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This is a very long story. It starts in St. Marys, GA where a very nice and competent man named Jack Allen at the AAMCO shop replaced our transmission. The total bill was 4, 661.20. I live on disability and was only able to pay for this through the one credit card I had with that much money available on it. This was on 5/7/09. On 10/6/09, while traveling through Texas, the transmission lost 6th gear. I had it towed 112 miles to the closest AAMCO which is in Odessa, Tx. That is where the real problems began. I was told by the owner there after diagnosing the transmission that a new one would have to be shipped to him. I was also told that my clutch, throw out bearing would need to be replaced or he would have my warranty voided. He also insisted on not giving me a receipt for this work as he would then have to charge me more money even though he stated the problems with those parts were directly related to the transmission.

I was told I had to get the parts to him and pay for them myself. Mind you he had my truck; I was in a place where I knew no one; I had no means to rent a car. A very nice employee at Advance Auto Parts was able to have the parts delivered directly to Ben's shop since I had no way of picking them up. I have the receipt with HIS address on it. On 10/9/09 he contacted me and told me to come pick up the truck. I did. I then hooked my 5th wheel trailer (that is what I live in) and proceeded to leave Odessa. 28 miles into my trip the same gear blew. I promptly turned around, called Ben and brought the truck back to him. This was a Friday and he wouldn't be able to do anything until Monday. Finally, the following Wednesday (at 4pm mind you) I was on my way with yet another transmission (or so he said). It turns out (I was just informed by the transmission manufacturer) that Ben put the wrong fluid in not just the first transmission, but the second one as well. Now, 2 days before my warranty runs out I have it looked over by AAMCO in Cathedral City, Ca. (I have to be where it's warm year round due to my disabilities) and sure enough there are more problems. I knew there was something not right with 2nd gear when at a stop and 6th gear when at highway speed. This AAMCO in southern California confirmed there is a problem. Regardless of when my warranty runs out or what the problem is I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER $5000.00 to replace the transmission again. I feel AAMCO needs to not only honor this warranty but extend it in case, on my way to my next destination, I have another issue I will be able to count on not having to be stuck in the middle of nowhere because I have no money to fix what was broken by AAMCO to begin with. They are now saying that they may possibly drain the fluid out of this transmission and hopefully that will fix it; but if the fluid is wrong and has damaged some of the transmission, what good will putting the right fluid in now do? I just want to drive down the road confident in the workmanship AAMCO professes to be so concerned about. I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT the AAMCO in Ga. or in southern Ca. Both shops have/are doing their best to help me. Of course, they need to make sure they are reimbursed for their time as well.

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  • Jh
      7th of Jul, 2010

    I had a brand New Tranmission put in my car on 1.5.08 by AAMCO. By April of 2009 the Transmission had failed and I was told by the AAMCO that another Transmission was needed because I was slightly out of the warranty they provide.

    So, another Brand New Transmission was done on my car. In October of 2009 I took the vehicle back to AAMCO stating that the vehicle seemed like the transmission was having problems. AAMCO checked the vehicle and assured me that there were not Transmission problems and that the vehicle was fine.

    On June 19, 2010 I had to have my vehicle towed to the AAMCO dealership. They inspected the vehicle on June 21, 2010 and told me the 2nd Brand New Transmission had failed or slipped and that another Transmission would be needed. They said I would have to pay for another new Transmission because the warranty they provided had expired just over a month.

    This is unheard of not normal for two Transmissions to go out in two years. There is obviously a problem with the workmanship of this company. I am requesting that an inquiry be made and done for me.

    Thank You

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  • Is
      2nd of Apr, 2011

    I needed a transmission replaced so I took it to Aamco thinking that would be the best place since they are everywhere and I wouldn't have any problems with it. BUT I WAS WRONG DON'T GO THERE! I travel from Kansas City, Mo to Springfield Mo so the closest place was located in Kansas City KS. They towed it there for me then after it got there said it would be 495 just to look at it. They could of told me that before they towed it, anyway they gave me a price of 1600. By the time the transmission was fixed my bill was over $2100.00. I picked it up thinking at least I had a good transmission now. WRONG it started slipping during the first week and still is. You think if you pay that much money it would work right. Since then I've taken it to the Springfield MO location wanting them to fix it. They say no hassle with warranty and that's not what I'm getting. In order for them to do anything it has to read on their machine in order to look at it. So basically I'm stuck with a slipping transmission and no one wants to do anything about it. So take your business else where people, because all they do is screw people over!!! It's a hassle and still not fixed.

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  • Ja
      26th of Jun, 2012

    Thank you. I almost used them. It would have been Ben too. And even living here you don't want to get screwed.

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  • Ne
      6th of Jul, 2013

    On June of 2011 aamco transmissions in odessa tx. They fix the transmission on my car 2005 ford expedition, and now June/2013 at 7500 miles since they repair, transmission y broke again, first time I paid 3200 dollars I call the Japanese guy or owner, and he wants me to pay another 3000 dollars, so please guys ever go to this business unless you want give free money for bad service.

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