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Dear Sir / Madam

Several conversations between myself, Absa Vehicle Finance, Absa Vehicle Insurance and Absa I-Direct has reference.
My vehicle (Mitsubishi Triton, 3.5 bakkie, registration XNT916GP) was financed by ABSA Vehicle Finance. The financed amount has in the mean time been paid in full (November 2016).
After enquiring it was confirmed that when this happens my insurance also automatically expires or is cancelled.
What was certain, is that I was informed that whilst a vehicle is under finance, it is mandatory that the vehicle is insured.
Saying this the following sequence of events;
a. My vehicle was involved in an accident that took place April last year (2016) near Kimberley.
b. Myself and the other involved party exchanged insurance details and reported the incident at SAPS.
c. I recently received a legal notice that I need to pay for the vehicle damage of the party involved.
d. I enquired by ABSA Vehicle Insurance regarding the matter, since I was 100% under the impression that my ABSA Vehicle Insurance would handle this matter.
e. I was informed that I switched over to ABSA I Direct in 2011 and that I was no longer covered by ABSA Asset Insurance Protection (AIP)since then.
f. Furthermore I was informed that my ABSA I Direct insurance was cancelled by them due to the fact that two of my Debit Orders was returned during April and May 2014 respectively. The insurance claims that they have notified me via SMS that my insurance was cancelled.

Taking cognizance of the above I lodge the following complaints:
- It was with enormous effort that I eventually (being referred from one call center to another) discovered that I was no longer insured by ABSA I Direct since May 2014 due to returned debit Orders.
- I am a business man that travels a lot and receive hundreds of SMS's ranging from spam, advertisements, telemarketing to private messages etc... and it may happen that some messages are lost in the process.
- The fact that I was informed by an SMS (that ABSA I Direct claims) sent to me, does not necessarily mean that I have received it... I would thought that their would have been more formal communication in this regard?
- Also when eventually speaking to an ABSA I Direct consultant it was clear that this person was not interested in listening to my explanation and repeatedly referred to the "clients responsibility".
- As I observed and continuously monitored my premiums. My vehicle payments went through constantly every month as one amount and for that reason I never had any reason to doubt that my vehicle was insured.
- The absolute rudeness and don't care attitude experienced during my telephone conversations with your operators are not only disappointing, but so unprofessional that myself as a loyal ABSA client for more than 20 years are disgusted in your so called professional service delivery.
- Why is their no communication between ABSA I Direct and ABSA Vehicle Finance (despite the fact that ABSA Vehicle Insurance is well aware that my insurance was cancelled and that I had no insurance since 2014?????).
Your consultants informed me that is mandatory that vehicles under finance must be insured?
- Surely, after cancelling my policy ABSA Vehicle Finance should have been notified and enquired about this?
- All I am experiencing is an attitude of "this is not our problem..."
- I have continuously tried to contact the ABSA helpline and the complaints Department, but to no avail. Again - how convenient. Is this also a costumer responsibility to ensure that your helplines are operational and effective?
- From a loyal client perspective I am deeply disappointed, not only with the attitude displayed towards clients, but in your ability to manage client portfolios and to communicate between departments?
- I would like to urge you to provide me with a quotation to re-install my insurance and accept responsibility for this miscommunication that took place and assist me settling the claim against me.

I am sure that you will show some sort of understanding towards the fact that my vehicle was insured by you and that you should have at least attempted to follow up on this matter in a more formal manner, knowing my vehicle is under finance by you and must be insured.

I insist that you assist me with the claim registered against me and accept responsibility for the your poor communication effort and lack of taking responsibility.

Awaiting your speedy reply.


Tony Tverdon, cell: [protected], e-mail: tony .[protected], Id no: [protected]

Jan 18, 2017

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