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1&1 Ionos reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 26, 2007. The latest review Charges was posted on Mar 5, 2021. The latest complaint 1and1.com worst web hosting service was resolved on Sep 17, 2014. 1&1 Ionos has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 102 reviews. 1&1 Ionos has resolved 54 complaints.

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1&1 Ionos Complaints & Reviews

1and1.compersonal information not removed by a site they host

1and1.com hosts the website for americandreamhorses.com. The site has a listing for a Stable we used to operate that closed over 3 years ago. Our personal home phone number (a no-call list number) is listed on the site. I have repeatedly, over a long period of time, used the contact form on the site to ask that this listing with our personal information be removed, but have never received a response nor has the listing been removed. I recently contacted 1and1.com to obtain the contact for the site administrator so I could go the next level to try to make this happen. 1and1 refused to provide me with the information, and ultimately replied with this:
Dear Sir,

Please contact [protected]@1and1.com. Thanks.

Security Team
1&1 Internet, Inc.
I used to work for a Technology company that did web hosting. I'm not an expert, but believe that 1and1 must legally remove my personal information from this site or shut it down until it is done by the responsible party.
At any rate, even if they aren't legally obligated, it is clear that they have no concern for the damage being done and aren't going to do the "right" thing. Note - "[protected]@1and1.com" e-mail is returned as non-deliverable.

Bottom Line - I strongly recommend that you steer clear of any relationship with 1and1.com and any sites they host. You may be risking the same situation we are in.

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    1and1.comterrible service and support

    I have been using 1and1 for some time, about 5 years and for a majority of the time with them I have had very little issues. However the last 12 months have become a nightmare.
    The last straw was their "new and improved control panel" which was introduced in the last few weeks. I have been unable to transfer any domains on my account as it produces a "500 page error" I have emailed every one I can and I am always replied to 2 or 3 days (And several emails) later. With the "im sorry but it is now fixed" message. Every time I get this email I try and it still does not work.

    Their support is laughable, I had a cloud server with them which was working reasonably well for some time, then it started to dissapear from the internet and streaming or large file use was impossible as the ttl was very poor. I upgraded the cloud to more ram and cores, and it never came back up. Not wanting to loose my configuration I called support, it took them 5 days to rectify the issue of which by that time I had to move my clients to another server (Another hosting company) and refund my clients for their outage. I was never given a refund for my problems, it was incurred that the server was "badly programmed" by me which was the reaosn for the problem. !!
    I have in my latest domain transfer issue emailed 28 times (I refuse to call a 0845 at 1&1 because I would rather speak to a person that is able to log my fault and with email I gwet proff of their incompetance)

    For the love of god never use 1and1 or any of their services. You would be better of having a print out of your website and wave it around the streets than to hope their systems could promote your bisuness using their servers !!.

    Btw, I would have given them a zero in the star rating but would only allow me a 1 as minimum !!

    Email extracts available on request


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      • Th
        Thehurlster Mar 17, 2011

        Other than the poor grammar, which I assume is because you are so angry you can't even see straight, I agree with you 110%. Worst Company Ever!!!

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      1&1scam business

      I tried purchasing a number of domains from 1&1/1and1.com. They took my credit card information and the site said the transaction went through and then nothing— no response from this company. I called them a little later and the stupid, stupid girl on the other end of the line couldn't understand letters or spelling for anything. After about 15 minutes of spelling out one of the domain names, she finally got it right. She said that there's a 12-24 hour delay in getting domains registered. I've registered tons of domains with other companies, and it's always basically instant. I'll be going back to these other companies, but I wanted to try 1&1 after hearing about them and seeing ads all the time in maximum pc magazine. So much for that.

      Well, after about 20 hours I called them again and the people must be out of the country since they can't understand the english alphabet. They said my order was on hold by their security team, and i'd have to check with them after the weekend to get more information.

      Overall so far, i've talked to 3 different people there and I get the feeling this company is 99% scam. I've talked with hosting and domain companies a lot, and I could tell almost right off that these people were shady and using canned, nonsensical answers that were having us go in circles. I was able to register my domains elsewhere before they got their paws on them thankfully, but people should know that this company is bad, bad news!!!

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        • Sa
          Saathoff Jun 03, 2016

          No significant issues until I purchased a new hosting plan a week ago and initiated an internal domain transfer. After a week and half dozen calls to "Tech Support" the sites are still down. Their response is "the issue has been escalated and we have no communication or visibility with the transfers department until it is resolved, you will receive a response when the issue is resolved." Of course that is a very poor support model. Also, they refuse to escalate to anyone with authority over the transfers department. Overall, I was a satisfied customer until I had a problem that they seemed unable to resolved and they were content to leave my domains inaccessible indefinitely.

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        • 1a
          1 & 1 INTERNET Dec 09, 2011

          1AND1.COM This is a fraudulent company and unformed. Not accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau). Keep and not to delete your personal information and credit card. Billing is days after order with higher values than those agreed. Your domain can go in redemption period and finally you can lose your domains.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        1&1poor customer service and multiple issues

        They offer low costs hosting options, which is what initially attracted me to their service. If your needs are fairly basic, and you need only the most basic support, this might make 1&1 a good option. However, I quickly encountered a number of issues with their service, not the least of which was simply how they treated me as a customer.

