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I went into the 7 eleven to buy some milk, as I was walking to the door, the owner rush to the door and lock it and said that it was closed. there were several people in there. I inquire why was he doing this, he said because I was black and that he didn't want any blacks in his business because he was rob before. I told him that I have money, all I wanted was some milk, he finally let me in, I got the milk and as I was walking to my car, tinley park surrounded my car because the owner called them and said that a black man rush into this store. If that aint predjudice, what is it. I can't believe that this had happen in this day and time

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      28th of Oct, 2009

    I am disabled due to a motor vehicle accident. As a result I received brain damage to the nerves in my face, causing me to sound intoxicated 24/7. One of the owners which work in the daytime frequently ask me, do you ever take a brake from drinking, are you drunk all the time, and many more. But my gripe is being charged more for my cup of coffee than is posted and than any other patrons I have seen in there buying coffee at the same time as me. The shorter owner told me I was drunk and he was charging me more because my drinking scarred away his customers and he needed to make up for it. Now I don't drink due to taking field sobriety tests for police officers every time I have contact. And I have no arrests for public drunkenness, ever. This is discrimination according to marrium Webster.

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