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terrible company

Aamco Merriam is a prime example of why this website was created. Don't spend a dime here. I wouldn't let these people touch my car again for free.

We took our car here because we suspected a transmission problem and noticed their 'free' diagnositic test offer. Well all that means is that they drive it around the block and then tell you you need to pay for the $100+ to hookup it up to the computer for the real diagnostic test.

We fell for it and paid for the diagnostic. The diagnostic test indicated that the vehicle need a tune up ($400+). I questioned the employee 'John' because the issues seemed more significant than a tune up would fix. I was assured the tune up would fix the problems. Keep in mind this is a 2001 vehicle and we were at the point of not wanting to spend a lot of money on it and were comtemplating just getting rid of it. After the $400+ tune up we were then told that the vehicle actually needed a new catalytic converter ($600).

As you might imagine I was upset at this point. We would have never spent the $400 in the first place unless we were told it would fix the problem. I specifially questioned 'John' about this prior to the work being done. After the fact he claims that he told me that the tune up was needed to even see what the problem was. LIE, LIE, LIE. Again we wouldv'e never OK'd the $400 tune up. At this point I'm questioning the point of the $100+ diagnostic test that apparently can't diagnosis anything. I expressed my unhappiness to 'John' who is also apparently the customer service guy (that is hilarious...) and they offer $100 discount on the catalytic converter. No thanks, no way I'm paying these guys another penny. How about a refund on a portion of inflated tune up costs?!?! 'John' also wouldn't tell me who the name of the owner which is interesting on it's own... This place is very shady please don't waste your time and money here. Please also do an internet search prior to having work done here. I wish we would have! There are a number of other people with similar issues/problems.

terrible company

We took our Honda CRV to their shop because the car would hesitate before shifting and then clunk when it finally did. AAMCO said we needed to rebuild it so they did. The car still had the same issue when they returned it. Two weeks later the whole transmission when out and stranded us. They rebuilt it again and the same hesitation problem was there. We kept taking it back and they would give us a runaround and not repair it.

The transmission went out again and we took it to another shop and had the transmission replaced with a used one. The new shop said the overdrive switch caused the hesitation and replaced it. The transmission probably never needed rebuilding. We tried to sue in small claims court but AAMCO got their attorneys to move it to a district court. We had to hire a lawyer and go to hearing and to court.

We lost since we signed AAMCO's agreement each time agreeing to their service terms. We ended up paying AAMCO for ruining our transmission and attorney fees. And then paid another shop to replace the transmission that AAMCO worked on twice. I would never recommend anyone go to AAMCO since they have inexperienced mechanics and don't stand behind their work.

  • Ol
    ollirracris Dec 11, 2009

    I've had such a terrible time with Aamco also! I was quoted $900 for a rebuilt transmission and ended up paying $1847.13! These peopel do not stand behind their work. They are money hungry and liars. If your transmission is don't walk out and get as far away as possible. In retrospect, I should of done my homework! Now that I have my car back I have a transmission leak!

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attempted scam

Was having problems with my 2008 Chrysler 300C (transmission slippage). Took to AAMCO in Waretown. Technician...

extremely poor service/ rip off

Our vehicle, a 1994 BMW 740iL has been in the Renton, WA AAMCO Repair shop since Wednesday, April 29th. We...


Charged $2, 898.34 to rebuilt the transmission that they guarrantied was the problem. I did not get more than...

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left my transmission 2 quarts low

I took my 2002 Explorer to AAMCO for a transmission fluid change on 2-18-09. Soon afterward, I found the...

rip off

On February 10, 2009 at 1:45 PM I brought my 1989 Nissan Pickup into AAMCO Transmissions for an estimate to...


It took 37 days to fix my transmission!! Vehicle was under warranty from another local transmission shop that...


I dropped my car off on November 28th. They said they would call me with what was wrong. On Dec 5th they...

fraud and cheating

December 15, 2008 I drove my 2002 PT Cruiser to Aamco at 8 am to get a second opinion on fixing a leak in my Transmission. At approximately 4:30 p.m. I contacted Jim the service rep he stated at that time that a cell was leaking and all parts and labor would cost $800.00, and they would give me a 3 year warranty and it would take one day to fix. This was verbal and I did not get this in writing, but I gave him the ok over the phone to do the work.

