ABSA Bank / termination of my debt review without knowledge

South Africa

I have bought a car in 2013 and ABSA is financing me. I have paid all my installments monthly not single month did I not pay. Last year I applied for debt review through debt counsellor as I was financial struggling. Since then I have been paying through debt counsellor every month the agreed amount. I never received any calls or letters or complaints from the bank regarding my debt review issue. Until last week Thursday 8/6/17 afternoon when a gentleman who us a collector from ABSA came to my work place to convince me that I must sign voluntary not sure it's section what. This gentleman also came back yesterday Tuesday 13/6/17 telling me I'm owing the bank and amount of 30 000 and something but I can pay 15000 and something yesterday money which I don't have, then on my pay day must pay the normal installment amount then the rest of the outstanding balance must be paid within 6 months. I asked what is this money for he said the debt counsellor never paid. I then requested copy of the documents he was reading all this from so to also forward to debt counsellor and I informed him I have never received any correspondence from ABSA. He then said he will not give me the documents there is no need I should just sign the voluntary section thing that I don't understand and they will come and take my car and sell it to an auction. Then I might be lucky and not owe the bank or not and owe the bank. He then wanted me to show him the car as he needs to see it and take pictures of its condition. Only today I received an email from the bank with correspondence of a letter which they saying they sent it to me and the debt counsellor before saying they cancelling the debt review contract for my vehicle. The collector guys has been harassing me at my work place, calling my work place and my cell phone every minute he gets. I feel I have been unfairly been treated by the bank which I trusted with my life and it's not like this is my first car this is my second one and both of them they are the ones financing me. I need help regarding this matter.

Jun 14, 2017

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