Comerica Bank Customer Service

Comerica Bank S.A.

P.O. Box 71203
United States - 19176

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 444 9876(Online Banking Customer Service) 2 1
+1 800 589 1400(Sales) 1 1
+1 800 925 2160(Central Time Zone) 1 1
+1 800 522 2265(Mountain / Pacific Time Zone) 1 1
+1 800 822 6546(Hearing Impaired) 1 1
+1 800 266 3742(Eastern Time Zone) 1 1
+1 855 451 9201(Credit Assistance) 1 1
Mon8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Comerica Bank Complaints & Reviews

Comerica Bank — customer service

I am very upset. I have worked for Smith Mandel & Associates, LLP as Office Manager for over 15 years. I have been doing...

Banks  · Oct 22, 2019

Comerica Bank — stolen debit cards

My card had been stole twice this year and each time there has been money taken off each time I have reported it and...

Banks  · Jul 30, 2019

Comerica Bank — ppi

Comerica BankI had a car loan from [protected] via credit acceptance. I believe your bank was the financer. I wish to claim back all my...

Banks  · Jul 30, 2019

Comerica Bank — direct express gov. debit card

Comerica BankYes my name Eman Trahan. I recently had my direct express debit card stolen. I filed a police report. I turned that in...

Banks  · Apr 29, 2019

Comerica Bank — lack of due diligence in rendering payments

The Senators, occ, Federal Reserve, cfcn, and other regulatory agencies aren't able to address complaints of fraud, id...

Banks  · Apr 14, 2019

Comerica Bank — direct deposit

I awoke to pay my online bills and the website was down. Then I went to pump gas and my card was declined. So I went to...

Farmington Business & Finances  · Oct 19, 2018

Comerica Bank — business

I opened an account for business at Comerica and as always I say exactly what my business does. At first everything...

Banks  · Aug 06, 2018

Comerica Bank — unauthorized credit cards, stealing money through, my accounts), I have 3 that I had to make up myself.

My name is Sonja Jeneen Pritchett, I receive child support off of your card, my funds from a trust were placed onto the...

Chicago Credit Cards  · Sep 07, 2017

Comerica 12 groesbeck — rude teller

DONT go to this location for banking Cecilia i think her name is with short dark hair is the rudest most unprofessoional...

Warren Banks  · Jun 27, 2017

Comerica — direct express government card

I had a Direct Express Card that I received my monthly Social Security Benefits on. Comerica Bank manages these cards. I...

Dallas Banks  · Aug 05, 2016

Comerica Bank — customer service

I am in a dispute with California regarding an vehicle they claimed was located and driven in their state during 2014...

Detroit Banks  · May 17, 2016

Comerica Bank — my money

This bank should be fined, closed and made to pay all the middle income people who have been cheated, stole from and...

Woodland Hills Banks  · Oct 30, 2015

Comerica Bank — deposit not credited and overdraft fees charged

On October 3 my monthly direct deposit to my account from my social security was made. I made a funds transfer to make a...

Banks  · Oct 16, 2014

Comerica Bank — not recording cash deposits

Twice now in the last 2 months major deposits into Comerica Bank have 'not been scanned' after we made the...

Los Angeles Banks  · Feb 21, 2014

Comerica Bank — fees are outrageous

My husband went into the lobby to ask about the $42 fee on our account. They said we had an overdraft (which never show...

San Antonio Banks  · Feb 16, 2013

Comerica Bank / Direct Express — missing funds

on my Debit card January second i was to make a purchase when i went to pay my debt card was minuse $12.99 for what i do...

Massillion Credit Cards  · Jan 03, 2013

Comerica Bank — bogus fees

I withdrew all of my money and closed my account over a month ago. They immediately put a 5.00 fee against my (closed...

Comerica Bank — customer service

I have never been treated so badly by any "customer service" rep. Her name was Nelly, she was beyond rude. In fact, I...

Comerica Bank — improper deactivation of card # [protected]


Comerica Bank — wish I could prosecute

They do not fulfill on anything that they promise. I specifically asked to cancel relationships with certain online...

Comerica Bank — gives no reason

I had a business bank account for over a year with Comerica because they could support our California and Michigan...

Comerica Bank — held funds

My elderly parents have banked with Comerica for years. My father passed away in April and I have had to hire caretaker...

Comerica Bank — over draft fees

Comerica Bank has the same policies in place for checking accounts as Wells Fargo. Recently there was a Federal Judge...

Comerica Bank — atm machine

I used the ATM machine at my local Comerica branch. The machine did not give me the money. I reported this immediately...

Comerica Bank — swindled out of my money

My husband, Tierce Smith passed away Auguest 9, 2002. THere is a rich rewards checking account in this institution, with...

Comerica Bank — trustee won't pay bills on time or not at all!

Comerica BankMy parents and I live in WI - Opened a trust for my brother (CA) and I (WI) Mom died (my brothersKEITH JAMES MUELLER ...

Comerica Bank — identity theft

Where is Robin Hood when we need him? Our daily news is over run with the debate regarding the necessity of governmental...

Comerica Bank — rip-off

Comerica bank rip-off over draft fees they charge my account $370.00 with fees, for maount of $ 68.00 all under $5.00...

Comerica Bank — they are idiots!

I went to Comerica Bank to purchase a money order for $90. I layed the cash on the counter and was told that I could not...