December 16, 2008 after not hearing a word all day I called AMMCO and spoke to Jim at approximately 4 pm to find out how long it would take to finish my car. At that time I was informed by Jim that the Torque Converter needed to be replaced and that would cost an additional $1, 500.00 for a total of $2, 300.00. I told him no that was being ripped off and told him stop what ever they had done and I would come pick my car up. He told me I would have to pay them $800.00 for the labor that spent taking my transmission apart. I informed Jim at that time that is was very strange because I had taken my car to another transmission shop prior to AAMCO and they told me it was a broken Differential. I had wanted to get my vehicle fixed by a company that is nationwide. Had I know that AMMCO is just a bunch of crooks I would have had the first company fix my vehicle. I just wanted my car back and am really upset with AMMCO. They are the biggest rip-offs. They are refusing to give me my car back until I pay them $800.00 for doing nothing. I just wanted my car back, and take it to the first shop that I had look at it. If they tell me that it looks like someone broke the torque converter I am going to press charges against AMMCO, because the first shop never mentioned anything about a torque converter. I filed a complaint with the BBB, but they gave Aamco until January 1, 2009 to respond to the complaint.

On 12/22/08, I contacted the Aamco president Joseph Foster regarding getting my car back, and I told Mr. Foster what had transpired regarding Jim quoting me $800.00 for a cell rebuilt including parts and labor, then once the transmission plate was removed the price triple, so I had told Jim not to touch my car. Mr. Foster was unreasonable and started screaming at me. Stating I approved the work. I told him I had only approved the cell to be fix because that is what Jim told me I was wrong. Mr. Foster said once they got the transmission apart then they discovered the torgue converter was bad. I told him that I wanted my car back the way it is. Mr. Foster said the transmission is out of the car and will not be put back in until I pay them $800.00. I informed him at that time I will be contacting the Attorney General. Mr. Foster said go ahead neither the BBB, or the AG will do anything.

After 3 weeks and no results from the BBB my dad went ahead and went into the Northglenn Aamco shop to tell them 'you really deceived my daughter and have her over a barrel', but the owner convince my dad to rebuild the transmission, so on January 6, 2009 we picked my vehicle up and my dad pay Aamco $1, 900. for a 'so-called rebuilt transmission, with a one year warrenty'.

The within 5 minutes of driving the vehicle off the lot the car started shimmying and making a low pitched squealing noise. I took the car to two other shops (free of charge) and both told me that the upper and lower engine strut mounts are broken, but they could not prove that Aamco broke them, or that they were broken on purpose. Also the steerling is squealing, but I know that Aamco will claim they had nothing to do with anything.

I took the car back to Aamco today January 12, 2009 and was told by the personnel that they got my $1, 900.00 and to never bring my vehicle back to Aamco again (go figure - so called warrenty). What did I expect - 'THIEFS'.

do not take your car here!

Bringing my car into this AAMCO was the worst experience with any business that I have ever had. I spoke...

awful company

Just like all the other cases with AAMCO, they fixed my transmission before and when my car went bad for the same issue, they towed my car for free and then went ahead and repaired it without my consent, knowing that I couldn't afford it. They are abusive and request personal information and try to get money for everything!!! I did not authorize anything and I am ready to put a big complaint. Any other victim around??

fraud and cheating

On 2/22/08, I had the transmission rebuilt in my 1998 Ford Windstar at AAMCO of Nashville, TN. On 5/5/08, I also purchased an extended 3 year, 36000 mile warranty. On 7/21/08, I moved to Dillsburg, PA. Around the end of September 2008, I noticed the transmission was leaking fluid, so, I brought it to AAMCO of Camp Hill on 9/29/08. I had stated that the transmission was leaking, and there was also a clunking noise on occasion, coming from the front suspension, when I would drive the vehicle. On 10/2/08, I received a call from Arthur, the manager, stating that the leak was a faulty front transmission seal and the transmission had to be removed to perform this repair. He also stated that the clunking noise was coming from worn drive axles and sway bar links. I explained that drive axles had been replaced previously some 25, 000 miles ago and couldn't understand how they were faulty again? Arthur assured me that the aforementioned items were the cause of the clunking noise, so I authorized him to replace them. He also said there would be no labor charge to install the new drive axles, since they had to be removed in order to remove the transmission. What he didn't tell me was that when he purchased the parts from Advance Auto, he marked the price of them up 300% when he sold them to me. I personally went to Advance Auto to confirm this. I picked the vehicle up on 10/6/08 and paid $530.79 in cash for the items not covered under AAMCO's warranty. I contacted AAMCO of Camp Hill a few days later and told them that I still heard the exact same clunking noise from the front suspension, so obviously the axles and sway bar links were not the cause of the noise. I asked for a full refund, but was refused and was told to bring the vehicle back in to be further looked at on 10/14/08, which I did so. The mechanic checked the front suspension again and now told me that I needed ball joints with control arms and radius arm bushings. The owner, Shawn Lilley worked out a verbal deal with me that since they made an error on their diagnosis, they would install these additional parts, if I purchased them (and I did) and there would be no additional labor charge to me.

