7-Eleven / cashiers & assistant manager

My name is Sarah Ramirez and I am going post a complaint of the manager of the 7 eleven in port Charlotte on harbor Blvd and 41. I am a regular customer and I stop in after work and get my fountain drink and snack and a male cashier I think his name is Cody is always working his [censored] off (sorry for the language) but I feel after what I've seen he deserves credit for the work he's done. Now he's in fear of losing his job because the manager told him and other workers to start looking for other employment because they weren't properly trained.. and furthermore I've seen him making the orders for the manager but yet none of them have properly been trained so why should they fear losing their jobs because your manager who is responsible to do her job doesn't do it properly. She is the one who should be in fear of losing her job for not doing her jobs... I've tried calling the complaint but put for 30 minutes. I don't understand why there is a complaint line if no one answers... my number [protected] if you further questions

May 29, 2018

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