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7-Eleven / rude customer service

1 14200 Trinity BLVDFort Worth, TX, United States Review updated:
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On Friday 27 of June 2008, I Israel Leguizamo west to put gas at this 7eleven were I usually go tu put gas. I paid $50.00 dollars worth of gas with a $100.00 and the man at the counter said he did not have any change. So he asked if I could go and put the $50.00 worth of gas and then he would give me my change. I said that was fine it took me about 6 to 7 minutes to fill it up. It filled up with about $35.00. So I went to get my change. This is were this man (James), looked at me rude and said I was going to have to wait some more time, I answered ok that is fine. It took him 15 minutes for him to give me my change and he also yelled at me and had the nerve to tell me. "WHY ARE YOU PAYING WITH A $100. WHEN YOU ARE ONLY PUTTING $35.00), I replied because that is the only bill I have. This days with the gas prices you never know how much your tank is goung to fill up with. I been to lots of 7elevens and never been treated like this before nor had to wait for change for 15 to 30 minutes this man was upset at me because I paid with a hundred dollar bill.

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  • Jo
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    I SHOULD SUE FOR SLANDER!!! i heard a commercial on the radio sation 101.1 for seven eleven day free 17oz the smallest slurpee but did i get it NO!!!i am very pissed only reason i went there free slurpee day! i heard the commercial WAY more than once and the commercial was quite long so i wanna know where my free slurpee is and why i didnt get it and why they lied to america!!!

  • Je
      12th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    They are thee worst if its free then free refills if you buy a cup none the less a bigger cup!!!stupid idiots need to let me get a free refill ya feel me!!! next time 7eleven will know how crazy i am about my free slurpee's
    alright okay thanks take this to the board!!! and read then re-read then apologize to people like me!!!

  • Je
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    People of today need to give free slurpee's on free slurpee day it's common sense when it's free it doesn't run out buy more cups you are the store!!! This is foolishness kind of thing you people pull the date 7-11 should give me my slurpee thanks i will be waiting for my slurpee you be delivered!!!

  • Bi
      21st of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Slurpee is only for losers

  • Br
      30th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hey there darling,
    I am a seven eleven associate.. and im sorry someone was so rude to you. Seven Eleven has a very strict policy (some stores enforce it more then others) about money in the drawer. They cant have anything higher then a 5, and no more then 5, $5.00 dollar bills.. in the drawer. The "vault" is where we take out more money... up to 40 dollars, and its only given out ever 2 minutes. its set on a corporate timer. We cant control it. The fact that this boy was so rude to you, is not exceptable in the least. A situation like that would NEVER happen in my store. we are a yes store. I know my sorry wont help you feel better about how he treated you.. but i am sorry that someone was so rude to you.
    As for your commentors. about the free slurpees... i came in that night to start work at 10 and we were out of cups.. now i know how i would feel... so i found some old cups we had from a promo before that.. and those are the cups i gave out to people.. was it right.. well not for the store.. but i agree..if we are promoting free slurpees... we should have enough for everyone who comes in.. and again in our store... we are a yes store, and i made sure we stood for our word.. im sorry again to you all who didnt get any.

  • La
      2nd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I brought a candy bar and some milk from the seven eleven in Riverside California off of central and Magnolia it was about 9:00pm when I got the candy bar home I noticed it was open so I took it back and and asked to get another one the would not let me the guy said well why didn't you see it was open and I can't do nothing about . I was told to talk to manger these were his worrds So talk to him he the manger so i talked to the manager and he ingorned me. I said if had seen it was open I would of said wait a minunte this is open let me get another one
    I also had to ask for a bag and i put the milk and cany bar in a bag
    So I came back again with my mother and she told them that was bad bussiness and why would I buy a candy bar and open it and bring it back I think they are racist

  • Kr
      18th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I buy coffee at a 7-11 at my bus stop each morning, by the time i get to my job its empty and theres a 7-11 on the corner. Ithought for 1.50$ that 7-11 offers free refills on coffee and I go to refill the cup and the guy tells me that i have to pay to rfill 1.07$. Since when did 7-11 start charging for coffee refills? Ive been going to 7-11 since I was a kid and always knew the store to give free refills. AM I wrong in believeing this? And if so when did they stop giving free coffee refills?

