Aamco / transmission warranty not honored

Edmond, OK, United States

6/26/2017 - took my car back to Aamco since they rebuilt my transmission 2 months ago. Almost $3, 000.00. Started slipping 6/25/17 and had to two it home after being stuck on the side of the road at 10:00pm. $51.00 to tow. Aamco looks at my car and tells me that it was not their fault and that due to my radiator having a hole in it, that caused my transmission to leak and had to replace my radiator, $1000.00 before they could check the transmission to see if it was burnt up...First of all, there is no hole in my radiator, secondly, you can check the transmission if supposedly you have a hole in your radiator. The fact is, one clip from the transmission into the radiator was broken and the other was missing. They also damaged another part of the engine that I have a picture of. I could have been out another $4, 000 possibly or at least $1, 000 had I listened to your employees at Aamco on Kelly Ave in Edmond, OK. Instead it cost me $52 for transmission fluid and a couple of clips to hold the hose in that probably was also damaged by your employee. Not sure how this can be corrected, but I they should at least reimburse me the tow fee and the amount for the things they damaged to my car.


Jun 27, 2017

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