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1&1 IonosCharges

Dear Sir,
I would like to complain about your service my account number is
Every month I am charged double and every month I have to telephone you about the problem.
Each time I speak to a different operator who assures me the problem is rectified and the next month I am charged double again.
I have been with you for a few years now, I run a simple web site that takes no money or financial transactions.
I am a good client but now I am fed up with having to contact you every month so if you can't fix the problem could we end our contact?
I can be contacted on

From Raymond Moss

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    1&1 Ionosthey suspended our account with no reason.

    Almost a year ago, we transferred 2 of our domains and hosting to this 'great' company. To validate our identity, they asked us to send our national ID and credit card pictures. We sent them.They verified our account and our site has been launched. A while later, we began to have an awful hosting experience in terms of quality. Occasionally, our site was going down and we were unable to connect to the FTP.Anyway, here goes the last incident. We purchased several domains 2 months ago. Everything was confirmed and we received confirmation emails. After then, our account has been suspended with no reason and we tried to contact to all it may concern. We succeeded to contact the customer relations department which is actually pretty hard to contact. They informed us that we'll receive an email which includes the instructions. Still waiting after 2 months... Our page is down for 2 months after running it for 3 years!Nobody is responding to our messages! We are unable to reach to our page! Nobody has guts to respond to us! Thieves! Scammers! Swindlers!

    they suspended our account with no reason.

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      1&1 Internet / 1and1.com — domains/billing

      This company only replies to your email when it favors them. It takes forever for them to reply when you need...

      www.1and1.co.ukcustomer support

      I have used 1and1 for 10 years, cheap website hosting but always a few bugs in the system. Recently they cancelled 4 client domains without reason, no way to get the domains back. When I contact customer support I get an Indian Laurel and Hardy show. I send my name and acccount on the top line, so they ask 5 times for my name, 4 times for my account number. 9 emails later they ask what I want help with, despite my questions being in the email body text. 30 emails later and they transfered out my domains to someone else's account... then created a new domain for me to replace a lost one, spelt incorrectly!!!

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        1&1 Internet / 1and1.comrepeated bogus invoicing and charges collected

        On 10/29/17 I received an invoice for $239 for a contract and domain with 1&1.

        I have 2 active contracts and domains with them, and 2 inactive contracts and websites with them. I did not recognize the contract or domain or website services for the invoice received.

        I contacted customer service and they agreed I had been charged in error for a contract not associated with my customer ID. They issued a refund on 10/31/17.

        On 12/29/2017 I received ANOTHER invoice for $239 for the bogus contract. So, while they refunded the charge, they didn't delete the bogus contract.

        I have to contact them AGAIN to ask for a refund.

        In banking, we call this "floating" cash. Basically, they create cash for themselves by incorrectly charging customers. Then, they have the use of those funds for "X" number of days while the poor customer wrangles with them for a refund. They probably generate hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) with the bogus billing and invest those funds in short-term bank notes, which gain interest for them. Then, they refund the charges after customers complain. In the meantime, they earn money off of the bogus charges and claim it was all done in innocent error.

        What a scam!

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          1&1 Internet / 1and1.comterrible experience!

          People, run away from this lace.
          Don't fall for their ads promising great prices. It's a huge lie.
          If you subscribe once, you will find no way to cancel it. Customer service is too lazy and slow, they won't do this for you. So while yo are trying to find a way to cancel their crap, the money from your bank account will be charged every month.
          Do you want it? I really doubt.
          That's what I encountered and wasn't happy at all. It took me almost 6 months to stop this mess. That's how bad they are!!

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            • Jo
              Joel Munar Nov 28, 2018
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer


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            1&1 Internet / 1and1.com — domain name hatsunique.com

            Hi my name is Pauline, in 2013 my brother set up a website for me he asked me what name i wanted my site to...

            1&1 Internet / 1and1.comdedicated server

            I opened a contract with 1and1 for a dedicated server (about 230USD / month), using a RAID drive to protect my data, I started a business on this server for a long time, about 100 my clients, they were kept their company data on this server, such as users data, accounting data, web application files, databases and emails and...

            Then suddenly my server was not reachable, We contacted 1&1 technical support, they checked issue and find out server got HDD failure and there is no way to fix this issue, there is no backup, also their RAID configuration did not work well.

            They just said: you got hard drive failure and we can replace new hard drive for you and re-image server, like fresh dedicated server, it means my data and my customers data lost!! . (about 100 important customer with very important data), during this time all websites are were down, all emails lost and also each day we lost new emails.

            Its hard drive failure (HARDWARE ISSUE), not software, as you know dedicated server customers do not have access to hard wares, HDD of my server got hardware issue (maybe platter or drive controller issue), but they said: "Its your problem, not from us!"
            I told them, How I can access hardwares of my dedicated server to damage them?! Do I have physical access to your data center?!!!