I had also noticed that the mechanic had bent the body on the bottom of my vehicle on both sides near the front wheels when he improperly placed it on the hydraulic lift. I made an appointment to bring the vehicle back to AAMCO on 10/16/08 to have the work performed and decided that I would discuss the body damage with Shawn the owner at that time as well. On 10/16/08, at about 9:30am I received a telephone call from Arthur telling me not to bring the vehicle back in to have the additional repairs made, because he claimed he owned me nothing and had fixed the initial problems. I explained that this was untrue and that the owner, Shawn, had worked out a deal with me. He told me Shawn shouldn't have done that. After a few unpleasant conversations with Arthur during the course of that day, he said he would get back to me and discuss it again with Shawn. On 10/17/08 Arthur called me again and told me that he now felt he owed me something and would call me back later that day. He never did.

On 10/19/08, I took my vehicle to Firestone in Mechanicsburg and they did a thorough inspection of the vehicle and charged me $21.19. I was told that besides the additional parts that were needed, it also needs a right front strut bearing, which is what is causing the clunking noise and that the exhaust gasket behind the catalytic converter is leaking, that Arthur told me he had also fixed as a favor. I personally also checked the old drive axles returned to me that were supposedly faulty and found absolutely nothing wrong with them. On 10/20/08, I obtained a body shop repair estimate from Dellinger's Auto Body in Mechanicsburg for the damage done by AAMCO to the underside of my vehicle and the cost to repair the damage is $710.87 total.

I then dropped a copy of the Firestone diagnosis, body shop estimate and pictures of the body damage off to AAMCO of Camp Hill. The owner, Shawn, hid in the back and left me to deal with his mechanic, who had caused the body damage and outright denied it, even though I witnessed him cause it personally and told him so. I then purchased the additional parts needed to correctly repair the vehicle and it will be repaired at GOODYEAR of Camp Hill on 10/23/08.

  • An
    Angry1234 Sep 23, 2009

    My mother dropped off my 1997 mini van that I let her borrow for an estimate to get an estimate because the inspection failed. The mini van has over 160, 000 miles on it and the book value is probably around $800. Instead of giving an estimate they decided to do the work on it (the guy claims she gave the go-ahead over the phone, which she did not) they worked on it and is now trying to charge $600 for the work! We (I) never authorized any work!!! I'm not sure if we have a leg to stand on because they will hold the vehicle hostage.

    I agree, do not take your car here, this place is a complete rip off.

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  • Sp
    spl Owner Feb 16, 2010

    This complaint has been to a court of law and the Judge found in favor of AAMCO. The plaintiff was found to have lied and fabricated information for his complaint. This complaint is not valid. Remove it.

