid at the police that were send through to the fraud department. On Saturday 26 May I went to Mayville Mall ABSA branch in Pretoria to get my internet banking password changed. Big was amazement when the LADY helping me informed me that I can not change my password without me loading the ABSA app back on my phone. HELLO this was because off your app that I got scammed and now you requesting me to load it back on my phone. I left South Africa without changing my internet password.
I feel this is a disgusting thing that I am not allowed to change my internet password without loading the app back onto my phone. Does ANSA want to get me scammed again because their apps are not secure?

I told the lady I will rather change bank and my ABSA home loan than to be scammed again by ABSA app.

I can only be contacted via e-mail: [protected]

Jun 04, 2018

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