        When I first signed up, they took a strong password that I selected and silently truncated it. Rather than informing me that the password was too long (And you really shouldn't restrict password length that much as longer passwords are more secure) , they cut it short. This guaranteed that I could not know what my password was, and would have to get it reset. Their password reset feature was also poorly implemented as it sent me the original password (Truncated in this case) in an email. This should never be done. As they rightly pointed out, email is not really secure and someone could have intercepted that password. Imagine if I had given them the password I use for online banking.In general, it is a good practice not to even store the user's password on your servers, but to use a salted hash. A competent it professional should know how to implement these additional security precautions. Instead of emailing the password, they should have used a temporary reset code, valid for a short time, to limit the risk from having the email intercepted.

        When I reported the issues with their handling of passwords and password resets, I received this reply:

        "dear customer,

        Thank you for contacting us.

        If you have any suggestions regarding your system, you are welcome to post it on forum.1and1.com. For complaints, please send an email to [protected]@1and1.com.

        If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. "

        I had very clearly explained the issues (And how to fix them) and it should have been forwarded to someone who could fix it, and I should have received a follow up explaining how the issues were being addressed. It should be obvious that a public forum is not the place to discuss security issues. The reply suggests they were too lazy to think about who should fix the problem, and may not have even really read the email, since they aren't sure whether I was "suggesting" or "complaining".

        I further encountered issues with their server configuration. Ordinarily, the multiviews feature of apache allows you to use links to / page and if you have implemented it with php, apache will find / page. Php and use it when the link to / page is clicked. The advantage of this is that if, in the future, you decide to use python for this page instead, you replace / page. Php with / page. Py and the links to / page are unaffected (See "cool uris don't change", by tim berners-lee ). However, on 1&1's servers, this didn't work for scripts. So the link to / page would work for / page. Html, but not for / page. Php or / page. Py, etc.

        In trying to resolve this issue, I found the first line of support was not competent to handle this sort of thing, in fact, they seemed to have a hard time understanding the issue. After carefully explaining the issue in detail, I was asked for screenshots. After illustrating the issue step by step with screenshots, and carefully explaining what was occurring versus what I wanted and why, I was told that I needed to add the ". Php" extension to my links. Of course, I had already explained that this was what I specifically wanted to avoid, why I wanted to avoid this, and how it ordinarily should work (As it did on my server at home). All together it took five emails before the issue was escalated to a higher level of technical support and eight days to get a reply from them. They were able to propose a work around using mod_rewrite, but this had been a lot of trouble for what should have been a relatively simple problem, and the delay in getting competent support was unacceptable in my opinion. If this had been an active business site (And it was supposed to be a business class hosting package) , this would have certainly been unacceptable.

        I eventually decided that I would be better off doing the hosting myself and just keeping the domain names registered with 1&1. I told them when I asked about this option that I believed that there should be no extra cost for the downgrade, based on what I had already paid for the initial package. I was given instructions on how to perform the downgrade via their web interface. The web interface clearly stated the cost of changing the package was "$0.00". However, I soon received an invoice for an additional charge. When I wrote about this, the reply I received bordered on being rude. It gave an explanation of the invoice and concluded with, "thus, the invoice is valid and is non-refundable. " it failed to address the complaint that I had been explicitly told in
        Advance there would be no charge, and didn't even have the manners to throw in a "sorry for the misunderstanding. "

        The lack of basic customer service and courtesy was a bigger issue for me than any of the technical issues. When I decided to leave their service entirely, I explained all of these issues to them, essentially offering them another chance to make it right and win me back as a customer. They didn't care enough to reply. They simply don't value their customers that much. I could not recommend their service to a friend, or to anyone, really. I might mention them as a low-cost option for someone with relatively basic needs, but with caveats about their poor customer service.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          1 And 1 Internet Ltd'unpaid debt' scam

          My daughter bought an internet 'package' from 1 and 1 in October 2008 (for an online retail business). This 'package' included a domain name. However, within a matter of days she decided that the 'package' wasn't apropriate and she arranged with 1and1 to switch to a different 'package' with a different domain name. The 1and1 staff member who dealt with this transfer advised her that payments (present and future) for the original domain name would be transferred to the new domain name.

          However, the staff member apparently didn't log this transfer onto my daughter's account, so she has been continually billed for the unused/unwanted/defunct domain name. One would imagine that this would be an easy issue to resolve: not so! Unfortunately 1 and 1 are notoriously difficult to communicate with. They employ staff in an Asian call-centre who have a very poor grasp of the English language, and once they become 'confused' by what is being said to them they simply hang up. Writing to 1and1's London-based HQ results in non-replies.

          1and1 have now transferred the alleged debt to a company called Arvato Finance Services Ltd (based in Hull, UK) I spoke to a member of their staff yesterday - I explained that the blame for on-going issue with regard to 'unpaid' bills for the original domain name lie squarely with the 1and1 staff member who obviously failed to log details of the transfer of billing from the first name to the second.

