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I purchased 2 power recliners from Aarons and 3 months ago one of the chairs leg rest broke. It took the repair guys a month to get out to my house. Then said it would take 2 weeks to get the part and then they would have to schedule to come out which would take about another month. Now they did let me borrow a chair that was half the size of the one I had. So I was so upset I told them to take the chair. So they took the loner and the broken chair. Two months later the other chair is making a popping sound when you recline. I called Aarons and they sent a guy that works at the store out and he looked and it and heard it popping when it would recline and we both couldn't see where the sound was coming from. He said he would tell the manager and she would have to make the call on what to do next. I didn't hear from them for a week and I called Aarons and the guy that had came to my house was there but the manager wasn't. I talked to him and he said that he had told the manager and she was suppose to take care of it. He said they would call me the next day and I waited. Two days later I called and the guy I had talked to and he no longer works there. I have ask to speak to the area manager and he won't return my calls. The area manager I spoke to last time who ask me to please let them have another chance no longer works there. I went up to there office and the manager suggested that I should look into a manual reclining chair. She showed me one and I ask her how much they would sell it to me for, since all I owe on the one that is still under warranty is 3 or 4 payments. She said she would have to call her manager. The one that won't return my call. She came back and said they would take 15% off. Is this a joke? I owe 3 or 4 payments and the chair is still under warranty! How long will I have to wait to hear from someone and how long will they take to fix the recliner and if they fix it will it be patched so that as soon as I pay the last payment it breaks down again? Then they will say, "Opps sorry your warranty is gone."


  •   Jul 12, 2011

    I apologize for your experience with Aaron's not being excellent. To further resolve your issue please contact me at [protected] or by email at Jessica.[protected] I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you, Jessica Rudnick

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      Apr 23, 2012

    Regarding the Flint MI location on Court St.
    Everyone always told me Aarons rent a center was a better way to go. I have to strongly disagree. Since day one of business with them, their customer service has been below poor. The prices randomly jump without notice. The staff is poorly trained at best, and very rude. Beyond that, when we wanted to trade in our couches for a new set, they sent their goons out to slice the back of our couch while we weren't looking so they didn't have to take it back. They literally took a razor blade to the back of the couch so we couldn't return it. The people up there are a bunch of ghetto hoodlums who cant/should not be running a business. They are rude, unprofessional, shady, and they are proof behind the negative stereotype that is flint.

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      Jul 24, 2014

    got a fridge they damaged it moving it in and was told for mos new parts ordered then last month asked them again and was told I said don't worry about it ...never said such a thing ..i could have paid cash for one but didn't want to spend that much out of pocket but that store is so full of liars its pathetic plus some rude people working there..i was referring people who worked with my hubby at graphic pkg but never again ...Aarons lies plain truth...apparently Aarons don't want reviews screwed up words you have to type in go figure called corporate 4 mos frige was paid for and not used

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      Dec 13, 2015

    I have purchased many items and have not had an issue until 3 months ago. Our new frig was leaking water onto our floors. Called and advised and was told it would be a few weeks until they could come out. We did get a frig to borrow that was much smaller and absolutely filthy. After 2 weeks I called to check on the status and was told it was being fixed and I would receive a call soon. To make a long story short, I made several calls and was told the same thing. When I asked to speak with the manager, was told I would get a call back. Never did. Also I was still making payments on a product we didn't have. Finally received a call that they could deliver it the following week on a Friday between 4-8pm. I had to take time off of work to be there but I understood they couldn't give me a smaller time window. At 7:30pm I called to make sure they were still coming and was told it was on the truck for delivery. At 9:30pm nobody had called or came by. I received a call shortly after and was told they were super busy and behind and asked if we still wanted it that evening or the following day. Personally I didn't want someone at my home at that time of night and my kids were already in bed. They told me they would be by the following day between 11-5pm. They did come about 4:30pm and the frig was no longer leaking but it was bend on the bottom from when they took it off the truck and the bottom of the frig was missing the sliders and it ripped my wood floors. I called to speak to management over 1 week ago and still no response. I went to to contact and the page is no longer available for me to email the complaint department. I am a very patient and understanding person but this is to much. Also u have referred many people to this franchise and don't want this to happen to them. Maybe they will respond after getting this. Advise please

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