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scam and cheating

I took my car into Aamco transmission with a check engine light on and my transmission would get stuck in 2nd gear (auto trans) Chrysler calls it limp mode for diagnostic and repair. I told them to check all harnesses (picktails) and sensors because this is a common effect in the model of car (Chrysler 300M 1999). I was given the run around and more and more charges and finally told my transmission needed to be replaced at a cost of 3000.00 dollars. I was out of town and ok'd the repair. I picked up my car supposedly repaired with a new transmission and all the fixings, only to find the problem I had previously before the replacement of my transmission and loss of 3000.00 dollars still persist. I returned my car told them the same thing is still happening. They kept my car for over a week, Jason called me 3 times, first he said they are checking all the connections and electronics, second call he said they couldn't find anything so he needs to drop the transmission and check the inside, 3rd call was a over a week later where he said they couldn't find anything wrong and the car wouldn't fault again so pick up the car and wait for it to fault again. When picking up my car he stated they didn't do anything but drive my car everyday to see if anything happened and nothing did, meanwhile I am without my much needed car. I believe they misdiagnosed my car and really don't have the proper personnel to fix my car, my complain is to get my money back and repaired by professionals who know what they are doing. There is so much more to this story but little time to write. My car is still not running properly and even though they replaced my transmission not only do I have the same fault happening again, my transmission is shifting very badly and very rough riding. I mentioned this to Jason and he said he agrees the transmission is shifting rough but he refused to repair or replace.

  • An
    ANONYM Jun 03, 2016

    Bringing my car into this AAMCO was the worst experience with any business that I have ever had. I spoke withthe owner Vijay last week and told him my situation. My speedometer stopped working and the day it stopped working I noticed my check engine light would go on about ten minutes into driving and shut off everytime I turned the car off. AAMCO advertisment states that they will check and diagnose the "check engine light for free promotion." After speaking with Vjay many times on whn to bring the car in I took a day off and brought it in. I called about two hours before to make sure he remembered me and taht it was still ok to bring in my vehicle. His exact words were that I could bring it in and they would look at it for 45 minutes and if they couldn't figure it out they would call me and I could make the descision to move forward or take my car back free of charge. He stated that I shouldn't go spend a bunch of money somewhere when they would check t free of charge. I was satisfied and arranged a ride, and a rental car. I was just relieved to have someone look at it at this point.
    I arrived at AAMCO at 1:30 pm and was behind a couple that was getting their car. After they were done I was greeted by the manager. He stated that Vijay wasn't there and "what did I need?" I stated that Vijay told me to come in to get the engine light checked and that I could get whatever work done here once it is diagnosed if i chose to do so. He laughed about me taking teh day off and said "its almost 2pm, what are you talking about?" I was immediately turned off by Steve's attitude and I already knew I did not want to do business with this guy. He then calls Vijay asking him if this was true about doing a free engine light check.
    He slammed the phone on the reciever and said "ok I will look at it for 15 minutes and you better believe I will be calling you to start charging you almost immediately. Your car is a dinosaur and its old man!" I was so repulsed and insulted that I said "this was obviously a bait and switch to get me in here and I am leaving now." He then kept telling me to stop looking for freebies and to get a new car if I didn't like it. I let him get the best of me and I told him that he was a jerk and I have never been talked to in this manner. I then walked ou and got into my car. Steve followed me out yelling that I need a new car and threatened to "beat my ###, " if I complained. He then yelled some racial slurrs that don't apply to me whatsoever. I am Italian and Irish and he was calling me a "stupid mexican!" I don't know who you have ruuning your stores but this guy is a huge liability. I have contacted the BBB as well as my family attorney. The racial slurrs and the intimidation was all over me being invited in to take advantage of a national advertisment. I understand that there are restrictions and limitations to prmotions but this cost me a day off of work, a rental car, humiliation and being intimidated? I know I have an old car. I get in it everyday and drive it. I don't need to be ridiculed about driving a "dinosaur." I would NEVER take my car to these crooks

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  • Bu
    Buyers Beware Read First Jun 03, 2016

    Sorry to hear about your experience... But the good thing is they didn't get your money... I also went to one near my house some years back to have them look at my car.. They said I needed a transmission... But I said to my self that is way to high in price.. I will look around.. And I am glad I did.. It was something minor that was needed to be done. And I was so happy that, that place didn't get my business... Every time I pass there I can smile and say to myself you didn't sucker me.. It's hard to find a good place to go to and keep your business there because in my option they all take from your pocket.