          The Arvato debt collector refused to accept this fact. He said 1and1 had not provided them with information about the switch from the original domain name to the current one - so as far as they (Arvato) are concerned, my daughter still has two 'live' domain names - and she has failed to keep up the payments for one of them!

          So our dispute is on-going. 1and1 have now stated that they are no longer dealing with 'the case' - they have transferred the entire matter over to Arvato - and unfortunately Arvato are unwilling to examine our evidence. (Actually, they like to portray themselves as a bunch of 'heavies' - they've already threatened to send 'agents' around to my house to confront me over the £25.56p debt!)

          My advice to anyone considering doing business with 1and1 Internet Ltd is to keep a record of all dealings with them - phone calls, emails, letters - because at some point in the future you will need to refer to them as 'evidence'!

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            1 And 1 Internet Hostingbilling and collections practices

            I had website that was transferred from another hosting service to 1 and 1. Upon the year it was time for the company to renew the web domnain name, which they refused. I contacted the old company, they refused becaused they were not hosting it, and I contacted tucows, who owned it and they refused to register the domain naem to me. I went through a circus between the 3 for several months and I finally requested in writing to cancel the account and services.

            I didn't hear anything until I started receiving collection action from nco financial who started harrassing me even when I faxed them a copy of an emails where I cancelled the services.

            I then called supervisor "damien" at 1 and 1, who then found my record and claimed that I had altered my request to cancel the services and so forth. Let's just say that I wasn't the happiest person.

            I then sent emails to everyone I could think of at 1 and 1, some got bounced back, some did not. Some valid email address includes [protected]@1and1.com, [protected]@1and1.com, [protected]@1and1.com. And I sent one overseases wher they were based out of.

            I also filed compalints with the attorney generals office in pa and the better business bureau against not only the practices of 1 and 1, but also their collections and such.

            I finally received an email from 1 and 1 indicating the following:
            We understand that your your customer id #xxxxxxxxxaccount was passed to nco financial, the collection agency that we use.

            We had transferred your domain (Xxxxxxxxx.Org) to another registrar. This domain was transferred from our system and is now currently registered and hosted with the service of your choosing.

            However, the hosting service (Business linux hosting) and the second domain in your account (Xxxxxxxxxxx) have remained unchanged in your customer id #xxxxxxxx account. Neither of these services were altered or cancelled through our online cancellation service. If you had gone to http://cancel.1and1.com with your customer id and password, you can cancel any individual services on your account or cancel your service entirely.

            Both the business linux hosting and the xxxxxxxxx.Net domain name remain active and billing under your customer id.

            Although, we have since read through your complaint and understand that you wish to cancel these services immediately. As such, I have set this customer id #xxxxxxxxx account to cancel with immediate effect.In this, you will not be any further billed or invoiced for either of these services.

            As well, we are removing your outstanding balance with nco financial. We are removing your account from collections.In addition. Nco financial will remove you from any list that they have. There will be no more money owed to either 1&1 or nco financial regarding this customer id #xxxxxxxxxaccount.

            We apologize for any confusion caused throughout this process.

            Thank you.

            Joseph quinn
            Complaints department
            1&1 internet inc.

            When you have the complaint don't give up and don't give in until you get what you need done. The corporate office is in pa for the us and they are based outside of the us...In the end it was the better business bureau who ended up communciating with the company an who alerted me of the action that 1and 1 took to resolve the complaint by cancling the account and removing any "outstanding balance" that they were attempting to collect after.

            Lesson learned, contact the better business bureau regarding any on line business to see if they are credible and if they have any complaints filed with them. You will save yourself alot of harrassments and disruption for doing this.

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              • Ba
                Barb10 Jun 25, 2015

                What is the email to Joseph Quinn?
                I used [email protected]&1.com but it bounced back.
                Thank you

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              • Dd
                DDeGrandpre Feb 09, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                The more I dig, the more I realize how poor 1and1 practices are! I've already filed a complaint with the FCC and cc'd the FTC. I'll be hitting them all by the end of the week. There are enough big companies out there that think they can strong arm the little guys into paying extortion for taking their domains and holding them hostage for fees the customer didn't owe!!! Unbelievable. Nearly two years ago I moved my Web site, MainStreetPR.com to a new host: HostGator.com. I cancelled my hosting with 1and1. What did they do? They apparently failed to process the cancellation. Then came the collection calls by NCO Financial. I disputed the debt due. So, here I am today. 1and1 is no better than the Mafia. They are holding my domain hostage in exchange for extorting $88.92! A big global company and they want me to pay for their errors! HAH. Next stop...the FTC, the BBB, the California Dept. of Consumer Affairs, California Atty General, PA Atty General, Philadelphia Regional Office...Let's see where else I can go. It is now a matter of principle.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              1and1.comsneaky business practice

              I have used 4 other domain registration providers with no complaints before came across 1&1 recently. I looked up their price and thought they should be ok just for domain registrations. On their ads they say they give a free e-mail account when you order a domain name. I ordered 2 names but was only able to set up the first one for the first domain name. When I called their tech support I was told that the free e-mail allowance was "contract based". That is, you will get only one e-mail account regardless of how many domain names you order, if they are all ordered at the same time. I asked the tech support if I had ordered the second one seperately would I get another free e-mail account and she said yes.

