1and1.comabuse department is actually the billing department

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Here is the situation,
Yesterday someone exploit a vulnerability on my website were he/she was able to upload one malicious file. All this nightmare start happening around 6:00am, by 6:30am the attacker start sending thousands of email through 1and1 gateway mail. By 4:30 the account linked to the compromised website was locked by 1and1 abuse department. I notice the issue by 6:30 and I call they technical support. While on the phone, I got only apologize, and sorry - we don't have access to remove the restriction, only the abuse department has. Ok, fine, transfer me over to your abuse department, I said - well, unfortunately the abuse department is closed till tomorrow, since they have a 9:00am to 5:00pm schedule. So, now at 6:30pm I found out that I can't do nothing till next day - how messed up is that - 16 hours and 30 minutes till the department opens. So, I asked, is the a way to contact them directly? Yes, I got as an answer, and I got the [protected]. After I hang up with the tech department I called that number to find out that actually that number is they billing department. I called back the 1and1 tech department, and tell them that I got the [protected] as the phone number for abuse department from them, and I expected to hear a generic message from the abuse department, but they ensured me that the abuse department use same number. Ok, so now, I got mad that I have to wait 16:30 hours. Meanwhile I send an email to [protected]@1and1.com to let them know that in such a case like this I wasn't notified over the phone, were seamed to be a such an emergency going on with my web space.
Here is the replay from them:
We understand you’ve been upset with the functionality of our anti-spam security systems mistargetting you. This is something that I can only apologize for. This is an aspect of our service that we're always trying to improve. This is why your feedback is so important to us. We can now look through and see where and if we made mistakes. Then, we can look into making sure that this doesn't happen again. Again, we can only apologize for this frustration that you've suffered. We will continue to work on this to serve you better.

I can see that there is a ticket with our abuse team regarding this. There are abuse agents available 24 hours a day, so they will be able to address your issue faster than you have assumed. We hope that you do not leave 1and1, and are willing to do what we can to assist you here.

Our sincerest apologies again and thank you for using 1and1.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. "
Again, another department another misleading information and full of lies,
Notice were was mentioned quote "there are abuse agents available 24 hours a day, so they will be able to address your issue faster than you have assumed. " this pissed me off way beyond my expectation.

Here is my replay to that message at 10:31pm:
Thank you for replaying with same incompetence from department to department. You guys are all the same there, working for 1and1, untrained properly and giving misleading information.
How can you lie (1and1 employee) that there are abuse agents working 24/7 when the abuse department works 9am to 5pm? Oh, i'm sorry maybe that's how you got trained to say.In reality, you should know that that department is closed after 5pm - forget weekends.
Please cut the crap, and make it happen to have my websites up an running asap. Nobody from any of your departments had the courtesy to call me if there was a such an emergency. I know in reality is just generic one-man-judgment hidden from umbrella of "the abuse department" - yeah right - like that will gonna fly.
And by the way, I didn't assumed that the abuse department is closed after 5pm - your tech department told me that on the phone - so you can know how well you guys communicate there.
As much as 1and1 got big from 1988, can go down as well by continuing this type of crappy relation with they customers.

Have a boring day!
As expected, no reply.
Now, horror show part ii.
Today 6/9/2011, 9:00am, I call the "abuse department" aka "billing department" at [protected], someone answers, and I ask nicely to be transferred to they abuse department since this is not a billing issue that i'm having, and here is how this conversation went:
Me: after 10 minutes of waiting to be transferred to they abuse department, I ask the person on the phone what takes so long to be transferred?
1and1 employee's answer: we are looking into your account with the abuse agent
Me: I didn't ask you to look into my problems, since never even mention what problem I have to you, I asked you to put me in contact with your abuse department, I have nothing to do with you
1and1 employee's answer: sir, we are looking into your account with someone from abuse department
Me: look, I wanna speak with someone from that department, what's so hard to be transferred over?
1and1 employee's answer: the abuse department can't accept your call yet, but we are looking into "this" (Which I never mention to this guy ever the reason of my phone call) right now with someone from abuse department, please be wait...
—another 10 minutes pass by (20 minutes total by now on the phone) —
Me: what type of support is this if you can't transfer me over to the other department ?
1and1 employee's answer: sir, your account has been unlocked and as of right now you can access your websites.
Me: aham, so basically your billing department is also the abuse department also? How messed up is that to have to wait 16 hours and 30 minutes for your department to be operational, simply because someone did a stupid mistake yesterday locking my account at 4:30pm 30 minutes before you guys went home...
1and1 employee's answer: sir... Interrupted by the supervisor
1and1 employee's supervisor: he never said his name, but before he hang up in my face he said - i'm the supervisor here, and you (Me) are harassing my representative - and bang he hang up.

Now, lent me tell you mister whatever your name is, shame on you to say something like this to a customer with more then 6 years of relation.
So, people you be the judge.
As per the hacker, that find himself, herself conformable playing through my websites - what was taking care of officially.


  • Da
    David-Llamadas a Cuba May 09, 2017

    Hello 1and1.

    There is a website hosted with you (megacuba.net) that is redirected to my website hosted with godaddy (www.vacuba.us).
    Megacuba.net has a very bad reputation on internet and I don’t know why is redirected to my website.
    I am loosing position on google search, loosing links-in and costumers ask me about website bad reputation.
    I need that this redirection be eliminated to my website (www.vacuba.us)
    I don’t want these redirection to my website.

    Hector Sarmiento.

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  • Ma
    Magaline Burns Feb 11, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good morning i'm a 68 yrs old that didn't know i was connecting with someone that would take my money after saying if i didn't buy anything they would not charge my card that was my bills money if they can rest with my money i can't clown its know way i will act a fool about making a common mistake a bought lesson is better than borrowed i have brought mines may God bless you all if you are the right person put my money back on my card ending in 3117 thanks.