            But they said: We can only replace new hard drive, it means you lost all of your data.
            At this time, my clients called me, and they asked me why their sites were not available, why the emails were not available, and I could not do anything to solve the problem.
            My clients made legal complaints against me (for the problem that I was not guilty of), and they applied for financial losses.

            When I found it, 1&1 did not care about this issue and they look so ordinary and do not sympathize with it, I tried to research about this issue and seems, there is high chance to fix HDD failure issue with HDD REPAIR COMPANIES, because it may simple issue with platter or hard drive controller or etc, So I offered 1&1: "I will pay for this damaged HDD (HDD COST + Shipping COST), then just send it out to the hard drive repair company".

            Here is their reply:
            Regarding your data recovery concern, after further review it has been determined that 1&1 has followed the proper procedure regarding hardware maintenance as it pertains to hard disc failure, and new hardware has been provided in its place. We regret to inform you that it will not be possible to accommodate your request to send 1&1’s physical hard drive to a third party for further analysis. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

            They did not help to fix this issue, me and my customers lost important data with financial losses, My company got bad credit.

            I do not recommend 1and1, they will not help you in case of emergency issues, they look so ordinary and do not sympathize with it.

            Hard drive failure is data center side issue (its out of customer access), but 1&1 did not helped to recover data, 1&1 also rejected my offer "I will pay for this damaged HDD (HDD COST + Shipping COST), then just send it out to the hard drive repair company", my problem could be solved with this solution, but 1&1 rejected this solution too.

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              • Da
                Dale Chicago Sep 21, 2017
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                In my opinion 1&1 Internet is the mafia of the internet, stay away.

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              1&1 — credit card fraud

              I had to cancel my credit card due to three fraudulent charges to my account from 1&1 Internet. I have never...

              1&1 Internet / 1and1.com — 1and1 scam

              Everyone need to avoid 1and1. It really scam. [protected] I pay 1 ast hosting at 1&1. but this hosting doe...

              1 And 1website, website hosting ect... ect...

              Do not do business with this company !

              This is the worst company I ever dealth with. 1 week to cancel your packages, then they send you emails for auto renewal activation. Called them about this and they tell me they cant do anything about it. Then leaves me on hold with out anyone answering anymore. I left 1 and 1 because every time they did updates on their servers (Like every 6 months) you have to re do your entire website again.
              I own a few websites, so for me its not convenient to redo them every time.
              It is almost impossible to get rid of them after you cancel with them. If you don't redo your website, they charge you an extra $5.97usd/mo. Till you update or redo your site. Customer service is 2 on 10, no one knows how to help and transferring you from a department to an other.

              Do not do business with this company !

              From 2015 to 27-fev-2017

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                1and1.comwww.1and1.com is the worst!

                www.1and1.com is the worst service I have ever dealt with and I want to warn everyone to stay away from them! I paid for their service but I had not idea these guys had an automated renewal, there was nothing mentioned about that one their website. When they renewed my account I contacted them and asked for a refund but they refused and said it was my fault that I did not check their site more carefully. But I did read everything when I signed up and I'm sure there was nothing said about that. Then I asked them to cancel my account but they did not reply. So just to be sure I called my bank and blocked 1and1. Watch out, 1and1 is a scam!

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                  • 1a
                    1and1Lies Apr 21, 2017

                    1and1 is definitely a scam artist. They offer discounts then hide their hands. They also claim the R E C E I P T is something from the cart.
                    In the meantime, they just keep your money and play dumb blaming other departments.

                    Don't use them, they don't know their ### from a hole in the ground or they're just liars.


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                  1and1domain and account terminated - 1and1 real scam on the internet

                  Stay far away from 1&1

                  They recently blocked my account due to a failed transaction (tried to buy wp hosting from a card with different name, I bought many other domains with same card haven't faced any issues but this transaction got me directly blocked) , my 1&1 is around 3 months old, I have a 3 months old domain along with all my hard work of quality backlinks. They suspended all my domains and blocked my account. Emailed them a lot of times, haven't got any reply yet.

                  - called support, they said call security team.
                  - called security team, they said we cant accept the transaction, you'll have to call the support team to get back the domain.
                  - called support team, they said "i have to fill up a form and submit it", now I submitted a form and got this reply
                  " unfortunately, your account was terminated by the security team. Without an active account we will not be able to restore the domain. "

                  - called the security team again, they said I can get the domain back, what I need to do is create a new 1&1 account and ask transfer team to transfer my domain this nee account.

                  - therefor I contacted an 1&1 agent and created new account, and I talked to them for 53 minutes and they said they can't do anything.

                  I have called them so many times, I even don't remember what conversation we had each time.

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                    • Ng
                      Nguyễn Văn Siêu Feb 20, 2017
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I have a 6-month domain with hard working time locked by 1and1. I don't know if ICANN can help me. I'm waiting for their reply. Awful company, 1and1. I can't believe there is such company exist for over ten years.

