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5/3 Bank / fees, incompotence, decptive practices

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I became a customer of 5/3 bank afer they purchased Old Kent Bank back in 2017 or 2017. I must say the only reason I bank there is becuase it is a hassle to change banks. Service when visiting a branch is always slow, has they are understaffed, and staffed by people who are very slow in performing their duties. I undertsand that the inept need jobs too, and an inept bank is as good of place as any.

5/3 bank has failed every time I have required them to do much of anything, from ordering checks to clearing deposits, to processing online requests 5/3 bank is slow and inept. They love to charge fees (I understand when you are an inept bank, run by inept bankers, and make alot of bad loans and lose a lot of money, you need to get make the money back, but is feeing the average to death the only way? Weill I guess inept is as inept does.

The best way to describe dealing with 5/3 bank goes like this: You must protect yourself and your money from this place if you choose to bank here. A bank makes money off its customers, so always expect 5/3 bank to act on behalf of 5/3 bank and not you. This bank survives by seperating you from your money, and will look to do so whenever it can legally or illgeally.

Remember it is YOUR money and YOU are granting them the honor of holding your money, they are there to serve you, and if they don't, you have choices and can move your money elsewhere.

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  • Ds
      25th of Oct, 2010
    5/3 Bank - bad business practices
    5/3 bank
    United States

    Fifth/Third Bank is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. They sure do steal your money. I went through my last 2 months statements and found several errors, including a overdraft charge just thrown in for good measure. No transaction even took place but there's a $37.00 overdraft. Debits that were supposed to be one transaction taken out 2-5 times. Would you believe neither party want to reimburse the fees that I was so blatantly charged for an obvious error. Run from 5/3.

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  • Al
      27th of Oct, 2010

    Fifth Third Bank is stealing from us. We had a car loan from a GM dealer and 5 3 would not let us pay it off. They refused to give us the account number so that we could pay it off. Before the first payment was due, we paid over 95% of the loan amount. this was the amount they told us was due. They next harassed us on Saturday, threatening us that we were in default. We finally overpaid the loan.
    We also had an extended warranty which we immediately cancelled three days after getting the loan giving us a total refund. This was part of the loan we had with 5 3 bank. They were to refund this warranty cost in full. We never received the refund check. After many calls to 5 3 bank in which they said a check was sent, they told us another check was being sent. We received a check dated the day after that last call. We deposited it in our local bank. Two weeks later, 5 3 bank stopped payment on the check effectively stealing money out of our account. Not only that, our bank charged us a fee for this. We have been calling 5 3 bank for a week and they keep giving is the run around. This is common theft. They have no intention of giving us our money back. They will not let us talk to anyone but a telephone screener.
    My advice is to run as fast as you can from Fifth Third Bank. If not, you will regret it.
    Alex Peele, Olathe, K S

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  • Mi
      1st of Jan, 2011

    I also have a complaint with 5/3 bank I just recently wrote a check out for my niece to cash at my 5/3 bank . They charged her $8.00 to cash that check b/c she didn't bank there. Hmmmm. i wonder why !!!
    That is my Money, I earned it and its mine to spend .it is NOT however for 5/3 to steal from me. and yes it stealing without my permission. I'am debating to file a police report. I could of went throught the ATM and gave her cash and wouldn't have gotten charged and when i write checks out for bills they don't charge me for that. I also my self can go to any bank and cash checks and I do not get charged !!!
    I want my money back!!!

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  • Wy
      10th of Jul, 2012
    5/3 Bank - predatory rates
    5/3 Bank
    Grand Rapids
    United States

    A $0.50 bank card overdraft fee developed because they double charged for use of a "foreign atm." While out of town and out of touch, it became $90 in 2 months and $190 in 4 months. That's an annual rate of 152000%. When asked if there's any way to settle this in a meaningful manner, the answer is, "No! Pay up!"

    These are predatory practices. There should be laws . . . !!!

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  • Ti
      13th of Jul, 2012

    What do the terms of your account say about using "foreign" ATMs?

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  • Ed
      21st of Nov, 2013

    So sad they bought First National Bank, I banked there for years First national was a very good Bank, Shortly after 5/3rd purchased First National things went South 5/3 too big and very disfunctional

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