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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Goodday ID:[protected]
I appreciate ABSA Bank appointing an insurance on my behalf when I purchased my citigolf NP154207 which is presently financed through you. However the insurance for which I have been paying for, the services are shocking. I had and incident on Saturday 09/09/2017. My car rolled and hit my gate. The drivers door was damaged to the extent it does not close at all therefore hindering the central locking and alarm activation. I did report the incident to the absa call centre. I have been put to different people and today is now the 7th day my car stays opened in my yard with no alarm working and no feedback. The only thing that has been done is an assessor came out on Wednesday and to date still nothing. My concern is that if the cars alarm is not activated and stays open if this unit is stolen during this period I will not take ownership as I have reported this incident and there seems to be no urgency. If this the kind of insurance that ABSA recommends then I am flabbergasted at your service. I expect this to be attended to asap. and will def. change the insurance and will let others know about the insurance provided. I work for a VW dealership and we are constantly recommending finance companies together with the insurance agents however we would def. have to look into not recommending ABSA and the insurance in the future as the insurance agent reflects poorly on the services the bank offers as such.

I expect some results asap.

Sep 15, 2017

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