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                    1&1 Internet, Inc.trying extract payment after an account was cancelled

                    Two weeks prior to the re-up on my 1&1 account I sent an email explaining that I no longer wanted the service and that the account that they had previously charged was no longer in service. I thought nothing of it till I began to get phone calls saying that I owed them money. I began to no answer the calls because they would not take no for an answer. Today I received a notice in the mail telling me that they will send me to collection if I do not pay

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                      1&1 — cannot cancel the contract

                      I purchased a domain and web hosting this week. The service I got cost more initially that advertised but...


                      1and1.com — 1 & 1 mail business mailbox

                      Invoice date: 01/04/2016 Customer id: [protected] Product id : [protected] Invoice no. : [protected] I would...

                      1and1.com — 1 & 1 mail business mailbox

                      Invoice date: 01/04/2016 Customer id: [protected] Product id : [protected] Invoice no. : [protected] I would...

                      1and1.com — no refund on domain/website I cancelled

                      I built a website with 1and1 and had one month to try it out. The company I created the website for proved...

                      1&1 Internet, Inc.domain seizure in the name of "verification"!

                      I bought a domain around 20 days ago from 1&1 internet. Their.Net domains were on sale and I got it for 99 cents (Ofcourse for the 1st year). It was my first purchase from them.

                      The day before yesterday, I got a email from their "security team". Saying:

                      "dear rayhan emon (Customer id: 4530665**) ,

                      In order to better serve the internet community and reduce the harm associated with online fraud and identity theft, 1&1 internet has developed a comprehensive fraud prevention policy.

                      Unfortunately we were unable to confirm all of your contact details. As a result, we will ask that you provide us with the proof of your photo id. This documentation can consist of one of the following:

                      National id
                      Drivers license/state id

                      Other forms of id could be acceptable upon our review.

                      You can send this to us by:

                      Reply directly to this message with attached images.

                      Uk +[protected]
                      Us +[protected]

                      - please include your customer id as shown in the salutation.

                      E-mail: please just reply to this e-mail with a scanned copy of the
                      Document (S) attached. Acceptable formats for the attachment include:
                      . Gif,. Png,. Jpg, or. Pdf.

                      If this information has not been received in three (3) business days this account will be locked and/or terminated in accordance with our terms and conditions

                      Thank you for your compliance.

                      Security team
                      1&1 internet inc. "

                      Alright. They need to check my id. No problem. I replied that email with my id right away after seeing it.

                      But today I woke up in the morning with sms from uptimerobot. First I thought my hosting providers were having some issues. But they said their server are 100% okay. Then I noticed my domain is not pointing to their server.

                      I tried to login to 1&1's domain control panel, but it said "invalid password".

                      You just cant imagine how much trouble I went through to build up that website. All in vain? The domain was of 5 character and it was like a premium domain.

                      Stay away from them. Far far away.

                      Sorry for my bad english. I'm not a native, so I hope you understand. :)

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                        1and1.comterrible tech service

                        Our company has been a customer of 1and1.com since Jun 12, 2004. In November 2014 we started experiencing problems with two of our 4 email accounts. Both accounts had the same problem, both accounts had no emails in them, neither in the Inboxes, nor in any of the long list of subfolders they have. Both accounts are set as IMAP on multiple machines (both OS X and Windows 7 operating systems). For those unaware of email protocols, IMAP leaves all messages on the host server (1and1.com). None of my email settings are set to archive on a local machine and even if they were I should see an archive on one of the machines. No such thing anywhere. In both accounts I had contact information, correspondences with business partners, invoices, etc. related to my businesses. I called multiple times and was told that the issue will be resolved and my emails will be restored. This didn't happen. To the contrary, in December 2014 my emails were cleared again, and again in January 2015. At this point I was on hold for many hours, being told that my issue has been escalated to the back server support team, and finally being told that my issue has been resolved. What was resolved was that the technical team restored a week worth of emails in my mailboxes and the deletion of emails stopped for 6 months or so. Until June 15, 2015 when I saw my emails being deleted once again in front of my eyes when I was searching for an email saved in one of the folders. My whole mailbox was cleared once again. All records of business done for the past six months disappearing once again. At this point I called once again, stood on hold once again for an hour insisting that I need to speak to a supervisor in the etch support team. I finally got to speak to Charilyn who (i) refused to give me her direct number, (ii) refused to give me her email address, (iii) refused to give me any information other than her first name due to company policy. I was told once again that my issue will be resolved, that my emails will be restored, and that the server techs will look into the settings on the server so they server will stop deleting my emails. I was also told that somebody will call me to update me on the progress of the issue. As a result, I now have the earliest emails currently in the account is from [protected], i.e. a mere week before the latest deletion incident.

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