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  • Ru
    Ruhl Apr 06, 2018

    I took my car in for new transmission seals, and a flush. After I had left, they called me stating that I was in need of a thermostat also. I knew the cost of the seals was 225.00, He explained to me that the thermostat was only 18.00 and because the transmission would be out, it would be an easy fix. I asked what the total would be, and he said 265.00 I asked again, "That's the total, right?" A half hour before I was to pick my car up, they called and told me that my price was 498.00. Bait and switch is one thing. 6 months later, My transmission started leaking again. I posted a rant on Yelp, and they offered to take a look at it for me. Knowing what I had already gone through once, I decided not to accept. It has been just over a year, And guess what needs to be replaced. My thermostat. So I called them to ask what warranty they have on thermostats, And the reply was 90 day's. So I should pay 265.00 every year for a new thermostat, and 225.00 every six months for seals? I don't think so. AAMCO Rancho Cordova, Ca.

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aamco rip off over $1200 spend for &new clutch& that does not even work.

Called Aamco on Valencia because they offered free towing and they specialized in clutch and transmission repairs. They quoted me around $800 total for parts and labor.

Later that evening I had the Jeep towed to Aamco and they said they would begin working on it on Saturday August 9th.

Saturday August 9th 2008

I called Aamco and asked what they had found out. They informed me that the slave cylinder was out, they needed to replace the clutch, the pressure plate, and the bearings. They informed me the labor would be $490 and the total cost would be $1200. This was a lot of money and more than I had originally been quoted but I agreed as they were the experts and I wanted my jeep to run smoothly as it had done in the past. They said it would be complete by the end of Monday August 11th.

Monday August 11th

I called Aamco towards the end of the day to ask when it would be ready and I was informed it would take longer than expected and would be ready on Tuesday August 12th.

Tuesday August 12th 2008

I received a call from Aamco around 10:00am and they informed me that the Jeep was complete and was running smoothly and driving great. I was pleased although it had taken slightly longer than I was told I was excited to get it back and have it functioning properly. I informed them I would be coming in around 12:00pm to pick it up on my lunch hour. Julio informed me that the line from the Master Cylinder to the Slave cylinder was not a jeep part and was a temporary part but it still worked fine. He suggested that in the future I get it replaced in the future but for now it would be working fine. He said the part was on back order to 6-8 weeks from Chrysler/Jeep.

I picked the jeep up was handed the keys, I paid checked the receipt and everything I had been quoted was on the receipt and correct. I went to the jeep started it and drove away. I was pleased with the results. From Aamco to my work was about a ten-mile drive. Once I got on the highway I started to feel difficulty shifting gears, and I heard a grinding noise. I didn�t think much of it as I thought the parts were probably settling.

Driving home from work which is a 25 mile drive was when I really started to question whether the jeep had been repaired properly as it was almost impossible to change the gears. At the traffic lights I could not get the jeep into 1st gear and when I arrived home my hand was red and painful from trying to shift gears.

Wednesday August 13th 2008

I drove to work in the morning and experienced the same issues I had before so when I arrived at work I called Aamco and explained what was going on and they informed me that the clutch line probably had air bubbles in it and I would need to be bled. They asked me to bring it in and I said I could not take any time off work and it was not drivable. After many times trying to convince Aamco they decided to tow it free of charge to Valencia from my work.

Later in the day I received a call from Aamco saying that after it had been bled, it shifted great, and was driving fine. I was a little bit weary of this considering the problems I had experienced but when I went to pick it up it shifted perfectly and drove nicely.

I had been driving the jeep to and from work for around a week and then everything started acting up again. It started by grinding slightly when I changed gears, then it became stiff to change gears and eventually it became grinded loudly and was almost impossible to get into gear at traffic lights. The main issue I had was when driving on the freeway when I would try to change gears it would be a very loud grinding noise and impossible to get into gear so I would just have to coast along until it finally popped into gear. Along with the danger of traveling at a fast speed and then coasting and having traffic zoom around you at high speed. It also caused my hand and arm a great deal of pain trying to shift gears.

Friday August 29th 2008

I was planning to take the Jeep on my lunch hour to get it sorted today; however, on the way to work the clutch went out completely. The pedal had no pressure and was just floppy and it was 100% impossible to get the jeep into gear. I had to start the jeep in first gear and drive home in first gear; thankfully I was only around 3 miles from my home. I called Aamco to explain what had happened and they blamed me. They said they told me from the start that the line from the master cylinder was bad and the jeep should not be driven. I argued back saying that the line was mentioned to me but why did they call me and tell me it was ready and working perfectly. I told them they needed to fix the problem and basically they refused, they blamed me, and said there was nothing they could do because the part was on back order for 6-8 weeks. I decided to then call around to try and find this part myself even though I am no car expert and didn�t even have a clue what I was asking for. Several places I called were confused with what I was asking for because I had no means of explaining it. I called Chrysler/Jeep and asked if they had any of the lines and if I could possible get one sooner that 6-8 weeks and they informed me that they did not even manufacture this part any longer. This angered me so much that Aamco would lie just so they could install a new clutch system for $1200 knowing it would not even work.