              I went back to their web site and checked the terms and conditions, there is no mention of such "contract based" thing.

              I see a law suit coming.

              sneaky business practice

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                • Sm
                  smithgary32 May 30, 2012

                  1and1 is a piece of crap their help center has been trying to help me for over a month and a half. I have faxed the paper work 5 times and received my confirmation that it sent but they have yet to get it. and every time I call it always seems to be someone else's fault never theirs!! my previous web host got my email screwed up or i need to call the other domain server to release it and all along every week they call me after business hours and leave me a message that I have done all that i need to do they will have my web site up in 2 days. when you ask to speak to a supervisor you can only talk to a dumb ### named IAN and he is as high as you can go with out emailing a complaint, and his attitude suxs. he is a class AA dumb ### that needs the hell beat out of him. wish I could get my hands around his throat! If I had not already tore my web site down I would say heck with 1and1 and find a 3 year old that I;m sure would be more competent to run a web page than these ###s.

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                • 1a
                  1and1 sucks Feb 17, 2011

                  I completely agree. I have had a horrible experience with 1and1. I canceled my service with them and over a year later they start billing me repeatedly. I had to threaten a lawsuit, and fight with them with numerous phone calls and a dozen emails. They only refunded half my money. I was tricked for the other half, when they told me that I had not "followed through" with the cancellation process e-mail they had sent over a year before. (note: if you try and log back into your account, after it has ended they will automatically start charging you again) Now, they are holding my domain hostage till I give them a "proper credit card." (I told my bank they were illegally charging me and to block them, so now they are unable to keep charging me) What a bunch of f***** a*******.

                  0 Votes

                1and1.comstay away from this company!

                Stay away from these idiots - they won't even get your name right!

                An it employee from my company was terminated. He stole and registered our company's website domains under his own name. My company paid for the website with a company credit card. When confronted with returning the website into my company's name - the ex-employee refused.

                When 1and1 was requested to turn over the website into our company name - 1and1 refused.

                These people are worthless - they would rather side with a two-bit thief rather than investigate and take the appropriate action that was warranted for a medium sized business.

                When asked to speak with their owner / ceo - their customer service reps. Refused!

                Stay away from these idiots - you have been warned!

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                  • Ir
                    Irina Borschenko Jul 24, 2011
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    STAY AWAY from 1and1.com!
                    I cannot agree more! I am surprised how many people still complain on them and this crooked company still exists and prospers!!! Amazing how these dishonest businessmen with their blocked address defensive comments on this site can do business for years with so many complaints from customers!!!
                    I was tortured by their "business" for over a year. They use your credit card and continue charging it saying that you clicked a mouse with the agreement for 1 year.
                    All normal companies cancel the services on the first request of a client.
                    This company lives out of charging the credit cards of unfortunate clients who wanted their service once.
                    The crooks found the way to protect themselves by "the letter of law".
                    Unfortunately law let free criminals, and sentence innocent people.
                    Well, good luck to everybody and
                    DO NOT USE 1and1.com services if you do not want a headache and lose your money!

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  1and1.combilling problems and collection complaints

                  This ridiculous company doesn't contact you when there is a problem with billing. Instead, they lock your account and forward it to a disreputable collection agency that fails to identify who they are looking to speak to and frequently makes hang-up calls. When I contacted 1and1 today to try and resolve the billing problem, noting the $18.95 late fee they have added, they told me they cannot process the payment and that I have to call nco financial services. What a bloody joke - nco financial services wants an $8 processing fee for over the phone credit card transactions. I am taking my complaint to the bbb.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    1&1horrible money trap

                    I started out with 1&1 around 5 months ago. Recently I found a company offering better rates so I went to cancel my service. I removed my billing information from their site and then called support. They cancelled my service. When the renewal time rolled around (Last week) , lo-and-behold I get charged my normal monthly fee. I thought, "well, maybe it was a mistake. " so I called them and after being told that there would be a refund within 2 business days, they hang up on me. Its now been 6 days and I have yet to receive my apparent refund. This morning I called in and asked to speak to a manager, I was on hold for 10 minutes before someone picked up and asked what my problem was, when I explained the story, the manager said that they do not give refunds and hung up on me.

                    Stay far far away from 1&1, they steal your money and are horrible with their customer support.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      1and1.com — customer service

                      1and1 internet is the worse provider in the u. S. There services is overpriced compared to the other...

                      1and1.com — continuing billing after canceling

                      I canceled this company services on january 2, 2010, both by internet and writing a physical letter to their...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      1&1deceptive practices

                      1&1 has a terrible negative billing / deceptive practices structure that makes it impossible to transfer out your domain. They obscure information on how to transfer away, they make the cacel.1and1.com site deceptive and confusing to intentionally obscure the process, and then lay out traps to cancel your policy in a way that they can then charge you $40 to reinstate the domain.

