ABSA Bank / customer help desks

Moreletta Park Pretoria, South Africa

Wanted to rectify something on my internet profile. My one account dissapeared from my account list on internet. After standing in the queue eventually got to the enquiry desk. 80 minutes later my problem was still not solved. It seemed like the staff on the help desk was insufficiently trained. Even the people standing behind me noticed that. My helper eventually called in help from another lady on help desk which also could not help. Then my helper called Support Services which could also not resolve my elementary problem. I was sent home with the answer that I must check my internet later and hopefully the problem will be solved. The male desk helper on the other side of me at the low desk also seemed not to be able to help his client. The client was there for the same time span as I. Tried phoning the branch manager when I got home but guess - nobody answers the branch phone, even after 6 attempts. How does a Bank who is supposed to support professional people get away with such unprofessional client service? Yesterday the guard told me they open at 8:00 today. Got there at 8 and doors are closed. Asked the other employees entering the bank and not 3 of them could even tell me how late they open?? Think the employees should get paid for the actual service they render and not the time they spend at work. Big difference.

Feb 3, 2017

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