711 / rude customer service

Los Angeles, Californialo, United States

I have been this 7 eleven 6077 west 3rd st and gardner since 2 years there's one little girl used to work there her name is shiza and I always go to her because she deal with the customers very sweet and friendly and I see whenever I go there in the coffee section she always keep it clean that's really effect the customers and attract to come and that's why I like to go there and I like the way how she welcome to the customers with the coffee I usually go morning times between 9:30 to 11. After she left the first thing I have noticed is there is no greetings when you get in side,. I waited in line with 7 other customers all trying to pay while the three cashiers had their backs to customers holding personal conversations. And when we go to the coffee side coffee was split all over the table which looks so nasty.
When the customers were finally able to get the attention of the staff, they were met with rolled eyes, not a single greeting or "thank you" and surly attitudes. This is why I always to go that girl (Shiza) I told her some times and she always apologize for me because of them and its not happen only with me because it happens with my friends to I told them to go this store because of that girl her relations with the customers is so appreciable, and unfortunately they have same complaints like me so we decided after that girl we will never come back this stores, who have only one employee who serve her costumers good which is really bad and others who show the attitudes and rudeness no one want's to go again. I feel so bad about her if she will come back ever I will always come back to shop this store.
At least teach your other employees how to behave with the customers don't be rude, we will never come back this store. Usually I don't give reviews but this time they feel me to do that. And I wish the girl she come back too.
Located at 6077 west 3rd street la ca 90036 phone # is [protected]

May 16, 2017

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