                      In my case, I paid for a domain (with 2 months remaining) and attempted to transfer away, but the domain remained 'locked'. I also requested to cancel the account. The domain transfer failed and they would not undo the cancellation (even though it says you can for up to 3 days). Now, they want to charge $40 to reinstate a domain I already paid for, and then charge me again for the domain registration.

                      Forget about customer service — they’re useless. Stay away at all costs — once you’re in their grip they’ll never let you go without fees and underhanded techniques to trap you.

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                        • Mz
                          mzahner Jul 25, 2016

                          I cannot begin to say enough bad about this 1&1, from their poor product to their awful online instructions to their unbelievably incompetent tech help. Seriously, all I needed was to set up a simple domain, forward it and set up one email account and it took 5-7 calls, and close to 2 MONTHS! The tech people, who literally speak as though they're in 4th grade, gave me exact wrong information, which I questioned at the time, but they assured me it was correct. In both instances, they were in fact wrong. And I am talking basic computer maneuvers. I cannot wait to dump them, and go back to Go Daddy.

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                        • Mi
                          mikewarren Jul 25, 2016
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I feel like an idiot. I was sucked in by the cheap monthly fees and its was a HUGE mistake. 1&1 is either a scam or they are the worst service provider I have ever seen. I cancelled my renewall a week before it was due by email and even followed up by phone to confirm. Weeks later I started getting emails and finally someone agreed that it should have been cancelled. Now months later after not hearing from them I am getting collection calls and letters. I am emailing 1&1 and and I get boilerplate answers saying I didn't reply so the froze my account so I would contact them and then sent me to collections. First of all no one EVER tried to contact me and secondly, what account!!! I freakin cancelled it! Thats the whole point. This is what you get with 1&1 and it is mind knumbing. I dont care how little money you have to spend...1&1 is not a company to deal with. Run as fast as you can! I could go on and on but I've wasted enough of my time on these idiots.

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                        • Bi
                          Biver Jul 25, 2016
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I chose and paid for a site through http://www.1and1.com. The site did not work for me. They called and asked if I wanted to renew. I said NO. SO, they turned me over to collection for the renewal charges. When I called they said it was my fault because I didn’t cancel my unwanted renewal. I spoke to others and this is there standard practice.

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                        • Ja
                          jamesbill Jul 25, 2016
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          In 2011 I informed them to cancel my domain name and stop charging me. But this year they charge me again. After calling them and showing the email of 2011, they admitted they got the information but did not cancel it. But they insist I have to pay although it's their fault. Otherwise they will send the bill to debit collector. What a ###ing joke.

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        1and1.com — refused to cancel/delete my account then sent me to collections.

                        I recently used 1and1.com to purchase around 60 domains. After 10 months I realized that 1and1.com is a scam...

                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        1&1 Internet, Inc.collection agency nco financial

                        I have four domains listed with 1&1. Normally when the term expires your domain reverts back to the hosting company or becomes available. NOT SO with 1&1!
                        Next thing I know I get a letter from a collections agency for $17, 98 plus $8 "convenience fee"!
                        I can expect a similar letter for each domain I have with 1&1.
                        I called them and complained, to no avail. I requested authorization codes to transfer the domains which they sent immediately. However, they also blocked my abillity to unblock my domains. I only found that out when I received a message from GODADDY that they were unable to complete the transfer. According to technical support only "billing" would be able to unblock these domains. This would appear to be an incredibly unethical manner of doing business! I'd be embarrased to be working for such a company.

                        Needless to say that in my opinion and experience they are a very bad company to deal with.
                        SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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                          • Ab
                            Abul Hasnat Oct 29, 2012

                            This company must stop credit score organizations to complain against people.

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                          • We
                            webwatch Jun 15, 2010

                            I had the same terrible experience with registrar. Their account manage is atrociously difficult to navigate.

                            To cancel you have to go a seperate website. Then again you are not sure which domains you cancelled because they disclose only the "package number" in the cancellation notice. I thought I had cancelled the domains...but out of the blue I start receiving collection notices.

                            Next my account is frozen and I could not access the rest of my domains. Customer service is as good as non-existent. Stay away from this registrar!!

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          1&1cancellation maze - collections agency

                          So I bought two websites, one for me and one for my wife. After a year’s time I found I had no time to even create them let alone maintain them so I wanted to cancel. In good faith I went to the website and searched for the cancellation area, well hidden of course! As a matter of fact they have an entire website dedicated just to cancellations, which tips you off as to how complex this becomes... I submitted the cancellation, saw a cancellation email come into my inbox and moved on. Then I started getting these emails about unable to bill my card, so I think great because I don't want you to I cancelled! Next thing I know I get a letter from a collections agency! Yes, for a measly $29 they submit me to a collections agency for a package I thought I had cancelled!!! So of course I call them and explain my utter desertification with this and they just tell me "sorry, we sent you an email...". So come to find out there is this elaborate process of cancelling different portions of your package and if you don't get it right... well they will charge you, charge you late fees and submit you to a collections agency until you get it right! So ended up paying even more money now to the collections agency, which I had to do of course, then I have to go back to 1&1 to "properly" cancel my package, then being the generous and gracious company that they are, they will refund the un-used portion of my package. All that to say, SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! There are plenty of good companies out there who don't want to screw you over $29! Happy trails!

