ABSA Bankcredit card legal collection

On the 23rd November I went to the atm to withdraw money and i noticed that my balance is R1990 and and R19 751 was taken by ABSA bank as a set off payment. I am currently over indebted at the momemt. The amount taken was might to the for my rental accommodation and buy food for my family. I just got a job recently and i was busy re adjusting my self so that i can that paying some of my debts. I contacted ABSA Legal department for refund and they refused to refund and told me that i did not make arrangement.

To my surprise on the same day i received 4 emails in the morning from debt collectors asking me to make a payment on my account on or before the 30 November 2018. On Saturday the 24th I went to the branch to enquirer about the debit and the told me it was a journal debit done by the ABSA credit card legal department.

I tried to find out why are they refusing to refund me and the Gentleman by the name of David Mphephu who is working for the legal department told me that he won't refund me because is there money. Mr David was so arrogant to me on the day and just kept on referring me to the debt collectors.

All I just need is to get the refund and be given an opportunity to pay the agreed amount that I can afford as I discussed with the debt Collector on the 24 November.

Please assist me.. My life is a mess right now and I can't even explain this to my wife. I don't know what to do.. Please assist Me


Nov 26, 2018

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