  • Le
      29th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am a young african american guy who works daily and I cant beleive this happend. The guy(clerk #1) that worked at this 7 eleven charged me for my drink chips and hotdog. I payed. He then started to help the next person in line. I asked the other employee(clerk #2) to get the hotdog for me. He told me he couldnt. After about waiting 5 minutes I asked for a refund. At this time clerk #1 started yelling at me telling me that I had not paid him. I politely told him I had paid him and showed him the .51 cents that he gave me in chage because my meal was $3.49 and I had giving him $4.00. After more guest came into seven eleven he assisted them while I was discriminated on the side waiting in line. I asked clerk #1 to review the camera he couldnt do it. Then he was yelling back and fourth with clerk #2 and I went outside and called the police whom never arrived. At this moment I feel that I am going to take this to court because I was discriminated and he defamed my character.

  • Ay
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    While entering a 7-eleven in Laurel md on baltimore avenue, one that I usually go to, to get my 1.07 refill on my giant slurpee cup, I was told that I would be charged the same price as if I was buying 2 large drinks.which doesnt make sense because 2 large drinks is not even the same amount as the big slurpee cup.After explaing to the women that I had been coming here for over 15 years now and getting the same price on slurpees she insisted that her fellow employee over charge me, when I had just came in a few weeks before to get a refill.

  • Is
      15th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    7-Eleven is turning into a cancer, just like Walmart. Sadly, people will continue to bend over and take it in the ### for a faceless corporate conglomerate. Where most of the people that bought a store to display its franchise name are foreigners who are mostly deviod of notions such as etiquette and customer service. It's the dog-eat-dog culture that's prevalent in their countries, and like a cancer, they bring it here with no intentions of becoming "Americans"; they're virii, nothing more.

  • Se
      18th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am living in Vancouver, B.C. and I have so much complaints to make today. Because I want to gift my friends a game card called GoCash or Softnyx, I checked the closest stores around my homes by phoning them. When I ask them politely whether they have a game card called "GoCash" or "Softnyx", they either said I have customers here and hang up the phone without notice, or they reply with a very rude behavior. As a commerce student, I was greatly offended by the 7-11 rude customer service. How can a business run on like this with such horrible customer service? Well, I don't know should I put it as luckily, one of the 7-11 stores around my home just closed. Comparing to other corporations, such as McDonald's or Safeway, 7-11 is just a big statue of shame.

  • Me
      17th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went to 7 Eleven in Clearwater on Rt 580 to use the bathroom and get a pack of smokes.
    Just minutes after walking in I could already sense a negative vibe in the air by the way I the people
    that worked there were checking me out. Long story short, as I came out the bathroom the lady working there
    accused me of stealing hand sanitizer (note that my key chain has a hand sanitizer attached), they said that it was stolen as I went to use their bathroom... I was both angry and embarrassed... I tried to explain that I didn't steal anything and I walked towards the exit, the lady said that I couldn't leave the store until the store manager came back, and that's when I lost my patience, I felt even more embarrassed and even angrier and I made my way to the exit again (extremely upset). The store manager (or at least I think it was the store manager) saw me leave the store and came out with one of their hand sanitizers in hand to match it to the one that I was carrying on my key chain, the result was they're was too big to fit in my key chain. The manager walked back in and left it at that. Unless I receive some form of apology, no longer will I ever step foot at 7-eleven.

  • Cl
      30th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    well i have a lot to say. First on the free slurpee day. Its not a 17oz its 7.11 oz cups and the ads clearly state "while supply's last" and "at Participating Stores" Also its usually only one store in an area that will do the free slurpee's. 2nd keep in mind most stores are independently owned and policy's will vary, but thats no excuse for bad service. Lewis, you were not discriminated against nor was your character defamed, you just got realy bad service. Clerks like that do it to all persons i guarantee it. The clerk should have gotten your hot dog before helping the other patrons. And after you requested a refund you should have gotten it. I would have gave it to you and gave you the dog. BAD Customer service on thier part. on the refill matter - its one price up to 32oz on the slurpee and more for anything more. and one price for refills up to 44oz on the sodas with more for any lager size, e but many of the clerks dont pay attn. and charge the the lesser when it should be more. SOOOO you have been getting a deal all this time so dont complain when your charged the correct amount. As far as I know coffee refills have never been free. Now for Melvin, If someone stops and detains you for any reason even for a sec. they had better be right or its false imprisonment and a crime. Now they can ask you to stop or remain or ask to check your item .BUT you dont have to comply. Just like you do not have to stop at the door to walmart or Sams club and show your receipt. I walk right past them all the time they can not stop me, they can ask but not demand.