For the next week I had to get rides to and from work; which was extremely difficult, wasted so much gas, caused me to be late to work, and upset me in general. I kept calling around and I found a company called Hose Power who could make a new line for me this was great news; however, I did not know the location for this line on my jeep so I needed Aamco to remove it for me. The only problem being I had no means of getting the jeep to them

Aamco refused to have my Jeep towed to their location so it sat on my driveway immobilized for this whole week. Eventually I had to get my insurance company to arrange to have it towed to Aamco and lose out on my one free towing they offer per year. What if something serious happens now when I am driving somewhere? Well I had to get it towed to Aamco so I did and they agreed to remove the part. By this time I had missed so much time of work I could not miss any more days so I had to have my mother drive to Aamco to pick up the part. They towed my car to Aamco at 9:00am on Tuesday Sept 9th and said the part only took 15 minutes to remove. My mother called them and they said she can follow the tow truck and wait 15 minutes and they would have it ready. She was unable to do this so she asked them to remove it and she would be there at 11:00am to pick the part up. My mother arrived late at 12:00pm and asked for the part and they said they did not have it out. She asked them to remove it so she could take it to Hose Power. They said they could not because there were other people ahead of her. That was completely crazy considering all we had been trough and the jeep had been sitting at their lot all day. My mother informed them that they had to get it done ASAP as she had to be at Hose Power and they agreed, took out the part and gave it to her.

She took the part to Hose Power to show them what was wrong with it and they agreed they could make it. It only took them around an hour and then she picked it up and took it back to Aamco. Once she arrived at Aamco they said it would take 2 hours to install it and to bleed the clutch so she left.

After around two hours they installed the part and called to say it was leaking still and the part was not correct. This was not Aamco�s fault but Hose Power�s fault so I do not blame Aamco for this.

On Wednesday September 10th I took the hose back to Hose Power and they said they knew it wouldn�t work cause this piece inside one of the ends of the hose was missing (why they even replaced the hose or charged me $50 I will never know). They told me of some places who might carry the end that was missing a piece. I called around and one Jeep specialty store had a brand new factory jeep hose. I was so excited, my Jeep finally would be fixed and work because I had had a whole new clutch system put in and now I would have a new line.

On Thursday September 11th I purchased the brand new line and took it to Aamco at 12:00pm. They said that the piece was correct and it would work perfectly. I asked when it would be complete and they said it should take two hours to install it and bleed the clutch line, but give them till 4:00pm. At 4:00pm I called to check if it was done and they said they had not even started on it. I questioned this and they informed me that there were other people ahead of us. How they could have put other customers ahead baffles me considering everything we went through, all the waiting around, all the lies. I just thought they would at least make an effort to try and make the customer happy at the end.

On Friday September 12th I called Aamco at 10:00am and they said it was done, working fine, shifting fine and was perfect. I was ecstatic and finally felt closure after all I had been through I was willing to put it all behind me and have me jeep working perfectly. I picked it up at 12:30pm on my lunch hour and drove it. It did work good��. For around five minutes. Then it started grinding lightly, sticking when shifting, the clutch pedal seemed loose and temperamental. On the freeway back to work it had stuck badly and did a very loud grinding noise and shook my hand badly causing sever pain. I also had several cars and trucks have to slam their brakes on and swerve to avoid colliding with me. Once of the freeway and shaken badly the jeep then proceeded to stall at every traffic light because it did not recognize the clutch was engaged when I came to stop. It was impossible to get into first gear and second, third and so forth. I am now typing this sitting at work because I am infuriated and wondering how I am going to get home from work and enjoy my weekend.

awful company

I took my car to Aamco for a transmission repair. I signed an agreement for $995 to have them remove, inspect...

