7-Elevenrude cashier

On 12th January at around 1035pm, I went to the 711 store located at Aljunied Mrt.There were a few customers there still loitering around looking what to buy.So i grab my cup noodles and a loaf of bread, when an Indian Lady Cashier shouted "hello no more already ah doing closing already" while she was doing a chinese man transaction.It was so rude of her to say that!Instead of putting a sign at the door or telling us nicely she has to shout.I had to asked her TWO times asking if i can still pay.The first one she gave me a stuck up look.The second time she answered rudely "ya doing closing nw cannot buy".What kind of a service is this?You have customers in your store wanting to buy stuffs and you shoo them away like as if we are animals!She badly needs to brush up her customer service tremendously.Very upsetting.

Jan 12, 2017

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