7-Eleven / service became very rude and almost embarrassing

North Port FloridaNorth port, United States
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I stopped at the 7eleven in north port Florida on corner of sumter and price on a Saturday evening close to my quit time 5:30 5:45 on July 9th 2016 to fill company vehicle with gas before returning to owner, I had put the wrong code in but at the time I didn't know this The pump message was to see clerk inside, I went in and one employee tried to help by running a credit against the credit card that was to be credited back for the amount not used., it was for 50 dollars . This had to be completed by another more qualified employee for me reason because signature pad froze, he gave me the receipt that showed exactly 50 dollar credit against card I went out and pumped the gas which totaled 24.50 this receipt also just showed the 24.50 amount charged to the card . The two receipts appeared to be amounts charged with no credit shown on either receipt, I returned and ask another employee if I could get a receipt that showed the entire transaction witht the 25.50 credit, he looked as if he had no idea what I was asking for He was at counter with the other two when the first transaction was done for 50.00. He said what I had not used of the 50.00 would be deposited back into the account, I ask again for a receipt that showed the amount not used deposited back into the account. He became somewhat irritated and his voice began raising when I said excuse me twice and he stopped talking so I told him not to raise his voice, he tried to say something and I said don't interrupt me, twice, I told him again, do not raise your voice at me or get mad and all out of shape to just give me a receipt that showed the deposit back into the account, he hit register and got a receipt of the 24.50 threw it on counter and said there it is, I picked it up read it and ask him to show me where the amount was deposited back into account, he said it ain't going to show that, I ask again for a receipt that showed the delisted amount, he began saying if I didn't like it that I could leave, I ask for manager, he said no manager here, I ask for the stores phone number and the managers name he said Google it if I wanted it. He said he didn't know his numbers. I ask for the stores number and managers name Again he said Google it This employee is a smart ### to begin with, an 18 or 19 year old that knows everything, very rude and has caused me never to return to that store nor will the business I was working for at the time . They have a fleet of vehicles in the road and is a transportation company in the city of north port Florida.
I couldn't let this go simply because this guy needs reprimanded by being fired for his ignorance and his disrespectful attitude towards a customer .
I must apologize because I have forgot the kids name, it was Billy The Kid or something like that, no doubt a nickname but you will know who it is just by the name on his badge is a nickname .
I will be looking for the action you take in this matter .
When I mentioned to the owner where this happened he said he had heard the employees there were like that, very rude and disrespectful to everyone so he is going to keep his drivers from using this 7eleven location in the future .

Jul 09, 2016

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