scam and cheating

AAMCO has just plain LIED and CHEATED us twice. We were foolish enough to give them the benefit of the doubt the second time. We took our car in the first time to get a tune up they sent us to another AAMCO claiming they couldn't do the tune up at that time but had a specialist at another address. The next place they sent us to after we said again, we need a TUNEUP... they looked at the car and said because their diagnostic machine was not working that had to take the car apart to check it and then when they took all morning to do that..they told my husband HE needed a tune-up... what? A TUNEUP?... HELLO we told them that before they took it apart so they charged for the taking it apart and we never got a tuneup. I guess we are foolish for forgiving them and we took our car later to get the AC looked at and freon added. It was kinda working but off and on they said there was no leaks but that they added Freon and did a A/C Dye and said it should be working now... AFTER spending $309.39 we took it home and nothing appeared much different, it had the same problems... so we asked them to check it again after a few days... they said bring it in now. We waited another long day for them to tell us our A/C had to be rebuilt it wouldn't last long and had major problems but that the filled it back up with freon. We took it home and immediately noticed the A/C only blew warm air. I called TONY back up and asked what exactly did you do for me? If my A/C was in bad condition why didn't you tell me that the first time we brought it in instead of charging us for a... non-fix. He said that he did put freon in. We took it to another PHX local mexican guy who had a reputation for doing good work on A/c... he checked the car said yeah nothing is wrong with your a/c fan, no leaks but just no freon... WELL... AAMCO WHERE IS THE BLASTED FREON YOU MADE US PAY 350.00 for.?..We took it home from the nice honest mexican mechanic and it worked... All we wanted was a TUNE-up and Freon and AAMCO SCREWED US OVER... We will no longer affiliate with anybody of your AAMCO Company... Tony seemed nice... but obviously lied through the skin of his scaly teeth.

  • Valerie Aug 22, 2008

    I bought a 1967 Ford Mustang that did not have the original engine or transmission. It was modified for racing then made street legal. I was having trouble with the dipstick tube leaking. I had to keep putting transmission fluid in the vehicle every third or fourth day. I noticed that the seal around the dipstick tube was not seating properly so I contacted Aamco to see about getting a new one. They happily agreed to help me out. What a nightmare that has been.

    I dropped my car off with them to fix and since I was dropping it off i asked for an estimate on a shifter close to original as possible. I also asked them to check over the transmission. When they contacted me, I was told that I needed to have my transmission rebuild. I agreed to have them do it because they do advertise as being transmission specialists.

    We talked about price, and I was given an estimate of around $800.00. I asked about getting another transmission put in. a used one. I was told that it would be less expensive and a better way to go with rebuilding because I wouldn't know what I was getting with a used one. I told them to rebuild it.

    The car has a Hurst Promatic shifter in it but I did not have Aamco do any work replacing that. The estimate was too high. During the work on the transmission I was told by them that a few things were not hooked up and that they couldn't be. My reverse lights, detent cable and neutral safety switch were not connected because whoever put that transmission in butchered it. They said they may be able to hook those things up but I would need to get another shifter and it would have to be modified for them to do the work. I did not want another shifter.

    When all was said and done I paid $1339.24 for a dipstick tube and rebuild transmission. I picked the car up and from the moment I drove it off the lot it didn't feel right to me. The shifter was not hooked up right and I had to go down twice to get it into reverse. When I'd be in low gear popping it up into drive it would go straight to neutral. When on the highway doing 55-60 the car would whine like it needed to go into a higher gear. I was afraid that I'd blow it up.

    The car also had trouble starting. I'd have to play with the ignition turning the key on and off until the starter would engage and crank over. the car was not and did not perform like that before they worked on it. I noticed that my shifter cable was not hooked up right and two bolts where the transmission gets connected to the engine were just hanging in there. They weren't evened tightened at all.

    I went back there a week later because they asked me to bring it in for a weekly check up. I informed them of all of the problems and concerns I had. They knew it was not the original transmission. The person whom i dealt with was Pam. She went out to start it but it would not start. I had to start it. I mentioned that it started fine until you touched it. I told her that my starter is misaligned. Well she did not take the blame for that and said that it was nothing they did. well yes it is because you have to remove the starter to get the transmission out.

