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1132 n park, Casper, WY, United States

am buying a sectional from your casper wy store. There was an issue with one piece of the sectional so the manager Amber took it to the store to repair it. She was suppose to call me the next day. After hearing nothing I called her 2 days later. She said she forgot to call and that they had to order a part for it. After a week I called back and she said she forgot to call again but that the part didn't fixed the problem so she is trying to find a new piece but that the couch is no longer being made. She said she would call around and give me a call back the next day. I waited a couple days and after hearing nothing I called. She was waiting for a piece to come from another store. Once it came in, she never called me about it I had called her and found out it was there, it ended up being the wrong piece. I took it back to the store but she was not there. One of the workerschools said she would have her call me the next day. 3 days later when I heard nothing I called her and she said she was having getting the right one in from anotherecess store and would call me back. A few days later after hearing nothing I went into the store and she said she was waiting for a family member to bring it from another store. I had inquired before about getting into a different set and she said I would lose everything I paid on this one. I have decided to go to Rent a center and when I called to have this couch picked up she was busy and I was told she would call me back. 3 hrs later I called because I heard nothing back. She said someone would pick it up by 6:30pm. No one picked it up and she never called me back again to say why. So I called again and she said they were running late, understandable but, she could have called to let me know. The lack of customer service and communication is horrible and I went a month and during the holiday season with part of my couch missing. I have tried to be understanding and have been very polite about this enter matter but this is ridiculous and I will not ever be giving your company my business again.

Jan 08, 2016

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