  • Cr
      11th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I just had the worst experience of my life at my local 7/11 in everett, wa. I have been going to this 7/11 for three years and I had a verbal sparing match with another customer in the parking lot. This girl accused me of spitting on her and ran inside to call the police. It was ridiculous but I decided to wait it out. I went inside and this tiny blond girl (who was five months pregnant and before the posters get mad she called me a filthy fat C**T before I even said a word to her). I got a drink and then asked the cashier to ring me up and the cashier ignored me. The other girl got her drink and wanted gas and he rang her up. She came back inside and was calling me filthy names while we waited for the police to the clerks. Finally I had enough and called her the "B" word and told her to shut up. One of the clerks told me to watch my mouth.. did they say anything to her? No. After the police left, which the cop told me nothing was going to come of it and he thought it was BS.. that none of the employees had seen me spit on her I went inside and asked for the manager and the names of the clerks. They refused to give me this information. I called the store later was told by one of the clerks that the manager was on vacation and she knew who I was and hung up on me. I then called later and the other clerk told me he was the manager when I called him on this he told me if I steped foot on the property they would call the cops for harrasment and hung up on me. Gee the other girl was skinny (for all she was pg) and I am fat.. makes you wonder. I know this .. I have lived here for three years and I will make sure none of my friend's or family go to a 7-eleven again.

  • Ja
      11th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I went to seven eleven in New York City (14th st, 6th Ave) and i was walking around eventually.. a guy moping the floor happens to touch my legs.. i told the boy; its ok but you should watch people walking in your store. The boy start getting mad at me... i didn't knew what was his problem but question arises that 'can't i tell him to be carefull while working. I talk with the manager and even he got mad at me all of a sudden and started talking [censor] in their own language. I said ' what the hell is this.. u made a mistake and u start talking me bad thing about me thats not good.

    Later i found that the Manager was working illegal over there. He is in F-1 status and his name is PRATIK SUBEDI. Now, i am surprised that he is not supposed to work even and he is getting mad with the customer... Now i am going complain about that guy in the immigration centre.. i am so disappointed with seven eleven company also hires crazy illegal workers.

    I was a regular customer over there. I start going there since the store opened. But now i don't prefer to go there unless that manager is fired.

  • Mi
      4th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I went to 7-11 poblacion muntinlupa, Philippines, just earlier.. I purchased 1 big size of slurpee and 1 pc. of shiopao for take out.; The cashier named Ruel (GUY or GAY). He/she was nice assisted me at first.. but when I asked to have another paper bag, he frowned at me and said, " O, ETO NA" in a big tone voice and then shrughed his shoulder.. I was confused and asked him.. "ARE YOU MAD?" (3x), but he didn't replied.. So, i left the store and told security guard that RUEL was "VERY RUDE".. I was really disappionted.. I was a regular costumer of 7-11 stores anywhere i go.. I want to have a disciplinary action on this matter.. Or get him fire if necessary..

  • Su
      14th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I understand costumers my self, i am a consumer too. But when the phrase " COSTUMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT CAME OUT"..
    PEOPLE or SOCIETY, were more respectful, it was another time, most costumer comes into a store don't even have the courteous to answer the employee the salute, or look people at the eyes, change prices, to try to get self discount, thinking employee wont notice, give you the wrong pump number, wrong color of the car, don't want to show I.D. if ask "MAY I PLEASE SEE YOUR ID. like we are suppose to remember everybody, well i am so sorry we live in a society that don know the word Respect, if the costumer will come peaceful, and respect the company policies, there would not be any friction, between the employee which is trying to do the work as the company request to be done, and then costumer will be satisfied.

  • Su
      14th of Jan, 2012
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  • Mi
      14th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have been a customer at your 7-Eleven store on forbes ave in oakland for years and the older black gentlemen that works morning shift there is still the same. He is so pleasant and nice and it makes everybody's day go smoother.
    Thank you

  • Bu
      17th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    On 10/16/12 I tried to mail a package at the 7-Eleven at Boulder and College in Henderson, NV where they have a Contract Post Office. I tried to open the door but it only opened 3" so I tried the other door which was the same. I turned and walked back to my truck. One of their employees yelled after me that he fixed the rug that was keeping the doors closed and did I want to go inside. I said no and kept going to my truck. He yelled that I was an ### hole. I tried to contact 7-Eleven Corporate Headquarters about that yesterday and today and the best I can get is a non-American who only wants compliments not complaints. I feel 7-Eleven is a terrible store, has no business greeting the public in this manner and something should be done to restrict that sort of behavior. Man, do I ever miss the good old USA! Have they never heard the customer is always right? Where do they get off calling a person an ### hole who never said a word to them but just decided not to enter their store? For SHAME on 7-Eleven!!!

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