    She took it for a drive and said it ran fine. I totally disagree with her. I mentioned about the way it shifted and again it was 'nothing they did'. That was all blamed on the shifter itself. Well that shifter was working properly before they touched it. I was very dissatisfied with their work. I did not get adequate responses to my requests and no fault was taken by them. She said that I could leave the car with them and they'd look over it. I refused. I did not trust them because it was worse than before and because they refused responsibility for my problems.

    I took it to another shop to have it checked out. What they told me surprised me. I was informed that Aamco should not have touched that transmission. It was not designed for that car or engine. The transmission is designed for fuel injected engines and mine is not fuel injected. They also stated that Aamco should have refused to work on it based on everything that was disconnected. The transmission was too big for that car. They are to be transmission specialists so they should have refused to work on it unless I was getting another transmission put in it.

    I really do believe that they were just trying to take someone for money and that someone was me. I have been pursuing a refund of some type for the past few months but to no avail. They are cold, heartless people. I contacted their customer service hotline to file a complaint and demanded a refund. They are a franchise store and a refund is a long shot. To make a long story short and to the point no refund was given.

    I next contacted the Better Business Bureau about this and in the letter I received. no refund yet again. I am not going away and I hope Aamco understands this. They ripped me off by performing work on a transmission that they should have refused to work on. I had a 12 month warranty on it which states that its covered the transmission and defective workmanship. The whole job was defective because of how it ran and shifted and started after it left there. Oh, but I forgot... it was nothing they did.

    Since then I have had a used transmission put in it costing less than their nothing work. I am getting another shifter installed which was also three times cheaper than what they quoted. I just wish they would fess up to a bad job they did and return my money. I am looking for a full refund, but would be happy with a partial one. If this goes on longer I may file for suing over stress and hardship issues. The other garage who replaced my transmission also said that they'd help me in any way to get my money back. There is more that I'd like to say about them but I don't want to write those words so I'll end. Whoever reads this DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO ANY AAMCO. They suck!

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  • Bo
    bobby Sep 26, 2008

    yah aamco is a total rip . they wouldnt let me see my obd code when they scanned my car because it was a free diagnostic. Then the ignorant worker tried selling me a diagnostic check when i already knew what was wrong. total waste of time and gas !

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  • In
    Informed Consumer Oct 02, 2008

    You two are both ridiculous. Why would you take on shops word over another. Did the shop who waid AAMCO did wrong offer you a price to fix it? Were they a transmisison shop? You have no leg to stand on trying to get your mmoney back or take them to court. If they rebuilt your transmission for less than 1500.00, that is cheap.
    And as for the person who says they would not give you the code...if you know what is wrong with your car, why do you take it to a shop?

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  • Ju
    judy shaw Oct 24, 2008


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  • Da
    David Apr 29, 2009

    AAMCO is just a bunch of cheats and liers, preying on the public who know nothing about car.

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  • Aamco lied to us. My 2006 Malibu was not shifting into 3rd gear. I stopped there because I thought it was an emergency and went to the nearest transmission place. I left and I think the manager's name is Sean in Jacksonville. he called me and told me that the base pay is 1200 dollars and that my wheel bearing on the left side was bad and that would be about 300 dollars. He said the cost will be around 14 to 18 hundred dollars. And asked me if it was okay to work on it and I said yes. When I went there a couple days later to get my phone charger out of the car, he said the total will be 2600 dollars. I said you quoted me a price of 14 to 1800 dollars. And then he took me to show me all the parts that he had to put in there and what was worn out. But he never showed me my own parts out of the car. He only showed me the new parts. Which he might as well put a whole transmission in there. which are 600 dollars if you buy them on line. So I kept asking him what the 1200 dollars was for. I never really got an answer. He showed me his computer and all the parts and how much they costed but not what the base pay covered. I understand 400 dollars for labor. and if he charged 400 and 400 that would only be 800 in labor out of the 1200 dollar base pay. Stay far away from Aamco.

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terrible experience

I went to Aamco figuring that of all the little shops I hadn't heard of, when it came to my car, I would...

they stole my car and lied!

They gave me a bs estimate then tried to scam me out of $3500 in work that they said was done but the...

I was scammed at aamco!

AAMCO charged me $100 to do a transmission fluid flush and I found out that they didn't do the work!!!...

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