7-Eleven / lack of customer service

This morning I went in to get gas before work and had to pre-pay with cash. I waited in line with 7 other customers all trying to pay while the three cashiers (an older lady and two younger guys with dark hair) had their backs to customers holding personal conversations.

When the customers were finally able to get the attention of the staff, they were met with rolled eyes, not a single greeting or "thank you" and surly attitudes. How dare we interrupt their personal conversations to make them actually work!

While I was outside pumping gas, I could still see them through the window when another customer walked up to the counter to make a purchase, and all three cashiers scattered out from behind the desk to go do something else. The poor guy looked baffled and I'm surprised he didn't just walk away.

Desired resolution: Re-train these employees on the fact that they are at work to do their job, not stand around chatting with each other and ignoring customers who are just trying to buy gas or a drink before work or school. Or, hire employees with a strong work ethic who understand that they are paid to work when customers are present.

Location: 7-11 Store #68, 1041 NW 12th St, Moore OK 73160 Phone [protected], 3/24/17 7:00 AM

Mar 24, 2017

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