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                            • He
                              Herschel Mar 23, 2010

                              Many of us have had issues with 1&1 Internet. It’s time we got together to do something about it. They usually get away with the small charges because most people pay to make it go away (and 1&1 is extremely persisent over a couple dollars).

                              I’ve started a facebook group to start gathering people together to share stories and tactics to resolve any alleged wrongdoings:

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                            • Ca
                              Candleman Feb 24, 2010

                              I had four domains registered with 1and1.com for four years. My credit card expired and my email address changed. I had no further interest in the domain names. My street address was known to 1and1 but they charged my account with the cost of renewal and sold the account to NCO Financial, a collection agency instead of writing me. That collection agency has been fined many times for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They operate under many different aliases in different states. They have been fined by state agencies many times. If you ask them a “difficult” question they will hang up on you. Ref.: http://www.callferret.com/nco-financial-systems.html

                              1and1 is essentially a German company (United Internet AG, predecessor: 1&1 EDV-Marketing GmbH, in Montabaur, Germany (1988)) that is trying to implement their German ways (befehl ist befehl) of doing business here in America.
                              If you have a subscription they will insist on your pro-active instructions to terminate that subscription as opposed to the local custom to let it expire if you are not paying for an extension. Once they sell the account to NCO they lock your domains so that it is not possible to transfer them without you having paid NCO. If you do not pay NCO they will continue to charge your account for renewals until you pay. Meanwhile NCO keeps adding interest and collection charges plus “convenience fees”, “costs” and “other charges.”
                              Because the amounts involved are small ($8, 99 per domain) it does not pay to hire an attorney but they rake in many dollars that way. Then once they unlock your domain and you transfer it they still invoice you for another year. Your credit rating may be destroyed and you may have to pay twice for the same domain name.
                              The only way to take action against them is to file a class action suit. Their actions are unconscionable and unethical to state it mildly.
                              With the BBB they rate an F, the lowest rating!
                              Do research before you end up in the clutches of 1&1!

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            1&1 Internet, Inc.unfair charge

                            I received a letter from NCO financial services stating that a debt of $41.94 and $18.95 is due to 1&1 Internet services. First of all I have not used this service in more than 1 year. I was sent a form in the mail for a renewal of the account that said to renew the account all I needed to do was to return the information. I did not return the information so I assumed that the account had expired and was closed. I NEVER received a call from this company about a renewal of my account and that a debt was due and was going to be sent to a collection agency. The amount due is a renewal fee and I did not renew this account and did not use the account so the amount due is a unfair charge owed and I would greatly appreciate it if you drop the charges owed. Any further action taken on my behalf will go to the Better Business bureau. Account# k10122925

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                              The complaint has been investigated and
                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              1and1.comworld's worst webhosting company

                              There are so many choices for webhosting and web domains. Do NOT make the mistake that I did and utilize 1 and 1.
                              Run away, and run fast. This company sent my name/account to collections without my knowledge. I did not ask, nor did I want my account to renew. Their service was so poor. I did not update the credit card they had on file for my account because I expected that my domain would expire on the expiration date (through which I was paid in full). No, they charged me anyway, for a service that I did not want. They then assessed late fees. Then, althought they say they 'made a call to the phone number on file' they went ahead and sent my account to collections! I then had to deal with one of the worst collection agencies ever, pay for a service (plus late fees) that I did not authorize, nor want AND I also had to pay the collection agency a 'service fee.' I contacted 1 and 1 to explain that I was unaware that my account was being charged, although I did not renew and they blamed me for not getting their calls.

                              I encourage you to avoid this company at all costs.

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                                • Ph
                                  Phillip Taylor Oct 05, 2010

                                  If you're thinking about doing business with 1 and 1 internet, then you may want to reconsider after your done reading this article.

                                  1 And 1 Internet provides a range of services from web and dedicated servers. They are considered one of the worse companies in the U.S when it comes to providing technical support and customer services.

                                  If you're thinking about getting a dedicated server with them, then do not expect to receive very technical support. If you try asking a simple question about Plesk that is installed on their servers, you will get a response we do not support it.

                                  Comparing the price on the dedicated servers with the other providers listed on google.com, 1 And 1 Internet is way over price. You can compare some of the prices using this link http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=cheap+dedicaed+linux+servers&aq=f&aqi=m1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai= or go to http://www.santrex.com.

                                  1 And 1 Internet can even do a simple process of syncing there email between their billing and cancellation system that is used to cancel your account.

                                  If you want to make a complaint against the company do no except a response from 1 And 1 Internet.

                                  If you have a complaint about 1 And 1 Internet, then you should file your complaint by going to http://www.bbb.org. They will listen to you and they keep a total numbers of complaints that they receive against the companies.

                                  As of October 4, 2007 here is total number of complaints that have been filed against 1 And 1 Internet Inc.