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  • Jo
    Joel Bernaby Oct 12, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So pretty much if you want to hack, infilrate, be malicious, scam people etc etc etc... 1&1 hosting is the place to go because they dont care and are total idiots.

    I've discovered numerous domains in the past from 1&1 hosting, many being phising emails/scam emails which in turn are a malicious website hosting malicious stuff.

    Has anything ever been done about it...NOOOPPPEEEEE Will anything ever be done about it???? NOPE Is it worth it to even contact them about abusive use of their servers...No. Would it make more sense to contact the Better Business Bureau?? YUP

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  • No
    Nonkosi Jafta Jul 25, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer





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  • Sa
    satsaluu Nov 19, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well i just got this problem now, even i use paypal and my credit card, they just locked my account, i still try to call them now, i called that number that you mention, it say advertising department, may be coz its before 9am, let see i wait until 9am and call them, what they gonna say, 1and1 used to be very good customer service, i was amazed with their service, now all my friends complaint and yes, it is zero customer support. i'm looking other hosting company now. bye bye sucker

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  • Ja
    jameel20 Mar 06, 2013

    My complaints stem from numerous issues bad website hosting to disabled acct, unavailable server, log in, password reset, false advertisement and customer care rude service.
    i have noticed that your company do not strive or customer satisfaction and do not plan on making one of those things at the top of your guaranteed satisfaction
    i would appreciate if i can get some feed back on how your business is ran and how you plan and working this issue the customers are satisfied.

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  • Je
    jessie wang Mar 05, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had same problem with they, never get credit fefund, Don't just give credit card imformation to someone.

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  • Sc
    scammedby1and1 Oct 24, 2012

    read on the web, same story as mine, billed for a trial that was supposed to be free, then billed for another year even after cancelling, then chased them and was told it was cancelled, but they just took another years money off me, dodgy fraud company, avoid them

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  • Ne
    nebi Nov 03, 2011


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  • Ai
    aiwarren Oct 22, 2011

    I have just fallen Victim to 1&1 ZERO support over the week end, they turned off my dedicated server due to a vulnerability however when I called them this morning (Sat) they told me nothing they can do I will have to send an email to abuse department that should get looked at sometime on Monday. My business destroyed due to 1&1 not offering any support over the weekends.

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  • Jw
    jwp23 Oct 01, 2011
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    Verified customer

    This company has the worst customer service. Trying to cancel an account and they keep coming up with excuses and charges. Stay away from these people.

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  • So
    Somises Aug 16, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had canceled my hosting account with 1 and 1, but come to find out they still charged by Paypal account. When I called to ask why they were still charging my account they said “We have no record of your cancellation”. I informed them that the email was sent with the customer number and email address attached to that account and they still could not find my email. The people at 1 and 1 came to the conclusion that they “missed” filed the email cancellation. How convenient, right? When we finished with my run around I was told the account was NOW OFFICIALLY canceled and I would receive a refund. Well, 2 weeks later and still no refund. I called again, to find out they do not know what happened to my refund and now my issue was being esculated, why now and not in the beginning I do not know. I was told the refund would be back in my aacount in 3 days. I called Paypal to see if they had anything for a refund from 1 and 1, I was told nothing came through on their end. Again, I called 1 and 1, this time spoke to a condescending peon. He said that Paypal lied and it was... get this…all my fault!! How is that for customer service. I went through hoops to cancel this account and it is my fault 1 and 1 “misplaced” my cancellation. Now I am being told by 1 and 1 Paypal should have my refund by tomorrow. This is a joke. Buyer be ware.

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  • An
    Andrew L Moreno Feb 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have hosted through 1 and 1 before. I always liked their customer service and always been satisfied.

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  • Fi
    filibuster1 Feb 18, 2010

    Whenever you have a problem with 1 and 1, especially tech sup0port, do all of the following:

    Yell loud continually. Cuss and use vulgarities. Do not hesitate to call people names. Repeatedly interrupt the scripted techs and do not let them get a word in edgewise. After they hang up on you, which they will. Then call back. Do this repeatedly as it ties up their lines and spoils their day. Then call sales and contracts, and get a sales person. YELL AND CUSS profusely at them the instant they answer the phone. They will hang up, but be persistent. Do this four to seven times.

    Then call every number on their contact information even if it has nothing to do with tech support. When they answer tell them to just shut up and listen.

    Never let them put you on hold without chewing their ### vociferously.

    Get a back door numbers off the internet for anyone that works there. When they answer, and before they, really begin to speak, tell the person who answers to "shut their suck, " chew their ### and complain and then order them what they are to do with regards to making a complaint. Get the next person. Tell them to immediately shut up and get their supervisor on the line. Do not let them speak. Do not listen to them. Interrupt them continually every time they try to talk.

    Then, when the supervisor of the complaint department finally gets on the line, yell at him tell him to shut up and just listen to you. He will type on his computer for less than ten seconds and TA DA. Problem fixed.

    As long as these tech companies keep hiring third world non-native english speaking feebs and get away with it and do the service supervisor run around and get away with it, they will continue to do it to us the consumer.

    Please be as horrifically rude and unpleasant with all such big business, especially the big tech business that continually do this to its customers. Demand native english speaking technicians. Do not give out your account information more than once. They should track it. You should not have to. Speed dial the crap out of them.

    Be very unpleasant and make them pay. I hate to take things out on the little guy at the front, but the only way to get to the General is to overrun their troops. Be as nasty as you can for as long as you can. DO NOT MAKE ANY THREATS, but engage in as much name calling and ### chewing as you possible can.


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