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I had Yahoo email service for years, then all of a sudden in the past two years, I had nothing but problems, so I switched to an email service that is ONLY email service. I switched to, it seemed pretty decent at the time I was researching it.

I have some friends who have not been able to send me emails, they keep getting "mailer daemon" when they try and email me at I have also never received two important emails, which cannot be resent, so they are lost and I am screwed.

I have been emailing thier "service" email and keep getting this stupid auotmated email about having to fill out a "feedback" form even to get help with website problems. Two things wrong with, they dont list enough options on the form, and two, it doesnt matter what you write in the "feedback" form, all you get is an automated response which has NOTHING to do with my problems Im having.

Ive tried to look online for a phone number, but all I find are links to articles and complaints about this company/site. This company sucks!
There is NO customer service, and NO way to call them! Im sure if I write a letter, it will conveniently get "lost" in the mail.



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      Oct 30, 2012

    Please stop my service and billing:- INT'L [protected] 1 & 1 MAIL & MEDIA I [protected].
    Richard Stewart (STEWART QMCS Ltd) email richard.k.[protected]

    Richard Stewart.

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  • J
      Oct 02, 2013

    I agree. They are also the servers of I paid for a premier account for my business and two months in had the same problem. My emails were being rejected and not delivered. After numerous complaints they told me their servers were placed on a spam block list and although they were very apologetic, refused to cancel and give me a prorated refund. My card on file expired so it didn't pay at renewal. Now they are threatening to submit my 2nd year cost to collections and my credit report. I once again tried to cancel but they are telling me they can't cancel accounts that are past due. So they want me to pay for another year again for service that cost me time and business, and that I haven't used in 9 months before they will allow me to cancel. Unbelievable! Don't use!

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  • L
      Feb 07, 2014

    I have several email accounts with Yahoo, but they have so over imposed dynamic advertising that I can't even function on the site. Have to wit for all the ads to load before you can click whatever you need to get on with your email tasking. Plus, the ad overload has made many other functions absolutely dysfunctional. So I begin switching to GMX, but have had repeated problems logging in, even though everything is typed correctly. Also tried to begin a new email account at GMX and at the very end of the process, got "Sorry your request cannot be completed by our servers at this time." So I went to and tried using different info but got the same message. Then I realized 1&1 Media was serving them both, so I searched it out and found that others are complaining also. The customer service function is a joke. GMX gives a toll free 24/7 phone number, but a message comes on saying number no longer in service. Seems to me 1&1 may have gotten too big for its britches and can't handle it all. Mostly I am trying to find out if google is in anyway connected to 1&1. Does anyone out there know? Google's partnership with the gov is just plain spooky.

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  • R
      Sep 07, 2015

    I have some help in permanently locked out of my account. Before that I had numerous problems like everyone else yada yada. These problems are costing people money and a lot of aggravation.. I quite seriously suggest you get these problems fixed before somebody or a bunch of somebody's call a lawyer and and go to court.!

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