                                  Find out more about this business:
                                  Reported on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 3:56 PM
                                  * BBB Accreditation
                                  * BBB Rating
                                  * Business Contact and Profile
                                  * Alternate Business Names
                                  * Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
                                  * Licensing
                                  * Customer Complaint History
                                  * Government Actions
                                  * Advertising Review
                                  * Additional Information
                                  BBB Accreditation
                                  Back To Top
                                  This business has not been accredited by BBB.
                                  Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, and some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation.
                                  To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses must pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.
                                  BBB Rating
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                                  Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F
                                  Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings.
                                  Reasons for this rating include:
                                  * Number of complaints filed against business
                                  * Failure to respond to complaints filed against business
                                  * Number of complaints filed against business that were unresolved
                                  * Number of serious complaints filed against business
                                  * Overall complaint history with BBB
                                  Business Contact and Profile
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                                  Name: 1 And 1 Internet, Inc.
                                  Phone: [protected]
                                  Address: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300, Chesterbrook, PA 19087
                                  Google map Mapquest map Yahoo map

                                  Business Category: Internet Services
                                  eMail: [email protected]

                                  BBB file opened: December 31, 2003
                                  Business started: May 2003
                                  Business started locally: May 2003
                                  Primary Contact: Mr. Oliver Mauss (CEO)
                                  Complaint Contact: Mr. Joseph Quinn (Complaints Director)
                                  Other Contacts: Mr. Frederick Iwons (U.S. General Manager)
                                  Mr. Dirk Moreno (V.P. Customer Care)
                                  Alternate Business Names
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                                  1 & 1 Internet Inc
                                  1 and 1
                                  Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
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                                  [protected] (FAX)
                                  Customer Complaint History
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                                  The company's size, volume of business and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company has handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgment on the validity of complaints filed.
                                  Number of complaints processed by the BBB
                                  in the last 36 months: 806
                                  in the last 12 months: 249
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                                  Selling Practices (66 complaints)
                                  46 Resolved
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                                  Advertising Issues (17 complaints)
                                  13 Resolved
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                                  Service Issues (113 complaints)
                                  91 Resolved
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                                  Customer Service Issues (3 complaints)
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                                  Credit or Billing Disputes (464 complaints)
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                                  Refund Practices (49 complaints)
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                                  Product Quality (10 complaints)
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                                  BBB Reliability Reports generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Reliability Reports are subject to change at any time.
                                  If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted the BBB for a BBB Reliability Report.
                                  ID: 1040770
                                  Report as of: 10/5/2010 3:56 PM

                                  The CEO of 1and1.com has no control over there employees and they treat there customers like [censor].

                                  The link for the site is http://www.dc.bbb.org/report.html?national=y&compid=1040770

                                  You can you also reach me on irc.cyberchatnet.com

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                1&1account not cancelled

                                I had a domain with 1&1 which I cancelled with them. They did not cancell it and continued to charge me. Emailing the domain which I assumed had been cancelled and was no longer using, to advise me of the bills. They have now passed it on to a debt collection agency for £11. I have advised them I will not be paying this and expect to have the debt written off, also requesting it to be passed on to their Director of Customer Services / Compalints.
                                This is the most recent reply from them:
                                I know the previous response might not have been the response that you
                                were looking for. However, this is the response we need to give. This
                                is a situation where the account was left delinquent for some time and
                                that caused our automated system to pass this account to collections.
                                Despite these actions not grasping your attention, these were honest
                                efforts to contact you. As an internet company, email is our preferred
                                use of contact. Furthermore, when the account is further delinquent, we
                                suspend the service. We have give ample time and notice for this
                                account. There is nothing we can do at this point. I am sorry.

                                If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


                                John Keefer
                                Customer Service
                                1&1 Internet Limited

                                This is the reply Ihave sent:

                                You still have not even tried to resolve this complaint. this is a
                                complaint with yourself which you need to deal with and judging by the
                                following web sites I am not alone with this problem.







                                This list goes on and on.

                                This seems to be a reoccuring issue you have with many which needs to
                                be resolved. The account was closed with you and not used. You then
                                continued to charge me, and as I was no longer using it, assuming it
                                had been closed, was not aware.
                                This is not acceptable by any means.
                                I have requested for this to be passed on to the Director of Customer
                                Services/Complaints (I assume this is the same in your company) and I
                                expect it to be.
                                I will start loggin this on the above websites, maybe then you will
                                take some appropriate action.
                                James Dennis

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                                  • An
                                    andy wood May 01, 2012

                                    Had problem cancelling my account they would not cancel it after trying to talk with him on phone sent to [Philippines and USA whats all that about ] waste of time do not listen to you they then sent my account to collection team and giving 7 days to pay up or go to court I paid the 86.00 by cheque. Now I can take them to a small claims court to recover the amount owed plus expenses they now have 14 days to comply lets see how they like me taking them to court

