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Jeffreysbay, South Africa Review updated:

Hi, my bank account nr is 4080302389at Absa.During March 2018 I phoned, emailed, spoken to private banker Ralton Petersen to close this account and change the Absa bonds dt order to new FNB bank account nr.This was never done and I had to do it maually at FNB and Absa.There is comunication to Absa Complaints Board re this, reference nr 3567769.Because of Absa not respinding I incurred bank charges to the amount of +- R 4000 and interest.Up to today there are bonds being deducted from wrong bank account number in spite of various emails from absa stating that the bank account nr have been changed

Absa must close above account and refund all unnecacarry costs, bank charges, incurred by me.

Aug 21, 2018
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      Aug 23, 2018

    hi did you get any response from absa?
    i am having a similar probem they refusing to give me my bank statments to prove that i owe them this money and to top it off they want me to pay R60.00 per month statment. apperantly i owe them money from three years ago. yet i changed banks and they have been deducting money every month with R500 in charges per month.

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