7-Eleven / customer service

Oakland, CA, United States

October 13, 2017, Around 11 am, I entered a 7-11 location in Oakland, International Blvd, and had a very bad experience when I try to Cash my Scratcher Tickets.

I said, "can I cash this ticket please". The Middle-aged Asian Female Worker (No Name Tag) looked at me, confused. "what you want?"
I go, "I think I won $20 on this ticket"
and she said "you need scratch the barcode, there is a barcode, I need that barcode to cash the ticket"
I said, "oh well, I don't know where it is."
And, all the sudden she decided to completely ignore me. She called the next customer who behind me, and asked: "what can I do for you". without any explanation to me. And I was still standing in front of her at that time.

After a minute, another younger cashier walked in the register station. and she asked her, "do you know where the barcode is?" This younger cashier soon helped me to scratch all over the ticket, try to find it. and meanwhile, the Middle-aged cashier said (to herself or to the younger cashier, IDK) "why you play the scratcher if you don't even know where the barcode is, STUPID" in Cantonese.

As a customer, I was very irritated with her behavior. I didn't react to her comment right way. But I felt she seem to have an attitude problem. It makes me feel like, "Oh, I'm so stupid, and I probably shouldn't play the game." Talking [censor] about the customer, in front of the customer's face, and hoping the customer won't understand it? That is very unprofessional and given my 100% Asian appearance, she was definitely not thinking carefully when she made the comment.

This 7-11 is the closest convenient store/ gas station to me, about one block up the street from my house. However, I rather spend my money at another store, which about 3miles away from my house.

Oct 13, 2017

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