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It is with utter shock and sadness that I write this complaint, My father has been a client of Absa for approximately forty years. In this time he has used many of the absa products and services available, home loans, cheque accounts, overdraughts, business banking and trust accounts to name a few. In the last few weeks our family has suffered a financial crisis. My father approached absa today to ask for help as it has become obvious that he will not be receiving an income for the next few months. His PRIMARY property is paid up and he has decided to put the house on the market. When he approached absa today, they very bluntly told him its not their problem? I read the absa website and was looking at the extensive list of services absa has to offer, and it became glaringly obvious, that giving a hoot, was not one of them! Forty years of loyalty? To Absa, how do you justify this?

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  • Gi
      May 26, 2011

    He has realised that he will not be able to honour his debit orders for a few months (+- R8000) and asked them if they could help him. They told him its not their problem, because of his age and lack of income they were not interested. They would however not charge him any fees when the debit order bounces.

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  • Gi
      May 27, 2011

    His income has come to a halt, he is not spending anything or asking for "spending" money. We need debit orders covered and those are not luxuries, its medical aid and insurances.we also don't need the help forever. He is selling his property that is worth 900 thousand and he doesn't owe anything on it. Surely they could use that as security towards the whole 40 000 he is asking for. He has never once in the 45 yrs of banking with them been in this position. He is 63 and can't just walk out the door and get work. Surely somewhere they can even TRY negotiate to even help him just pay medical? My mother is recovering from cancer and cannot afford to not have medical, that is 2600 per month AGAIN its not millions we need to go splashing out, its for a short while to survive?

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  • Gi
      May 27, 2011

    Its just frustrating that for 45 years he has been a loyal customer of this bank, used every service available to him that they offered. The plan for his retirement was to sell his house when it is paid up. He has been running a small company for about four years and that fell apart a few weeks ago so selling the house has become immenent. Its just that now that he is old and almost not "worth" anything they refuse to help? It is the spirit of entitlement, because in my opinion if you are loyal to an institute your whole life, the least they can do is hear you out when you need help. My other question is that when his property is sold and he is in posession of the money, does he still remain loyal? Would they still not take the time to listen to him when he needs help?l

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  • Go
      Jan 17, 2012

    Overdraft facility
    1. On December 9th 2011 we applied for bridging finance of R 160 000.00
    2. On January 10th 2012 we were informed that the facility has been approved.
    3. Copies of rules and regulations were requested and delivered to your Brakpan branch a few days later.
    4. This morning we were informed that the facility has not yet been loaded? What is inferred? Do we have the facility or not?
    Please respond by return

    DJ Bester
    Goldreef Village

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  • Ha
      Jun 13, 2016

    A few months ago ABSA asked for new FICA documents. Firstly it was not necessary as we did not change anything on the account. We did give them then all the FICA, but twice a month my account get blocked. It is a business account of a guest house and the manager stood stranded at the till with all groceries bought for breakfast. This is now getting very annoying and all I get from ABSA is apologies for inconvenience and then it just happens again.
    I think my next step in Carte Blanche or I do not know what.

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