                                    0 Votes
                                  • Je
                                    Jetjem Apr 12, 2010
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    Not enough space to to tell you all the problems I have had with this company. Only to say they are a complete rip off, none communicating, arrogant, faceless imbeciles who believe that they can bully illegal payments out of unsuspecting clients. My message is Think Again One & One, I LOVE TO FIGHT BULLIES.
                                    My Story-- In a nutshell.
                                    I cancelled my contract in advance of the end of contract; again, again, again and again to no effect, and after several premium phone calls, emails from me and none communication from One&One. I eventually discovered that because THEY had issued a demand IN ADVANCE the only way to clear my account was to pay my contract IN ADVANCE and then have it returned to me!!! If I was lucky, What planet do they work from?
                                    My answer was quite simple NO CHANCE.
                                    Since then I have had several demands from a debt collection agency and still no replies from One&One.
                                    I have informed the debt collection agency that they are acting on false information.
                                    They have sent out another demand.
                                    I am now sending One&One a demand for my time and services dealing with this matter, strangely it is the same amount they are demanding from me!
                                    I am also looking into the legalities of a debt collection agency knowingly acting on false information.
                                    Also I am seeking advice on One&One demanding a payment for a debt that does not exist. I ask the question-----Is this legal?
                                    Will Trading Standards or the Police be interested?

                                    0 Votes
                                  • He
                                    Herschel Mar 23, 2010

                                    Many of us have had issues with 1&1 Internet. It’s time we got together to do something about it. They usually get away with the small charges because most people pay to make it go away (and 1&1 is extremely persisent over a couple dollars).

                                    I’ve started a facebook group to start gathering people together to share stories and tactics to resolve any alleged wrongdoings:

                                    0 Votes

                                  The complaint has been investigated and
                                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                  1and1.comillegal fees and unlawful practices

                                  those people are big time crooks...
                                  I've chosen for a trial (30 days free of charge) day Website Builder Plus. After 2 weeks I tried cancel it myself, it was impossible to do it on my own... so I contacted them via email. They instructed me to call them (every call is over 10 min with every simple things, call center is in Philipines and their 'English' is almost impossible to understand, and it's over 2 pounds for every single call; not mobile though!)
                                  I called them and gentleman confirmed cancellation, said I won't be charged. I asked for a confirmation email, he promised to do so, and I never got it. Week later those [protected]@@@@@s sent me an invoice for over 17 pounds !!! I am in the middle of struggle, but be aware !

                                  1 and 1 is a phony company and their practices are unlawful.
                                  keep away of them

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                                    • Re
                                      Reviewer55131 Oct 25, 2015
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      I registered a web domain name at 1and1.com for 99 cents for first year, and $20 per year thereafter. A salesperson signed me up for an expensive web hosting plan without my permission. When I found an unauthorized $240 charge on my credit card, I cancelled my account and asked for a refund. They refused to refund my money, claiming that “the refund period has expired”.

                                      0 Votes
                                    • Bj
                                      bjjranger May 20, 2012

                                      This company charged my account and activated their service under my name without my authorization!!! The person i spoke to stated the account is under my name and my address and they are waiting for further details for the website??? Wtf i never signed up for anything or any service from them. They mentioned i had to contact billing to close my account?? I never opened the account... i said multiple times...eventually he hung up on me. Now i'm heading to the band after a weekend of canceling my debit card...Funny thing is i just used this card the other day for the first time...and this company shows up on my bank statement.

                                      Crooked company

                                      0 Votes
                                    • Or
                                      ORCHARD BANK CARD RIPOFF Dec 04, 2009

                                      feel this is a rip off

                                      0 Votes
                                    • Or
                                      ORCHARD BANK CARD RIPOFF Dec 04, 2009

                                      Orchard credit card company or also know as HSBC IS A RIP OFF!!!
                                      They call over and over again even when you have made payment arrangements. I was called two time during our Sunday Morning worship service. We had already made arrangements to pay on tue. They called again three times on Mon. Then when I called back to make a payment they said they could not talk to me because I was not the primary cardholder. Funny they had been calling my no. for a week about the same account. They when we called to make a payment they said our debit card would not go through. I called the bank the money was there and there was no reason it should have not gone through. Just another way to collect more late fees.

                                      0 Votes
                                    • Gu
                                      guest777 Nov 26, 2009

                                      here is they answer :

                                      Dear Mr ...

                                      Thank you for contacting us.

                                      Regarding on your concern, I have read your concern and I understand
                                      that you have completed the cancellation. Just to confirm the Website
                                      Builder Plus feature is already cancelled from your account. This is
                                      something that you need to check with our billing as to why you've been
                                      charged for this feature that you have cancelled. As much as I would
                                      like to help you with this but I can find any detailed informations
                                      about payment as we don't have full access. With this please be advised
                                      to contact our Billing Department at this number [protected] option
                                      4 or send an email to [email protected] . Billing is only open from
                                      Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on Holidays.

                                      Thank you for bearing with us.

                                      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

                                      Geralyn Jacalan
                                      Technical Support
                                      1&1 Internet Limited

                                      – Registered at Cardiff, Company number 3953678 - VAT No GB [protected]
                                      Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3SA, United

                                      isn't it hilarious ????? not us, other department etc...

                                      BE AWARE 1 and 1 !!!

                                      0 Votes

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